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Todd Dills

Owner-operator assesses options for rig flooded at TA

| May 07, 2010

Reconnect fuel lines. Install drain plug in engine oil pan, fill with clean engine oil and change oil filters. Drain flush and refill the cooling system with appropriate coolant.

Now on to the electrical system. Using electrical contact cleaner and dielectric grease, disconnect, clean and lightly grease all of the electrical connections in the engine compartment. Remove the harness connection to the ECM and clean and lightly grease the connector, then reconnect. Check for water in light fixtures, drain water and clean with electrical contact cleaner, lightly grease connections with dielectric grease. Check fuse panels for moisture. If wet, clean with electrical contact cleaner and allow to dry completely. Grease the chassis of the truck. Load-test the batteries and replace if bad. Reconnect battery cables and watch for any possible shorts in electrical system. Check all fuses. Start and run engine to operating temperature. You may have some blue smoke due to the oil poured on top of cylinders. This should clear up fairly quick. Run engine at idle speed until it reaches operating temperature. Continue running for approximately 15 minutes. Shut down engine, change oil, oil filters, and fuel filters. Run the truck for about 50 to 75 miles to circulate the oils in the transmission and axles. Drain and refill the transmission, drive axles, steer axle hubs, and power steering with appropriate lubricants. Check to be sure breathers on transmission and axles are clear.

Operate truck normally. Monitor fluid levels and condition closely. Watch for oil or coolant leaks. I recommend a complete fluid analysis at approximately 50,000 miles. Complete fluid analysis consists of: engine oil, transmission oil, drive axle oils, and coolant.

This addresses the major issues with the truck’s drive train.

UPDATE: Just picked up a copy of the new weekly Nashville Scene newspaper. Quite an amazing photo on the cover, on I-24 eastbound, Saturday evening, among the first major sites of the flooding we’ve been dealing with here since. Click the cover image for their impressionistic story, made up primarily of first-person accounts from residents and others all over the city. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.