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| April 01, 2006

“The overwhelming majority of trucking companies out there are not members of ATA,” Spencer said. “This is proof positive these people probably don’t know a truck driver.”
-Sean Kelley and Lance Orr

Volvo Gears Up with Engine Line for 2007
Volvo lifted the veil on its 2007 D11, D13 and D16 heavy-duty diesel engines Feb. 13 at the Technology and Maintenance Conference in Tampa, Fla.

Like other manufacturers, Volvo will continue to rely on exhaust gas recirculation and will employ a diesel particulate filter to meet new stringent emission standards.

“There is intense interest in these engines,” said Volvo Truck North America President and CEO Peter Karlsten. “The technology is ready. The engines are ready. And Volvo is ready.”

The new technology will add to the cost of a new truck. Volvo will apply a $7,500 surcharge to the cost of a new Volvo whether a customer specs a Volvo D11, D11, D13 or Cummins ISX engine.

The DPF features a catalyst and a particulate filter. Volvo will offer the DPF in two configurations, including a compact version that mounts under the cab on the right side of the truck.

Exhaust will move through the catalyst, made of ceramic and coated with precious metals, transforming into harmless gas. Other pollutants will be trapped in the particulate filter.

In normal over-the-road operations, the DPF will do its job in a passive regeneration mode, relying on hot exhaust gases to help the catalyzing process. In some applications, the engine will squirt a small amount of diesel into the DPF to improve the process.

The emission systems will add between 120 to 150 pounds over a traditional muffler, which the DPF replaces. Ash will have to be cleaned from the filter, but Volvo says that PM event will take place well beyond the 150,000-mile government-required interval.

The D11 will be available in the Volvo VNM and VNL models, with 325 to 405 horsepower. The D13, which is replacing Volvo’s popular D12, will be available in the VNM and VNL tractors as well as the Volvo VHD vocational truck and tractor. It will feature hp ranges from 335 to 485.

The D16 will be available with 450 hp to 600 hp, a drop of 25 horsepower from earlier models. The company says the engine will still be the most powerful torque and hp combination in its class, even though its hp will be down in 2007.

The engines will feature an electrically actuated variable geometry turbocharger and other design element changes.
-Sean Kelley

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