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Ferro introduced to CSA ‘8th BASIC’: Driver turnover

Some watchers contend carriers' driver turnover rates should be considered in computing ultimate safety scores in CSA.

Pay Choice

A percentage pay option can be a helpful tool in the right circumstances.

Buy Right

Slash your costs by knowing when and where to purchase fuel. And make sure you’re getting the most value from a fuel card and a fuel surcharge.

Groups’ lawsuit would block CSA 2010 carrier disclosure

At least three industry organizations are planning to file a lawsuit seeking to block or delay disclosure of certain data that could misrepresent carriers’ safety record.

Featured Article: Renewed hope

As the economy stabilizes, owner-operators can emerge from debt and cope with tight credit markets by scrutinizing expenses and focusing on essentials.

Fractured freedom

In recent years, the long-standing relationship between employers and independent contractors has come under fire. Private organizations and p...

Plan B

Commercial development projects with longer lead times are still keeping some truck operators busy. Even that sector is slowing down and...

Get a load on

In addition to data about specific loads, the bigger matching websites provide critical information about broker credit ratings and aver...

Freight Finders

Successful relationships with brokers start by making them your sales force - not your boss. With CB and truck sto...

Election 2008: The Choice

Though a poll taken in July at showed Republican nominee John McCain substantially ahead of Democrat Barack Obama among res...

Information revolution

Stranded truckers lined up on the side of the road after Hurricane Wilma hit South Florida. When Hurricane Wilma suck...

Small Fortune

Big fleets don't involve their drivers. They don't get them invested into the success of the company. - Ted Chapman, owner of three-t...

Sweet Spot

What's the sweet spot for the number of trucks in an owner-operator's fleet? What's the sweet spot for the number ...