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Suvey says DOT’s happy, how ’bout you?

We couldn't help but chuckle here at Overdrive HQ when we saw a particular press release blast from the U.S. Department of Transportation's halls a couple weeks back now. Its title, "Latest Survey Shows DOT Employee Satisfaction on the Rise," ...

News flash: Owner-operator likes electronic logs

Jeffersonville, Ind.-based owner-operator Perry Famularo says he "was one of those guys who said, 'If you make me go to electronic logs, I’m out of here.'" Leased to Dart Transit, though, he was presented ...


There’s a good side, too, to CSA 2010. Or at least ‘good for you.’


The FMCSA changes hours policy, Obama orders heavy-truck fuel standards, an owner-operator recognition program and much more are featured.

OOIDA to challenge onboard recorder rule

They are contesting rule that carriers with a 10 percent or greater non-compliance with hours regulations will face mandated use of EOBRs.

OOIDA to challenge recorder rule

They are contesting mandates that motor carriers with a 10 percent or greater occurrence of non-compliance with hours of service regulations will face mandated use of EOBRs for two years.

Running below the E-O-B-Radar…

In my research for the cover story of the current edition of Overdrive, "Getting on board," about the growing use of electronic onboard recorders for logging among many major carriers ...

Pulse: Bloodless revolution

Bloodless revolution By Max Heine, Editorial Director News of the electronic onboard recorder mandate for reckless carriers suggests even bigger news – that the order is but a stepping stone toward requiring ...

Feature Article: Getting on board

Some owner-operators fear that electronic onboard recorders cost too much and invade their privacy. As EOBR use spreads, others are embracing them after discovering improved productivity, safety and record-keeping.

For the Record

Electronic onboard recorders, parts of the 2010 CSA rollout are delayed, Peterbilt launches a Smartway-Certified and more issues in the news are featured.

Flex time — ATA lays down support for sleeper berth/HOS flexibility in comments to feds

The latest wrinkle in the ongoing debate over potential changes to trucking hours-of-service regulations, for which so many drivers have offered various proposals for injecting flexibility into the system, is ...

A modest proposal for hours flexibility: ‘Gold Card drivers’

Trucker/marathoner/blogger Jeff Clark offers a well-thought-out idea for hours-of-service flexibility, giving the stellar, safe drivers out there a new name and the freedom to use their status to run how ...

Amid industry discussion of EOBR rule, smartphone logging apps proliferate

Though the FMCSA's just-published limited-mandate and performance-standards rule for electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs) for logging did next to nothing to open up the market for tools beyond the paper log and expensive devices ...

Trucking through hours-of-service flexibility and EOBRs

With a new rule mandating electronic on-board recorders for a boosted number of hours-of-service (HOS) noncompliant carriers, the ongoing HOS listening sessions and FMCSA review of the current hours rule and ...

FMCSA adjusts recorder mandate

FMCSA's rule requires onboard recorders for carriers shown in a single audit to be in serious hours-of-service noncompliance.

FMCSA to mandate EOBRs on a single audit

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has decided to mandate electronic onboard recorders on motor carriers that are shown in a single compliance review to be in serious noncompliance with ...

Hours of services changes: Sooner and later

If you have any doubt about whether the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., are getting the message about needed flexibility in the hours of service revision, worry no longer. I attended ...

First step toward EOBRs for all?

Within the next few days, the federal goverment is expected to publish a final rule that will mandate electronic onboard recorders for the worst violators of the hours-of-service rule. Last week the rule cleared the White House, where it underwent some ...

White House clears EOBR rule

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is expected soon to publish the electronic onboard recorder rule.

White House clears EOBR rule

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is expected soon to publish the electronic onboard recorder rule.