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Todd Dills

Option for crowd-sourcing weigh-station status

| August 31, 2012

A new $4.99 application available for iPhone, iPad and Android functions as a directory of weigh stations across North America, joining Overdrive‘s Trucker Tools app as well as Truckster with that functionality, among others.

“When the driver is within 1 mile of a weigh scale,” say the makers of Scalechek, “a visual and audio update alert will prompt him to enter the current status of the weigh scale.” As pictured, “select ‘Open’ if the scale is open, ‘Closed’ if the scale is closed and Cancel to exit without changing the status.” (Trucker Tools has somewhat similar functionality, delivering nearby stations when you navigate through the scales area of the app.)

By providing the info, Scalechek users are “helping keep their fellow drivers informed on weigh scale statuses,” makers say. “The more participants, the more efficient Scalechek is.”

Further, you can set the app up to get those upcoming-scale notifications at broader intervals, i.e. “as far as 50 miles away…  Drivers also have the option of selecting both alerts together, or none at all.”

Other features:

  • Information button: the possibility to visit the company’s website or email feedback.
  • Add Location button: allows addition of a scale location which may not be in the database.
  • Search Location button (enter City/State or Zip/Postal Code to find a location).
  • List Summary button (choose a direction to view a list of corresponding scales within a radius of approximately 500 Miles.

Keeping the phone plugged into the outlet charger all the time when using Scalechek, makers say, will ensure constant visual display of the map.

If you’re reading this on your phone, click through the image below to download the Android app or search the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad. Or visit for more.

You can download the free Trucker Tools app for Android here. (It’s also available for iPhone.)

  • Mary

    Was this released prior to the don’t touch your cellphone rule? I went to check it out and there is no info on number of downloads and no reviews. Most apps give trial period and most are under $2. A bit pricey for an app totally reliant on user’s input.

  • Todd Dills

    Mary, As I note here, there are some others that do what it does; all the same, it operates in a manner that is a little more automated than some of the others — it did come out, far as I can tell, after the cellphone rule. Believe it requires a touch of a button to input the scale status. You might check out the weigh station function in Trucker Tools, which is free.

  • Curt Morehouse

    There is a free app that does the same thing for iphone and android. it’s called strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.