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One quarter down: Economic impact of new hours rule?

| October 21, 2013

With the July-September three-month period down since the hours changes went into effect, putting new limitations on use of the 34-hour restart as well as requiring mandatory 30-min. off-duty break periods for commercial drivers before driving eight hours, a report on Werner Enterprises’ numbers delivered to stockholders showed some real-world economic impact. You can read a report on the company’s Q3 earnings here, but the crucial number here is the miles-per-truck number, down 3.5 percent following the institution of the new rules. The company’s profit was down 15 percent in the same period.

This poll was conducted at over the third week following the hours of service revision's effective enforcement date of July 1.

This poll was conducted at over the third week following the hours of service revision’s effective enforcement date of July 1. How would you answer today?

Wendy Parker discussed lost revenue due to a couple of loads that were out of reach as a consequence of the new rules very early on after their implementation, but otherwise I have heard little of a quantitative sort from operators since. Have you seen direct mileage and/or revenue reductions over the last quarter yourself? If so or if not, let’s keep the conversation on the rules ongoing. Share any good examples in the comments. 

And following find a video interview with Maverick’s Steve Williams, conducted by the folks at ATA following Williams’ testimony in the House of Representatives questioning the FMCSA’s cost-benefit analyses of new provisions in the rule. There is, of course, ongoing concern over the fact that the agency did not complete the MAP-21-mandated real-world impact study prior to implementing the rule, so many of Williams’ points remain valid today.  

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  • guest

    The “laws” are basically lopsided and ignorant. These Cops allow Mega Fleets to operate with Impunity at 100% annual turnover and Above!! They make zero effort at Retention and Training…so we have a contstant FLOOD of unskilled drivers running wild in America…smashing and crashing…while Journeymen are FORCED to STOP work and have a Cheese Sandwich and Bottle of Warm Milk(30 min kindergarden nap break)?????????? Why doesnt ANN an her cronies BUTT the HELL OUT??? Would I go to a construction job and tell Journeymen what to do and how to do it???? SHE has ZERO experience…where in the HELL can she possibly be coming from????? She should be SUED for BUTTING IN to our LIVES when she has ZERO credential!!! Tony Boy Fox…same thing….what in HELL can he Possibly Know??? A former Mayor???

  • guest

    Wow…Steve Williams(Maverick) is a GREAT ACTOR and orator…he can lay down some off the cuff JIVE. What a Salesman!! he is crazy if he thinks our IMAGE is going to “improve”. He needs to visit our truckstops…mostly foreigners in dee Bidness today ole boy!!! Most dont speak English and may or may NOT have a Green Card??? Thanks to “legislators” and “Bidnessmen” Hornswaggling the American people. Lots of HIT and RUN 18wheelers out here today. Lots of DOPE SMUGGLING in 18 wheelers TODAY…partially because we do not IDENTIFY these drivers as to their LEGAL RIGHT to be driving an 18 WHEELER to begin with!!! COPS conveniently OVERLOOK that as Useless Crap! If a man is Identified and held ACCOUNTABLE….and can be instantly accessed in a COP’S Data Base he is LESS apt to commit CRIMES????
    THAT aint happening old Steve Boy……CRIME is RAMPANT in Trucking today..and YOU know damn well.
    You are a Charade and so is ATA and YOU know it!

  • Karen Baugus

    I drove over the road for 18 years…I never ever logged what wasn’t legal, even when it wasn’t taboo. We work our butts off and we need to get fair wage for it, overtime, and 14 hrs workday needs to come down to 10. I know all this will happen, I just hope I get to witness it first hand. Smokey and the Bandit in my opinion hurt trucking by promoting breaking the law..I do however love the movie.

  • lastgoodusername

    At 2:15 into the speech , this clown says “we” need to have the EOBR to survive in this industry. I am going to hazard a guess that the survival he speaks of , is not the trucking industry as a whole, but his outfit , using the EOBR as a production tool , just like the tachographs of old. nothing to do with safety. just a means to allow bigger fleets to run smaller ones out. I’ve survived 25 years with an EOBR. Can’t seem to figure why one is so needed now. doesn’t hurry up shippers, doesn’t remove traffic slowdowns, doesn’t make my fuel economy better, doesn’t make the truck stopping distance shorter, doesn’t make Chicago any closer , doesn’t even shave 10 pounds off my youthful figure. Doesn’t even promise me a good night’s sleep like the apnea machine people are , or being able to increase my manhood by several inches. Someone with common sense and some power please help us from people like this.

  • Doug

    All our corrupt socialist government is doing is over regulating every facet of everyone’s lives. Not one bit of it for the good of America, it is all about control and nothing else. These people live in their ivory towers and have and do not want to know any knowledge of the real life of any workers in this country.

  • safetygirl

    I would have to answer the question no from our company perspective, but that is not really the answer to your real question. I think your real question is about driver income. The real answer is the drivers are eating the losses. Most of our competitors put out announcements that effective July 1 they would pay for 1/2 hour less time than the log contained. We said we would not make changes if the drivers could manage a lunch during their workday without affecting speed or amount of delivery (We have lots of wait time). The company will overlook the half hour unless it starts to affect bottom line (which has gotten pretty skinny). Where drivers really suffer is the two one to five a.m. starts and the one restart per week. Every customer wants their delivery before workers show up. We had to hire a couple more drivers per terminal to make up for the early morning loads that drivers could not take Monday morning. The drivers are acutally off for the better part of three days per week. Consequently, they will have less hours on each paycheck. They make most of their years money on overtime through the three or four months of summer so its not great for them.
    Drivers were better served by being able to spread more rest time over the five or seven days, working shorter days instead of trying to work 14 hours each day just to get the same amount of income. We do try to empathize and cater to driver needs but I dont imagine all companies are going to dispatch the long hours just because drivers want them since the company needs to keep the extra drivers in enough work they don’t quit. That means less hours all round.

  • john

    Hope nobody takes this wrong, but all you have to do is look at Tony Fox, standing next to odummer, and you can tell there are NO brains between them. He was hire because odummer owed somebody a favor.

  • john

    Maverick requires the EOBR’s so they can keep track of their drivers, and tell them when to drive, park, and when their 34 hr break is done.

  • john

    Werner has to wait for this report to come up to tell their stockholders they are losing money? Big deal! But if they’re losing so much because of the 30 break, why are there some companies out there showing increased profits? Unless those “profits” are really not true?

  • Charmin’ Charlie

    I am really tired of all of the moaning and complaining about the state of things. Absolutely no one has gumpton enough to say what is the root cause. The fact is our President is methodically dismantling our country and its economic system by making everything a losing proposition. Just like to promised to those paying attention to his stated intent. The only solice I have is that God is still in charge!

  • roge160

    The 34 hour restart change has cost me profit and home time as an O/O with my own customers I need to take care of them if I want to keep them .So lets challenge the rural makers to come out on the road with us for a month they want to talk the talk lets see if they can walk the walk we all know they can’t I have two bunks in my truck I would be happy to show them what we live with every day.

  • John Scott

    I think the true results cannot be felt until freight volumes go up. Personally other then monitoring driving time, how can a EOBR do any better telling if a driver is sleeping, on duty not driving or off duty? What’s next? Sensors in drivers seat, truck and sleeper to monitor where you are? You have people who either do right by themselves and with the job. Or they find ways to cheat. Trucking companies with governed trucks probably are already used to some time constraints being placed on them. EOBR don’t really do much but keep you honest on your driving time. Seems to me a simpler solution would be to monitor driving time only. Because verifying the rest is hard to do.

  • Stormy

    Maybe Maverick should hire drivers who can tell time.

  • Stormy

    I read and hear this all the time, the closest Anne Ferro intends to get to a truck is looking at one from the window of a catered buffet when she has the listening sessions. She can’t see the truck stop from the nearest full-star motel that she and the committee stays at.

    Oh wait, I forgot we had front page news in the trucking industry when she rode to a listening session in an UPS truck. So she as a full 30 minutes under belt of walking the walk

    Keep her out of trucks, stop validating and inviting and standing in line to greet the great Queen Anne at any trucking event. She is NOT our friend and her intent is to do us harm. She has only begun.

    Start calling your Congressmen and Representatives and let them know there should be no reason for her to release the report due in MARCH on the analysis for the July rule changes. It is almost November and they still won’t release it. How in the world did a court rule on something when they weren’t given any substantiating information?

  • Shannon Bushall

    hahahaha smokey and the bandit hurt trucking hahahaha your an idiot

  • guest

    Maverick get a subsidy for hiring BRAINDEAD truck drivers.

  • guest

    Fox is the son Obama never had…he likes to pat Tony on the head….and send him to Horsewhip Truckers. lol

  • guest

    Im surprised to know that Queen Ann went anywhere NEAR a truck??? For what?? She and Tony Fox are just passing GAS until their next “nomination” to a higher post…..what a JOKE …taking a TOKEN ride in a UPS UNION truck????? Rediculous.

  • guest

    They are Losing Money coz their DAD Clarence aint running things no more…the Kiddies dont give a damn…they are Filthy rich…what do they care??

  • William McKelvie

    Here is what I am hearing. A discussion today, while eating dinner with a MAVERICK driver, oddly enough. The restart SUCKS, it is messing with his home time. Before the new HOS restart, he could be home either Friday or Saturday and still get his home time and a restart. Now because of the 168 hour rule, it is not possible like it used to be. I could not disagree. Right now, I am reading on my own facebook page, a few drivers who are still confused about the restart itself. One tells of a driver who had been doing it wrong for TEN weeks, until his safety department caught it. WOW! Imagine if DOT caught it? Unreal. Bring the old 34 hour restart back PLEASE!! Keep the break but make it flexible. And STOP writing regulations that really do not make anything safer for us drivers or the motoring public out here just to pad your friends wallets.

  • William McKelvie

    It’s Antiny Foxx. :)

  • Myron LInd

    The rule change is somewhat inconvenient but has not had much impact on how I operate. I choose loads based on a variety of factors, hours available being just one of those factors. The 34 hours restart has been slightly more difficult to factor in than I originally anticipated.

  • MarsRiver

    I’m assuming you meant “I’ve survived 25 years (without) a EOBR” which I totally agree with you. On top of that we are still here to talk about it unlike others who were killed while playing Beat The Clock that fateful day. Also, your list of what EOBR’s don’t do is great! A reality check for sure.

  • MarsRiver

    I wish you would come off of being “guest”. There are many who come in like that and should probably stay that way. You’re a strong speaker with sense. So tell us how you really feel ;-)

  • MarsRiver

    Well, Stormy its like this as one famous woman put it, ” We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”.

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    Umm, *you’re* is the correct contraction of *you are*. *Your* is a possessive pronoun.

    Be careful when calling others idiots, at least Karen spelled everything in her post correctly.

  • Shannon Bushall

    oh I’m sorry I’m just a dumb truck driver but I figured anyone reading would understand or could figure it out right

  • Shannon Bushall

    I guess you think she’s write to we should be cut from 14 hrs to 10. funny how we made more money back in the smokey and the bandit days than we do now and you want to keep cutting our pay and taking more money for everything

  • lastgoodusername

    thanks for the correction on the “without”

  • Stormy

    And how’s that working for them?

  • guest

    Yea…I shouldnt Mince on Words…lol

  • guest

    Yep that piece of crap knows when ur truck is moving…and place you in Violation as you are circling the parking lot trying to find a place to park and have run out of time….really a pathetic P.O.S.

  • Brad Lambert

    Personally, I have seen a direct hit to my income, this includes both the truck income as well as my personal income. Based on the last three years on average this year I have seen $750 – $1,000 decrease in weekly income to the truck. I pay myself per mile rate and on average my income has decreased $100 – $250 on a weekly basis. Basically, as a result of the new HOS I am losing a load per week to what I was able to do prior to the updated HOS.

  • Michael

    Ok I’m going to say this once My name is Michael I own my own truck and I’m an independent trucker since 1978 way before all this crap came into play . I think it’s all horse shit and just another way to rob us . What business does the Dot or the eobr have telling me or anyone else how and when to drive and run our business ? 35 plus years zero accidents over 2.5 million miles and you think your going to come in here and tell me how to run my truck ! You can go jump in the lake . I will run the way I always have NO Matter what rules you try to make. I know my way works for me and I’m not going to change it for NO ONE. No ONE and I mean NO ONE is going to change the way I do my job. NO ONE. And if it comes to the day when they try to dictate to me then that’s the day I hang my keys up and tell them to go screw them selves go pick it up yourself .

  • Stormy

    Tis true – she lowered herself; at least as low as riding in a UPS truck for half an hour can get. I bet he didn’t have any deliveries to stop for during that trip. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out they had a police escort. She rode from her hotel to a listening session.

    I am also surprised they haven’t give her an honorary CDL for that “wild” adventure.

  • Stormy

    Analysis report for the July 1st HOS changes was due March 1st. ATA had a suit pending in court to overturn the rule. ATA asked for a postponement until the court ruled. Queen Anne said no and the rules rolled out. The court found in favor of FMCSA without the report… and the decision was made based on what opinion? It is now November and they still haven’t submitted the report Now the House has a bill to get rid of the July 1st HOS ruling because FMCSA can’t seem to figure out how to analyze their years of study. They are actually too busy working on sleep apnea, BMI, EOBR2 and now rules to add for November. Truckers just want Queen Queen Anne to ride around with them in their truck for a day or two or seven so they can show her what it is really like. She went for a 2 day hail and everybody now thinks she will see things our way?,,l just don’t see anything coming from that except a whole new list of ideas for new regulations. Frankly, I prefer to keep government out of my life and Queen Anne out of my truck. Queen Anne is not our friend and Anthony Foxx hasn’t got a clue what to do or say without somebody giving him a script to read from. I have identified all the monkeys so now all I need to do is find the football. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.