Owner-operator testifies to Congress on damaging effects of new hours provisions

| November 22, 2013

hours truck stopOwner-operator Tilden Curl likes to leave his house at 4 a.m. to be able to make his way through Seattle before the morning rush hour can cause him to get bogged down and waste his time, miles and money. 

And he used to be able to do it without hindrance.

Given the new provisions in hours-of-service rule, however, Curl can’t pull his truck on the road until 5 a.m., leaving him no choice but to deal with the Seattle traffic. 


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Curl offered this story as one of several points in his testimony to Congress Nov. 21 at a House Small Business Committee hearing on hours-of-service, saying the new hours regulations have taken away the flexibility truck drivers need to get the right amount of rest, avoid traffic and stay on schedule after being delayed by shippers. 

Curl spoke at the hearing on behalf of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, saying the trade group supports the TRUE Safety Act bill introduced into the House this month. The bill would delay the hours-of-service changes until the Government Accountability Office can study them and FMCSA’s methodology further. 

The rule changes also do more than just slow him down in heavier traffic, Curl said, as they could cost him as much as $4,000-$5,000 a month.

He also told the panel that no one in trucking makes safety a priority the way drivers do, as an accident and the costs associated with it can mean the end of a one-truck business. 

Many times, the new hours rule can leave drivers and owner-operators “in a constant Catch-22 situation,” he said, having to “work to operate safely and efficiently.” The hours-of-service rules don’t provide enough flexibility for each driver to set a schedule that works best for his or her operation, fatigue level or freight schedule. 


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Curl also pointed to unpaid detention as potentially a bigger issue for drivers than hours-of-service and an issue made much worse by the lost flexibility caused by the new regulations.

Like others who testified, Curl pointed to his group’s recent survey results, saying an OOIDA membership survey showed that 46 percent of driver respondents said they feel more fatigued under the new rules and 65 percent say they’ve lost income. Half, he noted, have lost mileage and loads.

OOIDA’s position on mitigating safety, Curl said, is backing increased driver training. “OOIDA strongly feels that the key to highway safety above any regulation or technology is ensuring there is a safe, well-trained and knowledgeable driver behind the wheel of every tractor-trailer on the highway.”

In more testimony about his own operation, Curl said he liked stopping for 15 minutes every three to four hours, which would cumulatively give him 30 minutes worth of break time. Obviously that doesn’t work under the new rules, he said, but the effectiveness of cumulative breaks was backed up by Pennsylvania State University researcher Paul Jovanis. 

Jovanis, director of Transportation Operations Program at Penn State’s Larson Transportation Institute, said his research showed that cumulative breaks yield the same amount of crash risk and fatigue reduction as stopping for one longer break. 

Here are some highlights from others who testified at the hearing: 

Duane Long, chairman of Longistics, 105-truck fleet based in North Carolina: Long said team drivers at his fleet deliver just-in-time freight, and often their schedules put them home around 2 a.m. Whereas they would normally be able to resume operation Sunday evening and make deliveries Monday morning, they now must wait until 5 a.m. Monday to start driving. Thus, the needs of their customers go unmet, he said. Long spoke on behalf of the American Trucking Associations and said his group, too, supports the passage of the TRUE Safety Act. 


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Brian Evans, owner of brokerage firm L&L Freight Services in Cabot, Ark.: Evans called the hours rule “a solution in search of a problem.” He said the rules will have no effect on reducing accidents beyond the previous rules, calling them “overly complicated” and a knock to productivity. “We are not suggesting increased safety be traded for increased efficiency. We are stating that safety improvement was acheived under the old rules, and the new rules will not result in dramatically increased carrier safety,” Evans said. He was there speaking on behalf of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, who, like the other trade organizations, was there to offer their support for the TRUE Safety Act. 

Jovanis: Jovanis was the witness brought on behalf of safety groups and Rep. Grace Meng (D-N.Y.), ranking member of the subcommittee. Jovanis offered testimony saying several studies have shown lower crash risks correlated with at least 9 hours off duty, rest breaks while driving and driving during the day. Crash risks were elevated in the early morning — 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. — and from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., he said. Another study showed elevated crash odds from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., Jovanis said. An Australian study also showed self-reported fatigue for truck drivers was higher during night shifts than day shifts. 

  • MercenaryMan

    Driver Testimony doesnt fit the AGENDA of the FMCSA or the Mega Feets, if anything comes of this it will be a glorified press release using the drivers own facts against them….there not listening nor will they, we as drivers simply dont have the MONEY TO LOBBY/BRIBE and Win…

  • Jim 23456

    A whole lot of these problems could be solved by drivers being compensated by the hour for everything the driver does…IE : pre-trip inspections, fueling, unloading, breakdowns , etc .. including the overtime compensation that was eliminated in the rail/ transportation act. This would force shippers and receivers to pay for detention from minute one or the carrier has to include it in the rate. For many years the driver has donated thousands of hours of FREE labor. Why should the driver be penalized financially , physically, and mentally so the executives and share holders can profit from the drivers efforts . Call a plumber and tell him to wait for two hours before he can perform the job you called him for and see if you don’t get billed . ( NOTE: The plumber doesn’t have a 14 hour clock or mandatory rest periods )
    All the drivers want , is to be compensated for the work they do… What is wrong with that ?

  • Jerry

    Fatigued, definitely
    I am more tired today than before.

  • Thomas Duncan

    1. No one but the individual themselves know when they need to work,sleep or play.2.logbooks should be for one 24hr period with a decent time to get the day done(reasonable day).There is no reason to have anything to present beyond the last 24hrs..3.narrowing a work period as the law does now makes it unsafe to follow the law.4.stop pressuring and harrassing experienced drivers out of the business,make an effort to keep them by respecting them for their carreers.And stop holding all of us responseable for the small percentage that make it unsafe!

  • Mark

    I have been reading the articles over the last few months. The one thing that I have not seen brought up is the Return on Investment. A large, small or O/O have invested capital. When you do your forecast on your company for budgeting, ROI, and other financials the hours of service have a big impact. Especially if you invested before the new hours of service rules went into effect. You can’t maximize the utilization of your equipment. It’s like playing a football game and in the middle of the 4th qrt. the opposing team changes the rules. Your ROI is dramatically affected by this.
    As a small fleet owner it has hit us hard. Just wonder why nobody has brought this issue up.

  • gary foster

    for company drivers hourly pay would solve many problems,i love it i don’t get in no hurry except 14 hr rule, that needs too abolished,

  • Tom Dempsey

    Jim and Thomas, I highly agree with you, and have said the same things for years. Pay by the hour, reasonable work day, and no need to base what we do today, on what we
    did 7 days ago. You can’t legislate common sense or professional driving skills. I’ve been in the trucking industry since the early 1970 ies and I’ve yet to meet a driver who’s goal is to not be paid for work, run hard after little sleep, or put everything they’ve worked for on the line to run illegal so they can meet some unrealalistic delivery or pick up schedule. Any one that believes they do is just as misguided as our new work rules. Our dictatorship government is way out of control and we’re letting them do it to us. Until all in this industry stand up and do what we know needs done to get the lawmakers undivided attention, they will just keep bullying us, why, because we allow it.

  • roots

    everyone is forgetting the one big cause of truck accidents,that is the asshole in the four wheeler,. everyone gets tired at sometime or another you have to tell yourself when to rest. accidents happen all the time rested or not 90 percent is from the asshole in the car.go after these people and let us work already

  • guest

    Anne Baby did bring up DETENTION PAY…youcan BET alot of Fat Rich men didnt want to hear anything like THAT! Since they have been ripping off the driver for 70 YEARS says ANNE…….they wanted to change the subject PRONTO…..no mention of how many Shippers are going to illegal aliens to haul freight for them CHEAPER………its all such a RIP OFF of the American Working Man it makes me VOMIT!!!!

  • guest

    Its funny..it came up in their session how Screwed the drivers were getting making the HOG RICH Corporate SWINE richer and richer….making us sit at warehouses for FREE…..then the comments section on a site Reminded us that Drivers ALSO get SCREWED by driving 100 miles and only get paid for 90 or so………..kind of Funny how these RICH PIGS have gotten RICH ripping off the Drivers all these YEARS!!!!

  • guest

    Anne says the poverty stricken truck driver has been EXEMPT from THE FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT for 70 years….man aint THAT the truth!!!!

  • guest

    No trucking executive wants to hear aboutFAIR LABOR STANDARDS for truck drivers…..HELL NO……thosechumps aremy SLAVES!!! Makin me RICH!!!!!

  • BunniRabbyt

    Now would be the perfect time to shut down and demand hourly pay. Anne Ferro does not want to budge on these hour rules she is blaming shippers costing you time. Okay then pay us for all this sit time. If this is truely in the name of safety then money should be no object. Okay Anne Ferro back us and let us get paid by the hour. Put the money where your mouth is.

  • Mimd Games

    As a black man I would like to ask all my white brothers and sisters one question, How does it feel to be treated like a black man say oh back in the 1700 till the 50’s??? The government body as a whole and or society especially by lawyers who help craft these laws treat truckers like 3/5ths of a man.
    Think about these key facts… You are called a professional yet everyone with a government badge tells you what to do.
    You must come through the back door of truck stops and what’s the stereotypical food that blacks are supposed to love eating??? And what does the Fly’J and many others serve??? Check the deli because your overseer won’t pay you enough to eat the high society food out of the dinner you are forced to eat chicken besides no one wants to sit down next to a smelly ol driver anyways.
    The treatment by society has drivers doing what??? Acting like black men towards one another in urban areas such as they do when they kill one another yep the stories are true drivers have killed one another.
    The DOT in South Dakota I think it was shot a driver in the back didn’t kill em and got away with it and California DOT has done dirt to hang a few drivers as well yet know one says a thing because its just those people who are affected.
    Called a professional yet paid and treated like a shoe-shine boy seems to me like Negro status, Do you see airline pilots complaining?
    Paid by mile is segregation pay much like farm worker pay or should I say plantation pay! Connecting the dots yet???
    You are held up high in the courts as a professional driver yet check your hand manual the words professional and driver are never connected.
    Back to food again did I fail to mention that watermelon is served by truck stops? Another stereotypical food.
    Professional drivers have been mistreated for so long much like the black man he acts like he’s treated and thus he trashes his environment with trash just like poor blacks do in the inner cites.
    You are told to sit and freeze and or burn up the rest of us want lower gas prices and you shuffle your feet up and twist on that key and keep thise ol lips shut.
    The parallels between truckers and blacks or any minority that has been and will continue to be treated like an underclass is so similar to one another its simply amazing.
    Why hasn’t the trucker risen up and demanded change??? Well Mr.Truck driver all you need to do is ask the American Negros or even just shuck and jive with your plantation owner aka your boss at any of these large trucking corporations that love to buy a few drivers for pennies on the doller and work him her till he burns out then the next one and the next one…
    My point is Mr. Trucker if you haven’t a clue or you are so rightwing brainwashed is that you are a third class citizen and will continue to be treated that way because you allow it either because of fear or you refuse to come together as one and overthrow these plantation owners and or lawyers who as you very well know demand laws that keep you in your present status or should I say in your place BOY.
    If you work for any of these plantation owners IMO you are apart of the problem because without money he cannot rule and trust me the people that work inside the plantation are not your freinds no matter how much you grin and shine their shoes and I have seen many of you boot lickers grin from ear to ear for a few extra bushels of cotton.
    Should we high five each other or shake each others hands when we meet? I have seen one trend that I find somewhat sickening and that is we don´t even greet each other in the mornings a simple good morning will do or even a smile.
    Hey! I can´t help it that your slave owner kept you over the road so long your marrige failed take that up with him! Again breaking up of families just like slaves were treated another parallel!!
    I hope all this and any other parallel that may come into your mind wakes you up Mr. Trucker I really do…

  • trucktracy

    At 40 cents per mile and 60 mph the driver makes 24 dollars an hour. For the most part, where can you , the same guy that has no college education, make that kind of money? You cant and that is why you chose to drive. Yes you do not technically get paid for every hour that you work, but where else are you going to take a thousand dollar a week check home. I am of the belief that drivers at the present time do not make enough money, but don’t propagate this crap about hourly pay. I have never had an employee that was being payed by the hour that is out on his own with no supervision get anything done. In fact even at mileage pay we cant get you guys to care about the business, because you mostly think you are making the company rich. In most cases you are not.

  • LTR

    Well again unless you haven’t been threw something please don’t put your in put… The Curl trucker is correct they do nothing about the safety part nothing but ticket you start at the shippers for the weight start at these companies that put qualcoms in SOME trucks not all of them see that’s just playing the DOT game. I was a 1 truck company and lost my truck due to a DRIVER in WI. that cut me off in Benton,AR, and fled well they caught up wiyth him 53 miles down the road in 16min. well that’s doing 95mph plus getting out of town but he said he never had contact with me well no he didn’t I had to avoid him from acting like a fool then my trl started to flip. The drivers out there think there king of the road well it’s a two way street out there ou all forget if it wasn’t for these called four wheelers going to work you all wouldn’t have no loads to pick up IT’S EVERYWHERE CARS,,TRUCKS,BUSES,COPS THEY all have different driving habits but when you truckers just blame others instead of just minding your own business and look at both side or the big picture its everyone out there that cuts infront of you you have Truck Driver talking there smack about cant you read the right lane is closed and all these trucks are just cutting infront of everybody JUST LIKE YOU GUYS SAY THE FOUR WHEELERS DO!!!! Drivers try to candt coat everything to make them look good trust me to look good is to stop dumping your trash in parking lots stop leaving your pee bottels everywhere take a shower stop all the arguing grow up maybe you will be treated better…….All drivers do is complain then get out of it….I’m talking fact wheather you can admit it or not that’s ok to but you know as well as I do you drivers do exactly what you complain about so just drive your truck and try to flip your script and be happy for that Crul driver your SOOOOO rite all they do it and are tring to do is focus on the most silliest things instead of the safety part I’m like you I drove a lot at night to just avoid all the hoot-law..anyway your not gonna change anything until you start changing you ways of being that trashy truck driver…I noticed when you tell someone your a truck driver it sure changes there out look. so look at yourself then speak=up again clean up the trucking ways belive me I see why shipper don’t let you guys use there rest rooms look how you people trat the ones you can use everyone is out to get you huh….. Hammer Down and be safe whoop whoop got a bear at m/.m 14 west bound checkin logs..

  • Joe Ammons

    You are part of the problem, I am guessing with that attitude you have a 101% turn over rate, and your SMS is borderline
    We need the FLSA exmeption lifted so guys like you will start treating your employees like real people..

  • mousekiller

    Ms Ferro went for a ride in a truck for 2 days with a driver. Now she will think she is an expert in trucking and how we do it. She will inform Foxx of her experience on the road and we will see more useless regs.

  • Shadow Hauling

    I agree with you. Why do we need to keep logs or present them beyond 24 hours ? As a driver and owner operator that may surprise you I have my own authority and own only one truck and trailer (a 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup) and I have to follow ALL the same rules as tractor trailer drivers and owners even the logs and hos rules. I had a recent audit at my home that i conduct business from as any big company would. I have to run across the scales and am subject to insps. like I recently had in New Mexico. I started driving tractor trailers in 1978 and the new regulations and rules are just to keep a goverment agency and blow hards in a job.

  • trucktracy

    right here is a perfect example of what I said earlier.
    Every driver I have makes more per week than I do.I could just see this guy taking 3 hours to pump fuel because he is getting paid by the hour. Or waiting at the truck stop for hours to get windshield washer fluid put in his bottle by a TA technician instead of doing it himself and then expecting to be paid for those hours. Why? Because he is making guys like me rich!!!!

  • trucktracy

    This is America. You have the same right to go out and buy trucks and put drivers in them too. Go get these guys and make yoself rich!!! If it is so easy and there is so much money in it then you must not be very smart. The writing is on the wall be an owner of a trucking company not a driver. Seems pretty simple to me. You probably should be paid by the hour for posting

  • mousekiller

    Unfortunately hourly pay for drivers will not work. One size does not fit all drivers or types of driving. I understand how you feel but the only way to get that done is to go union. That will destroy the small business trucking literately overnight . Every carrier will have a different hourly pay schedule for their drivers and if they are not all the same, job hopping will be enormous. . Unions and some poor management put CF under, Gateway, PIE, and a bunch of others over the last 30 years. . It will drive the cost of EVERYTHING threw the roof that you and I will not be able to afford to buy any longer. Trying to put one size shoe ( pay) on all drivers is not going to work. Don’t like what your earning ? Try something else. Not every one that wants to be a trucker is qualified to be a trucker. Most of us except the hardships, trials and tribulations and have for many years. Trucking is a volatile business. It has it ups and downs on a daily basis.

  • Shadow Hauling

    YOU ARE A FOOL. This has nothing to do with race. Its just big goverment and big money bags and groups wanting to make peoples lives difficult. The same as peta,the tree huggers etc. Everyone seems to want to have a say in everyone elses lives. It seems they have no control over their own lives so they have to put controls on others. Did you notice that truck drivers at most places have their own seating areas ? It isnt because we stink as may be your case but to get us in faster, fed and on the road. Please dont use the RACE CARD. I dont think your oprah and by the way I like chicken.

  • mousekiller

    I know exactly where your coming from. Paying by the hour removes the incentive to improve or earn more by doing more as there is no more. So the long lunch, none existent back ups in traffic. Delays at the shipper will suddenly become far more frequent.that is the union driver. Overtime for doing nothing productive nor earning what it takes to pay them.

  • EF McHenry

    Obviously you fail to acknowledge the massive amount of unpaid labor and responsibility! The constant transfers on the driver from legal CSA responibility that never was under SafeStat and the massive logistical and administrative paperwork transfers scanning trip sheets & BOLs courtesy of in-cab technology, unpaid in-cab safety classes etc!! I could go toe to toe with you and punch holes in everything you said!! We are babysitting your trucks Sir, and not getting paid for it!! We don’t walk away from the equipnent and go home like you do when you leave your office! In short Joe Ammons is 100% correct; people like you are the problem!

  • EF McHenry

    I’m in full agreement with your efforts!

  • EF McHenry

    I completely agree with you! Good comment.

  • Shadow Hauling

    I agree. We bought equipment, invested savings, time and family time to make a living for them. Now they change the game and we have to suffer for some statistics and number counters that have NO idea about how the trucking indutries work. Whats is even worse is that they invite people to their hearings and let them have their say just to apease them. They had no intention of changing anything or taking what was said into consideration. That would admit that they were wrong and that will never happen in our goverment

  • Mind Games

    You sir are the problem I mentioned, rightwing radio has your mind twisted so badly you missed my point. Its about class blacks and truckers are treated as low class!!!
    Now do you understand!!! Get off your guilt trip about race and stop using Republican rightwing radio show talking points and look in the mirror. Are YOU low class and or a third class citizen???
    And as far as a fool no I’m not at least I don’t use the same thinking patterns as my oppressor which in your case happens to be Corporate America aka Fascist America.
    Where do you think this industry and or country is heading???
    Both parties are fascist and so I listen very very little to what our slave masters have to say unlike you and millions like you follow fascist right over a cliff.
    If you are not a sheeple prove it! I’m waiting…

  • Mind Games

    Pay by mile is dangerous everyone knows that and from what I have read some of you like getting screwed??? Incentive to work starts when you turn that key period end of story.
    Look the drivers in Europe figured this out a long time ago and they got away from pay by mile and are on the clock and quite happy and their accident rates went down not up.
    If you guys have ever read the trucker you would know one of em came here and tried our system he said it was archaic and dangerous and he got out of America fast as he could.
    Wake up truckers you are grabbing your ankles!!!

  • Mind Games

    Fried foods on a regular basis will kill you but then again it the most that most drivers can afford while he’s rushing to and fro.
    The reason I will assume that they shove that hart attack in a glass case at us is to scare us into going into the dinner which I don’t I switched back to WAL-MART.
    If I am not going to get paid my fair share in this indisty then the truck stops will struggle with me..
    A race to the bottom I am quite adept at as I have been in the industry for a very long time…

  • EF McHenry

    Hourly pay = Unions?? Sorry that doesn’t add up!

  • mousekiller

    You just aren’t paying attention to current events then. I have been union.Will never do it again. I know how they work. I know how they milk companies in addition to union dues and how union workers cannot do anything not in the job description. Including replacing a light no matter where you are. You can not do anything that is someone else’s job description such as maint, vehicle washer etc. And when certain people are paid by the hour they do nothing more than absolute minimum to get that pay check. Mileage is much better to get your ass moving to get a bigger check. Hourly will be fine for lumping. Then again, here is the straight dope. TRUCKIN AIN’T FOR SISSIES. Don’t like trucking? . go to Mikey D’s. Get your pick of hours and maybe you can get promoted to day manager. Our highways may be safe if a lot of less than quality drivers leave .

  • mousekiller

    Actually the reefer people have the upper hand and the power to make changes and won’t use it. Reefers are the back bone transportation tool of California’s produce revenue. Don’t haul it and produce will be plowed under in the fields due to no place to put it. Chilling houses are still full. . Then the truck farmers will storm Sacramento and demand changes. That should take about 2 days to do. If ca changes so goes the country. Look at the new truck buying surge. All due to ca CARB . Skirting . Thank you ca. Higher driver pay is not the answer today as it is not good business. Bring back the tariff rates structure like we used to have. Every one made money and the companies could give raises and buy newer equipment. If the trucking company is not earning more, it cant pay more . Less government involvement is the answer.

  • mousekiller

    Poverty stricken? Who are you working for to be that poor. Time to change. When I drove a company truck I brought home well over a grand a week after taxes and deductions and investments. I did not violate HOS to do it. I just picked the company I wanted to work for carefully. Most drivers today don’t know how to do that as they think if they ask questions they will not be hired. Lets face it . Far too many of today’s drivers shouldn’t be. They can’t drive a car well and that shows in how they drive the truck. The term dumpster divers fits most of them .

  • mousekiller

    Mind Games
    I do not understand why you have to bring the race card into this. Truck drivers are of all races colors and intelligence levels.
    There is no comparison between slaves and truckers. NONE.
    The simple fact is this.
    In days gone by slaves had no choice in their lives. None. It was do as your told and they did it or suffered the consequence. Every one of them had a roof over their head, medical, food on the table . You aren’t going to like this but the truth is the truth . Every black slave had a job back then .. Whether being a butler, maid ,cook , concubine or saddle maker or cotton picker. From the youngest child to the eldest adult. Not so today..
    Slaves had no choice in what they did .
    Truckers today choose the job of trucking then bitch about the pay at length. They have the choice to take the job or move on .
    Today in 2013 there is no slavery. Every person no matter the color, black, white, red or brown has the choice to do it or move on to other jobs. Every one has the ability to make the choice for themselves.
    The race card has no place here.

  • mike

    all interstate highways must have truck parkings every 25 miles. this could improve safety on interstates. current HOS rule is BS. Fmcsa like carb has his own sold reserchers ..))))

  • William McKelvie

    Got any idea how much those companies make on those runs? Quite a bit. They have to, otherwise they would not be operating. Do the math, where are your numbers? Do you have any idea what these companies charge to use their equipment? How many trailers do they spot for Westinghouse or similar? Spot? Yes spot. Surely you know what spotting a trailer is right? Maybe not.

  • azcard68

    Nobody is being forced at gun point to drive a truck for a living. If you don’t like whats going on, you can do 1 of 2 things.
    1- change things.
    2- find another occupation.

  • Dave Nichols

    yeah i have one o tose guys

  • Dave Nichols

    I think you missed the point. But in fact drivers are beginning to leave the industry and new entrants are geting harder to find.
    And as these younger folks come in and see the treatment they will likely leave as well.

  • mousekiller

    Mark, I agree 100%. I have made the decision to never go back to CA in a truck. I have made the decision to never fly commercial air again due to the TSA inadequacy’s and storm trooper tactics. In trucking It is not worth it to be targeted because I have an older truck. It has served me well. I service it regularly and it anything get broke or bent or needs attention it goes to the shop. My maint is no more than a new one and my down time is less. Mechanics can actually work on my truck with out a college degree in electronics. Freight Rates are down, costs are up, this HOS crap is costly and the 30 minute break is a joke. There is no benefit to the 30 minute break other than drivers getting tickets for either logging it on the wrong line or being in a restricted parking area .All this crap .This obama care and other none essential garbage is nothing more than a dictator removing any free will and suppressing growth just for absolute control. . Who ever controls the transportation industry controls the country.

  • mousekiller

    Pay by the mile is not dangerous. It is the driver that is dangerous. Stupid preoccupied drivers are dangerous in all kinds of vehicles. When you walk into the company asking for a job you accept their terms and conditions. So quit bitching about pay. Most applicants do not negotiate anything including time off or how raises are paid or when. Few even bother to read the drivers hand book the company gives them at orientation. That in itself is most of the problems of drivers not getting paid what they think they are wort. Delusions of grandeur.. They don’t earn it. As far as the drivers in Europe standing up on their hind legs you need to do more research on that. Get the whole story..Sure they got more money or a different pay rate but that is all. The products cost went sky high to the consumer, many drivers lost their jobs. Then again that is not America and they have a totally different life style. Apples to oranges. Just doesn’t work.

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    If you are too dim to figure out how to fix this imaginary problem, call up UPS and see how they manage their driver’s hours.

  • trucktracy

    No ,guys like you are the problem. I have almost zero turn over rate. 5 guys right now that have been with me for over 2 yrs. 2 guys that have been with me for 5 years.
    I will say again, this is America, you have the same freedoms as I do. Go start a trucking company and get rich off of guys like you. Since that is the formula for getting rich. Don’t be a hater and go grab some money. I have been an owner for 13 years and you all have made me millions. Thank you thank you thank you! And by the way I drive as well.
    I doubt anyone is holding a gun to your head to make you drive. SO just go get a different line of work. You are not forced to be a driver, you have lots of options.

  • trucktracy

    You are so abused. Attitudes like yours are exactly why these companies need qual com and eobr. . I will reiterate for you the same thing as I said earlier. There is not a gun to your head, quit being a driver. Since you are so misused, why would you put up with that. Please go do something different. I would never hire guys like you and ammons. I see you guys at the truckstops all the time (by the way I drive as well) . You seem to think the job is to sit behind the steering wheel only. That is not the whole job, it is just a part of the job. My drivers are not baby sitters. They are part of our company. They understand that if the company makes money then there is a possibility that they will make more money. They do all the things you are crying about and understand that it is part of the job. You see it does not matter what line of work you are in, as an employee you are there to make the company money. This ensures you have continual employment, that a check comes when it is supposed to. You haven’t punched holes in anything I have said, in fact you just help to prove my point. When I leave the office sir, I am on call . I get calls for lumper checks, repairs, directions etc. I would love to work the hours you put in. You are an employee because you do not have the balls to be an owner, not even an owner of a single truck, yet you have all the answers. But I am the problem.

  • trucktracy

    Then go drive for ups and quit crying. I wish all of you guys would quit driving too. When you all quit driving, especially ones driving for companys with over 100 trucks, then we will be able to negotiate a rate where the driver will be able to get paid even more. Not all of us truck companies are set up like ups or fed ex. We do not get to set the rates like these companies do. But even so go talk to their drivers, they are unhappy too. Hourly rates will not happen, so you should just quit being a steering wheel holder. Go buy some trucks and make yourself rich off of other guys like you. And oh, let me know how that works out for ya.

  • trucktracy

    It is hard to get drivers. I believe for most drivers they do not make enough money, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t being payed to do what is required. If you came into this job not knowing you have to fill out logs and other paperwork, that you have to sit at docks for hours, or a myriad of other things then learn and if you do not like it then quit. But do not tell me how to run my operation.
    These steering wheel holders act like I, as a company owner, purposely make them sit at docks. You as a driver may not be earning extra money for sitting there, but it is costing me money when my trucks are sitting there. I have an investment beyond my time. The short of it is, I don’t like you sitting there any more than you do, but as a small company owner/driver/bookkeeper/logbook auditer/complaint department head/checkwriter/dispatcher/mechanic/etc I have little control over it. So we do what we can and keep truckin.
    Young people today do not want to do anything, it isn’t really a reflection on driving. It is a reflection on our society.

  • trucktracy


  • mousekiller

    Drivers get ripped off because they want to be ripped off. They do not research the company prior to going to work for them and believe every thing the recruiter says. They are AFRAID to speak up or go to a better job.. Oh that company is 15 miles from where I live and thusly the poor pay. They continue to work for the second and third class carriers because of a couple of reasons, one being is they don’t understand the trucking industry and how it works. Another is most of the drivers that earn low pay are either new to the industry or are job hoppers and companies are not going to pay top dollar for second class workers.

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