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Owner-operator tactics and strategies: Setting goals

| January 02, 2014
Trucking radio host Kevin Rutherford addresses owner-operators at Overdrive's Partners in Business seminar.

Trucking radio host Kevin Rutherford addresses owner-operators at Overdrive’s Partners in Business seminar.

Do you know what you want to achieve but have trouble getting there?

In the podcast below, Overdrive columnist and trucking radio host Kevin Rutherford tells owner-operators how they can improve their business and personal lives. He explains how owner-operators can set goals and take the first steps toward completing them, even while driving over-the-road.

This message continues an earlier one about establishing tactics and strategies. Rutherford, a former owner-operator and now a small fleet owner, presented this at an Overdrive Partners in Business seminar at the Great American Trucking Show.

Partners in Business is  sponsored by FirestoneRyder Vehicle Systems and Shell Rotella. It’s produced by Overdrive and financial services provider ATBS

  • Freddy

    Rutherford is not a O/O or a small fleet owner… I think he is a snake oil salesman though….

  • Ken Nilsen

    I am firmly in the camp of having a plan. There are too many individuals out on the road today that have no idea how they plan on covering business costs much less their personal expenses.

  • Dave

    Why would anyone take trucking advice from a failed bookkeeper. Rutherford is a snake oil salesman and nothing more!

  • Voodoolou

    You may think he’s a snake oil sales man, but what he says makes sense, and he’s got more money than you to prove it. I have a plan for 2014. It involves increasing some things and decreasing others. You have to listen to people and decide if what they say is good for you, if not don’t do it. If it can work make fit into your situation. Use common sense, don’t let others think for you, its your brain, USE IT

  • William McKelvie

    You guys have to realize he’s hitting a target audience. And from what I have seen as of late with my own personally involved discussions with his followers on FB, they NEED the stuff he sells. Listen to the first few minutes, what does he push? All good salesmen have a push, or gimmick. This guy has that knack, to put shit on a shingle and call it creamed chipped beef, and the dullheads are lapping it up like a pit bull that has been chained outside in the dry Dallas summer heat without water for days. If you have to rely on audiobooks to get you to set goals? Or to run a P&L sheet for a month? Come on already. I cost out every trip I look at, way before I even consider accepting it. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.