Obama orders tightened fuel efficiency, emissions standards for post-2018 trucks

| February 18, 2014
  • Certifiably Nutty

    The argument presented is not quite valid.

    Yes fuel costs will likely come down with increased efficiency. However, those gains come at a price…in order to realize those fuel gains I will have to purchase a new truck at that time that is designed or upgraded with all the new fuel saving features (added expense #1). This truck will likely have a bunch if computer or electronic controls monitoring engine performance and exhaust emissions. Due to the heavy usage of this vehicle in a wide variety of environments and a wide variety of loads, I anticipate additional maintenance and repair costs (added expense #2).

    I truly hate to sound like a broken record, but all these wonderful initiatives that make the tree-huggers squee with delight, will only continue the further destruction of the small o/o who will not be able to pay the ever increasing tax and expense burdens put on their backs. I am sure, somewhere along the line they are going to talk about a higher tax on diesel which will further increase operating costs.

    Not to mention this can only ad to the cost of getting goods to market, causing a resulting increase in price and further hurting the economy,

    Who benefits from all this? I know, I know the planet … but I have a hard time having to swallow all this when I see other countries and regions (China, Russia, India, South America) not giving a damn and being able to compete on price because their industries do not have these onerous regulations and mandates.

    Maybe I am just old and cranky (OK, I am) but when does this end? where does it stop?

  • mousekiller

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The cost to be green is not worth the green you get in return.. Far too many of today Green trucks are in the shop for a laundry list of problems relating to going green from the exhaust, the EGR and a bunch of sensors gone bad and other mandated items.
    My 97 S60 Freightliner is in the shop when I want it in the shop.
    The price of fuel is going down. Where did we hear that before? Taxes have been on the rise for ever. . There would be no problem with roads and bridges if the crooks in congress and the senate kept their hands off of the fund and put it where it is supposed to go.

  • William McKelvie

    Dream on, he’s looking for more votes for his next term.

  • Joe Rajkovacz

    Regulate trailers? They are not even a “motor vehicle” as defined in federal law (capable of self-propulsion). Even CARB has admitted their only source of authority to try and regulate trailers comes from state law – not the Clean Air Act. Gotta love the “end subsidies for oil and gas companies” jargon. Just another way to say, eliminate legitimate business deductions and redirect the increased tax revenues to a bunch of left-wing nut jobs that will tell everyone else how to live their lives – greener, and in harmony with mother earth.

  • Danny Jones

    Well said Joe! Wonder what the fed will do when the price of EVERYTHING shipped b a truck goes up 30%? My guess is they’ll put us all on a subsidy to further tighten the collar on American….

  • cw

    Lower cost for consumer…what about a profit for the trucker first!!!

  • jim stewart

    Think I will just keep my 1983 model a little longer. It’s been paid for now twenty-five years. We’re on the second rebuild of the big CAM III @ 6.3 avg mile per gallon and it is doing better than most the new trucks my buddies have with all their shop time and payment plans. My payments go toward retirement (maybe a little more chrome) not the dealerships or fiance companies. They’re doing just fine according to Wall Street!

  • John S

    Yes, the costs of ownership vs savings is very murky in trucks. Added vehicle purchase price, cost for repairs and how the increase in MPG was calculated. But why does dictator Obama have to make these choices for us? Shouldn’t the market dictate a demand for better MPG anyway? When you force these changes you risk the engine maker making compromises in order to meet that requirement. Maybe not being able to use the most efficient means at reaching that goal. The first EGR engines were sufficiently plagued with design issues and performance issues. After a few years the costs for repairs were also more. I think you really need to question a person like Obama who over looks implementation affects at the expense of a “green” ideology. In the end Obama may well be hurting the environment more then helping as companies and owner operators delay purchasing new trucks because of the costs and performance.

  • John S

    Is it not funny how the government de regulated the trucking industry to reduce costs to customers. Only to increase regulations for vehicles, drivers and trucking companies themselves. The government never walked away from regulation in trucking. Just zeroed in on certain aspects of it. They could care less about low wages, high turn over, increased operating costs. But they do care about driver fatigue, truck MPG and emissions. Sad.

  • easymoney

    way to go Jim Old is better an idea from the old
    school days. I started trucking in the late 60’s an
    an retire in 2010. I bought a 73 Marmon had it for
    30 yrs. That every same truck is still in service.

  • Kevin

    I guess in your country the president can do 3 terms in office

  • http://longhaulpartner.com/ Bruce at LongHaulPartner.com

    Free markets can deal with GREEN freely. This government mandated GREEN crap is an enormous scam transferring the wealth of hard working citizens to friends and government insiders. Not one of these GREEN technologies can pay for itself so they all have to be subsidized with money stolen from tax payers. Get the hoggish government out of the GREEN SCAM and let entrepreneurs deal with technology improvements. Obama is a bought and paid for Globalist pawn who hasn’t had an original, independent idea in thirty years.

  • MarsRiver

    I’m guilty of owning one of those so-called “green” tractors. It’s an ’08 Peterbilt with the DPF system. I just put a serious amount of money into a bumper to bumper clean up of fluids and clean out of that system. Three weeks after the ARD Head won’t produce enough heat to cook the soot so I’m in for more $$$$.$$ during the slower period. I get a call from the mechanics at Caterpillar telling me I’m the only one they know of who kept the unit long enough to use the expected life term of this system. Truck has 751,333 miles. New replacement is going to run between $5-$8K. The parts alone I’m told will be $3-$4K. Real bad part is Cat got out since the specs were so tight and they didn’t see it as a viable alternative and lost too much of their own money on it before they pulled the plug. I learned all that a little too late. You’re not “cranky”. Your fed up like so many of us. Even more bad news comes as they tell all the guys with the older trucks that they have to retrofit. The government has that in motion and naturally California is at the helm. $17 Trillion and we are killing the life blood of an economy.

  • jesse wood

    i expect obama will try some trick to get congress to make a him a dictator just like hitler did

  • Barney

    Would you expect anything better from ANY government agency or bam bam? As usual none of the politicians have any clue about what they are talking about when it comes to trucking regulations.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Unfortunately, there will be neither.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Agreed, like that solar farm in the Mojave…it costs uncounted Billions of dollars, takes up 13 square miles and can only heat 140,000 homes?? Does that make sense to anyone?? Oh, plus when it is a bright sunny day, it fries the birds that happen to fly over it.

    Maybe these solar farms cropping up all over the world are the cause of this supposed global warming. They already have studies that show the negative effect of the large windmill farms negative affect on people and the environment.

    I agree 100% this GREEN initiative is total BS … from the elimination of the common light bulb to the control of all aspects of commerce and our livelihoods.

    Oh, and just to show how much he cares about the environment, Cali is suffering a massive drought and Obama decides to golf in Cali on a golf course that is kept green by using that very same precious water that some communities cannot seem to have access to. Hypocrite.

  • Tomahawk

    Maybe you’re old & cranky. But you’re also dead on correct. Put special emphasis on Additional Expense #2. This is just another example of rulemakers in government that don’t have a clue about the subject matter that they’re overseeing. If you doubt this point, just look at the present log rules. Reagan had it right. What we have come to fear (and rightly so) is someone telling us that they’re from the government, and they’re here to help. I’ll hush now. I’m preaching to the choir.

  • bigred

    This man is on the Cali payroll plan

  • jim stewart

    Hold on to that 73 Marmon easymoney. I know a lot of guys now looking for older tractors. Many of those trucks are making a come back. Sadly most are gone. When scrap prices want up a few years back thousands of the classics were destroyed as the leftest wacko environmentalist have managed to do in California with their drilling holes in engine blocks while crushing trucks turned in under their green grant programs. I bet a lot of those Californium owner/op’s wish they had their old trucks back once they realized the payments, extra expensive maintenance, and property taxes. My next rebuild project is a 1972 Western Star but I may just paint it Green after all!

  • William McKelvie

    It’s a joke, hello. And he has done everything he wants to do so far, nobody dare stop him. They all act big, pound their weak chests, bark bark bark louder, but still rob the citizens while giving themselves raises and praise. Lowest ratings seen for them and him, what a pathetic existence. But they know best right?

  • Del Ray Johnson

    What I just read the article in New York Times and pissed @MarsRiver is absolutely correct we will bear the costs of this go green just like DPF and Navistar half baked EGR design. And once again when are the wages going UP!

  • Douglas

    Tell that maggot that thinks he is a president to mandate no more flying around in Air Force One for his vacations that happen every week. That will save millions of gallons of fuel a week.


    I would rather spend the extra 73k over a lifetime and drive a nice old 379

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Obongo is nuts ! My mustang is lucky to get 14 mpg , how the hell does he think a rig well see 9mpg in the real world !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I have a 1998 , Same here.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Screw them and there retrofit ! Tell the mexcans to retrofit !

  • detroit man

    hey William Mckelvie before you make a dumb statement like that do your research or ask somebody who is competent…this is his last term an he is out of there…wow…people like you give truckers a bad image..

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Had mine 11 years , the hell with the chrome and paint , i spend my savings on the motorcycles and more go fast parts for the mustang !

  • detroit man

    really Jesse Woods…..I too hate this California BS..got a 95 classic just put a 03 low mile Detroit in it completely redone tran..rear ends..cluth…brakes…drums…all less than 2 yrs ago….getting 6.5-7.2mpg an now they want me too put a 20,000.00 muffler on ….bullshit…but this stuff was signed into law by yours truly George W Bush….an now Obama is adding his bit to it under the guide lines of the epa..which has democrats an republicans on it …so lets reframe from the dictatorship remarks..is that really going solve the BS US TRUCKERS ARE BEING PUT UNDER? THANK THE BIG TRUCKING FIRMS PUSHING THIS STUFF

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Next term my ass The monkey cant run anymore !

  • tgtrotter

    Oh yeah says who ? Do the math. The White house according to their 4% truck traffic/ 75% fuel usage would put trucks averaging 5mpgs and cars 40 mpgs. We all know trucks are getting mid 6s or better and cars probably 20-25 avg. But add in the weight capacities and trucks get ASTRONOMICAL fuel mileage. So with that in mind trucks are using appx 12% of the fuel but carrying 20+ more times the weight. C,mon. What do these people want ? It’s not about “green” to them…wait, Yeah it is, GREEN MONEY.
    How about this 2017 truck that gets killer fuel mileage Mr. Obama ? Is some State or Federal agency in a few years say that technology isn’t good enough and now it needs retrofitting or toss it in the trash ? That’s thinking green.
    Since I’m not a fan of solar or battery power because we just don’t know how big of a cell disposal problem we are creating my biggest concern has always been to RESERVE, RE-USE and RECYCLE. Mr. Obama please shut your lights off in the White House. ( Is it true 70% of the Worlds energy is spent on lighting ? Think about it as you drive at night ). General Public please do away with drive thru fast food and coffee, and gas blowers and try to turn your lights off when you leave a room too. Am I offending you by telling YOU what to do ?
    How long will you roll with the punches ?

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Hitler was all about his people and country ! We need a leader like that , He fix the german economy in less than two years , in 1932 they had the worst economy in Europe , by 1934 it was the best place to live in Europe . Had Germany won the war Europe today would not be the multicultural shit pit it has become . and the middle east would be peaceful .

  • detroit man


  • JC

    My thing is them saying trucks are only 4% of the registered vehicles and 25 % of the fuel used . Do those idiots understand trucks run somewhere between 2500 and 6000 miles a week and alot of cars only go maybe 1500 a month. If we are lucky on that little of miles and the cars going that far.

  • jim stewart

    Hello Joe, glad to see ya hanging in there.. I’m looking for a set of seven inch DPF straight pipes to replace my six inch ones here in South Georgia… BTW: I’ve found a way to patch the holes in those engine blocks shipped from California so keep those old 3406’s coming:-)

  • mousekiller

    No president ever in history put a damned dog on a plane just to go to the east coast for a vacation. It could have fit on the plane with the family. No president has spent 4 million dollars to go golfing on tax payers money. for one golfing trip. Your the problem. Your a small minded person that cannot communicate with out profanity. Potty mouth and a leftest liberal. and ignorant of the real world around you. If you use that language in person in public and on the cb that is what the people hear and see and that is why they think all truckers are like you. Get a clue.

  • mousekiller

    Ask your self how Fidel Castro got to be president for life in Cuba? Obama can do it too . He is determined to be in control . One exective order is all it takes, a stroke of the pen and we are doomed to be subjects.. He is backed by many just like him .

  • Joe Rajkovacz

    Now that’s funny Jim. Gonna be on the radio with Mark Willis Thursday talking about this crap. Tune in, got some more news about this scam…and I might just quote you!

  • Swede

    It would be nice if just once he knew what he was talking about. Obama that is, he hasn’t a clue. They are so proud of Bio-diesel they get giddish. They don’t realize that it costs more to use it in colder climates. The pour point is between 5 and 10 above, this just means one has to use more #1 higher cost to the unit. 40 years ago #2 had a pour point of 15 below here in Minn. For you that don’t know, such as those in DC pour point is the temp. that fuel gels, I hope they understand that!!!!

  • William McKelvie

    No doubt, I have yet to understand the CHICKENSHIATTE CONGRESS who stand up and pound their chests and scream impeach impeach impeach, then they fall out. Cowards.

  • William McKelvie

    Ha ha ha! It was a JOKE, I already stated that one DETROIT MAN, just like that city, a JOKE. But I would not put it past him to try it! He will ruin trucking just like every other industry he has decided he should rule. Cars, Coal, Energy, now trucking. Not surprised.

  • jim stewart

    Sorry I missed the show today, I will talk to ya soon Joe!

  • Gamal

    The White house is so full of bullshit its funny. If lowering emissions would reduce costs don’t you think everybody would rush to do it? Obama was honest that higher emission standards would make the coal industry go out of business because of the higher cost but now he’s a smarter liar.

  • Gamal

    Obama is restricting the CO2 production. The only way to do that is for the engine to use less fuel. Problem is the fuel has the energy to make the truck move. The technology to meet Obama’s standards may not exist yet. It may not exist when the standards take effect. It may never exist. At some point you need fuel to move.

  • Gamal

    biofuel drives up the price of corn which is used to feed animals so it drives up the cost of meat. Little pesky details like that never stopped Democrats and greens like Obama from pushing biofuel. The true believer doesn’t worry about little things like facts.

  • Tyler Edwards

    i have a 1999 9400I 900k miles 6.5mpg, and yet month after month its not in the shop. computers are not made to drive through -40 degrees and 4 inches of snow in a mountain pass, and a day later face 100 degree temps. too much regulations and too much tech for O/O to survive in 2018.

  • Tyler Edwards

    why dont you cut it all off and send the ecm to be reprogrammed? cost you about 1500 bucks and get the life of your cat back. 1.5m miles before over haul.

  • Trapped in CA!

    If they are SERIOUS about better fuel mileage they can mandate an across the board weight reduction, from 80k to 74 k. HAHAHA! Let’s see the Shipper’s cry foul then! Especially since the want to boost it up to 96k. This will increase fuel eCONomy for every truck on the road already. Watch out for the Lobbyist’s, they make the politician’s rich by forcing us (The American Public) to buy the crap they produce. We can sit here all day and have a real discussion about fuel efficiency, but that is not what this is about. Money that’s all.
    Want to get rich? Go to Washington.

  • myron

    I thought Clint made these engines up dates mandatory, at least the first two anyway

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