Outstanding Pilot lawsuits deferred to prior settlement

| August 09, 2013

pilotThe outstanding lawsuits against Pilot Flying J will not be consolidated, per a ruling from a U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, who asked to defer its ruling to the nationwide settlement made in an Arkansas court last month.

Consolidating the cases, the court said, would delay the settlement proceedings of the Arkansas court’s class settlement and effectively disrupt the process of plaintiffs who have not yet had the chance to participate in settlement discussions with Pilot or object or opt out of the settlement.

“…we find that centralization at this time will not serve the convenience of the parties and witnesses or promote the just and efficient conduct of the litigation,” the court wrote in its order denying the transfer.

“It is not possible to predict the contours of the litigation, and whether centralization will be beneficial, if and after the settlement is granted final approval,” the court wrote.

The settlement reached last month between Pilot and other plaintiffs in class action litigation requires Pilot to pay back what it owes to carriers in fuel rebates, along with 6 percent interest. The owed amounts will be approved by a court-appointed accountant. Carriers have until Oct. 15 to opt out of the settlement.

  • No Reform

    No Criminal Complaint against Haslam?

  • No Reform

    At least 2 Pilot Employees have Plead Guilty to Fraud. What about Haslam?

  • MercenaryMan

    The Owners or CEOs NEVER know of wrongdoing and some bottom wrung guy always gets the time…maybe if that were reversed in America where as the Stock manipulators and Back room deals to steal millions of dollars from working people were prosecuted with the RICH person thrown into RIKERS, or Pelican bay they might all think twice but Greed Breeds Greed, theres never enough money, or Bonuses for cheating…as it goes on and on and on. The Cheaters and YOU are Cheaters always seem to win because they have the money to BUY, MANIPULATE AND BRIBE there way thru.

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