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Pacific, Hayes truck enthusiasts gathering this weekend in B.C.

| July 29, 2011

It’s the first-annual Cache Creek Truck Show, a production of the British Columbia-based Hayes and Pacific truck clubs. Truck club member and organizer Wes Bergman, a former off-highway hauler now spending much of his time keeping the Canadian-made makes and their models alive, says they’ve got a good number of trucks set to show and are hoping for several more from folks just “showing up.”

“Hayes haven’t been manufactured since 1975,” he says. “The last Pacifics for on-highway were made in 1987 — last off-highway in 1995, I think. They were the two truly Canadian built truck makes. Hayes were built for the forestry — off-highway 100-ton loads and such. They’re getting to be a very rare sight around here. Down in the States there were never any Hayes that went there. They were all too heavy. For our conditions, our gravel trucks have got to be pretty heavy duty.”

The show is July 30 (Saturday) and Sunday as well — check out the truck clubs’ websites for pictures of some of the old Hayes and Pacific models. Bergman’s also a frequent poster of awesome old dump and logging truck pictures at his page on the Hank’s Truck Pictures site.

Hayes Truck Club.

Pacific Truck Club.

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