Numb Blonde

| April 07, 2005

His guest star roles include recently portraying Burt Reynolds in E! Entertainment’s “True Hollywood Story” about the actor’s life, and co-starring in films.

Norris has appeared opposite several well-known actors in movies, including Eddie Murphy, Nicholas Cage, Annette Benning, Tim Allen and Jesse Ventura. These movie appearances include “The American President” and “The Distinguished Gentleman.”

Norris has had several stage roles and music video appearances. He is featured in a recent advertising poster for Mitsubishi Outlander and has been in a Chesterfield cigarette advertisement in Spain.

Norris says the edited version of the dates eliminated some of their warmer moments. As for himself, he wanted to keep the image of truckers positive. “A lot of truck drivers are hard-working people,” Norris says. “I wanted the profession to look good.”

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