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Onboard recorder mandate set to miss another publication date

| February 24, 2014

eobr-1The long-expected re-release of the DOT rule mandating the use of Electronic Logging Devices (also known as Electronic Onboard Recorders) appears poised to once again miss an expected date of publication. 

The Department of Transportation said in its February significant rulemakings report that the proposed rule mandating recorders would clear the White House’s Office of Management and Budget Feb. 14 and then be published for public comment Feb. 27. 


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However, the rule still hasn’t cleared the OMB, and given that rules usually take about 10 days to two weeks to be published after clearance there, it seems unlikely FMCSA will meet the Feb. 27 date of publication. 

This marks the fourth month in a row the agency has missed its target date, and it’s been nearly a year since FMCSA Admin. Anne Ferro told Congress that the rule could be published as soon as September 2013. 

The agency then set a date of Nov. 18, before backing it up to Dec. 23, Jan. 28 and most recently Feb. 27

FMCSA can’t force OMB’s hand on clearing the rule, but the agency continues to fall farther behind the ELD schedule set by the current MAP-21 highway funding act, which required the DOT to produce a rule within a year and have the rule take effect two years after that. 

MAP-21 was signed into law by President Barack Obama in July 2012. 

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  • jesse wood

    all this is gonna do is put the small companies out of business because they can,t afford omb’s

  • jojo

    Understand this Drivers; The E-Log gadgets currently in use are NOT programed Letter Of The Law.
    The subscriptions currently offered to the trucking companies can and are modified to the companies specs.
    The very companies who for years have been capable of comparing GPS positions to log book locations and yet failed to do so in the name of production/profit are the exact same companies that are begging for ELD’s and SPEED LIMITERS in ALL trucks under the guise of SAFETY!
    This method of surveillance/control 24hrs a day is obviously cheaper than paying a living wage to the Co OTR Drivers for being at work under the direction of co supervisors the entire time the Driver is at WORK and not AT HOME!
    An hourly paid Driver Does Not Cheat the BOOK to have drive time!

    An hourly paid Driver Does Not Speed because they are RACING THE CLOCK!

    All of this restrictive electronic CRAP is CHEAPER than paying the Driver a realistic WAGE for the many, many 24hr days spent AT WORK!!!!
    Cheap Freight RELIES on Cheap Labor! With newbies paid @ .25cpm its no wonder that freight rates DO NOT increase.
    IF and WHEN ELD’s become law they will be programed with THE LETTER of THE LAW! Take a minute and think about this! Move the truck 10ft while on your 10hr break and your in VIOLATION.
    Again, I encourage you to register to VOTE and then go home and do so. This is your Right and you should exercise It.

  • Jim

    I had someone point out to me that once this becomes law and it says that ALL trucks must have the ELD then all “mechanical” engines will be illegal for commercial trucks. No longer will the restored trucks with old engine technology be allowed. They need the engine computer to work with the ELD and GPS to track you.

  • Bam113

    Good bye to making a living. When this happens I’ll sell my truck and trailer and take a job at mcdonalds making more money. Truck driver. The new minimum wage job. Wtf!

  • Steve

    These repeated delays prove that there are some in DC that are NOT on board with the use of ELD’s for “safety reasons”. Yes folks, we DO have some allies in DC, and we, as the people who have to live with these insane regs, need to continue to reach out to our lawmakers in DC and let them know what is real, and what is back room office politics!!!!!! Call your representatives and let them know that ELD’s are not for saftey, they are in place to control the mega-carrier driver, and to put the little guy out of business.

  • Brian

    Maybe they will continue to put off the date and it will never see the light of day.

  • Shelley Scarbrough Hughes

    We have a 359 pete with a 3406 CAT engine in it and we asked this specific question. We were told there are devices out there that do not require you to have an electronic engine. It’s more like just a lap top with specific software to do this.

  • Shelley Scarbrough Hughes

    How do you justify the safety aspects of this Electronic device, when it is announced that if you are hauling propane the rules don’t apply to you? The contents inside your trailer now determine safety? Hauling propane and not having the rules of regulation enforced upon you during this period of time, makes you safer than hauling food products ? Bottom line this device isn’t going to make the roads safer. Enforcing drug and alcohol testing, speed control especially in difficult weather conditions, road rage, tail gating, ect.. all the common sense factors we know really cause accidents , including this comment to cars as well. As far of hours of sleep, what doctor tells you that your body needs 10 hours of rest a day? THEY don’t sleep 10 hours a day. I hope the government comes to their senses about the need for these recorders. It’s going to do far more damage to the industry then good, especially to the one man truck lines and small business. Yes there has to be rules and regulations, but let’s use some common sense.

  • Kevin

    I drive LTL and I get paid hourly. 40 + Time and 1/2. Know what? I hurry my butt off to get home every night so I can see my wife and kids. Screw OTR trucking..

  • David S. McQueen

    The White House is delaying any publication of NPRM (Notices of Proposed Rule Making) until after the mid-term elections. The Socialist-Democrat Party is going to lose BIG in November and the WH doesn’t want to anger the voters any more than is necessary.

  • David S. McQueen

    It’s already the law. The MAP-21 bill was signed into law back in August 2012 by your good buddy, B. Hussein Obama. And that law mandated that all trucks contain ELDs. The law also required Obama’s minions in the FMCSA to publish a rule regarding the ELDs, but the FMCSA (like its boss Obama) has ignored the law.

  • easymoney

    they don’t give a damn about the little guy Steve
    They talked about this for years, their attitude is
    you don’t like it find something else to make a living
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