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In It for the Adventure

“Trucker Cycler” Scott Grenerth sees the country by truck and by bike, and driver group looks to build on success of previous health walks.

Buy Right

Slash your costs by knowing when and where to purchase fuel. And make sure you’re getting the most value from a fuel card and a fuel surcharge.

Somebody to Lean On

Support from friends can help in fitness endeavors.

Theresa Johnson wins Health Challenge

She won the Women in Trucking and Roadside Medical Health Challenge after shedding 42 pounds.

Driver ‘health movement’ hitting stride

On the blog of the U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a shout-out was posted yesterday to the Heathy Trucking Association of America and the Trucking Solutions Group 61+ Driver Health Advisory ...

Meeting Lily

Lily, an owner-operator leased to Forward Air, is part of the Trucking Health Solutions Group, which helped put on the health walk at our Great West Truck Show and will again be hosting a walk this month at GATS in ...

Smart Driving

A little planning and a sense of adventure can turn downtime away from home into rewarding experiences.

Protect yourself

Smart decisions on where you park, what you say and how you operate will help prevent theft.

Running below the E-O-B-Radar…

In my research for the cover story of the current edition of Overdrive, "Getting on board," about the growing use of electronic onboard recorders for logging among many major carriers ...

How to Become an O/O

Wearing a button-down shirt can help you stand out from the competition and land more business.

Feature Article: Getting on board

Some owner-operators fear that electronic onboard recorders cost too much and invade their privacy. As EOBR use spreads, others are embracing them after discovering improved productivity, safety and record-keeping.

Driver-led health walk at MATS; video interview with O/O Dick McCorkle

At the "It's a Teams Life" blog home of expediters Bob and Linda Caffee, you'll find all manner of good information about the business of trucking, from the singular point of view of this versatile and experienced couple. But a recent ...


How to keep things civil when you're sharing a truck cab. Going from solo driving to team driving is a decision not ...