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Todd Dills

Owner-operator Glenn Keller on the CNN Fit Nation challenge

| May 10, 2012

It has gone more places with me than my wife.

When I went on a cruise … it was there.

When I go to Louisiana to visit my mother – it’s right there.

Spend a night somewhere in a motel … and it’s right there.

And yes, it’s in the truck also, every time it moves.

It’s really an experience going to sleep looking like a scuba diver.

When weight loss really gets going, as some drivers I’ve talked to have experienced, it’s possible to escape the sleep apnea condition — provided weight gain is the primary culprit in the condition. Keller’s CPAP machine recently went down, he says. Without it for a brief time, he felt sufficiently energized by natural sleep to, during the Healthy Trucking Association’s Healthy Trucking Summit in Atlanta in April, take another sleep test that confirmed he still had the apnea condition.

All the same, he’s hopeful getting to 200 lbs. will allow him to to cast off the yolk of the machine.

He’s got “75-80 pounds to go,” he says. Wish him luck.

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