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FMCSA seeks feedback on 5-year plan

Safety improvement proposal is aimed at removing high-risk drivers and carriers from operation.

FMCSA wants feedback on 5-year safety plan

Safety improvement proposal is aimed at removing high-risk drivers and carriers from operation.

Cover story: Medically Certified

With new federal regs to cover training and registration of doctors approaching, some carriers and states are addressing specific medical conditions.

For the Record

The Great West Truck Show is scheduled, groups spar over heavier truck bills, a study IDs drivers likely to crash, lawmakers protest cross-border plan and many more industry news items ...

Driver accountability under CSA: a video talk with owner-operator Robert Shumate

I met Robert Shumate researching my two-part feature on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Compliance, Safety, Accountability program, in the April and May editions of Overdrive. In the vid, ...


A cross-border plan is detailed, a Navy vet is named Back on the Road winner, owner-operator is named Goodyear Highway Hero, Trucker Buddy recognizes pen pals and more industry news ...

Smart Driving

Veteran haulers go well beyond federal regulations in securing loads.

CSA: Compliance plus or safety politics?

Below, a new vid below from my reporting on the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program. But first, a note about the storms that ripped through the Southeast yesterday, with a particularly ...

Study IDs truck drivers likely to crash

Drivers with certain records are more susceptible to being involved in a future truck crash than their peers with clean driving records.

CSA and Safety Scores

Your driving record carries more weight than ever under CSA. Learn how to access your data, understand it and use it to your advantage.

CSA focuses more on drivers

CSA isn’t designed to score drivers, a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration official said in an online seminar presented by Overdrive.

FMCSA listens: PSP update clarifies co-driver inspection violations

While I'm on the subject of CSA, I thought I'd share a bit of an update to this month's Truckers News CSA cover story. In it, during dicussion of the ...

One driver’s war: Taming CSA and the DataQs challenge process

I finally got the the opportunity to meet Boonville, Ind.-based driver Ed Webb (pictured) in person yesterday afternoon at the newly reopened downtown TA here in Nashville (speaking of which, ...

CSA Challenges

As the compliance program rolls out, complaints about inspections and law enforcement actions emerge, with questions of due process looming large.

Agency updates driver safety information

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced it has enhanced its Pre-Employment Screening Program.

Have you seen your CSA scorecard?

Back just before the new CSA Safety Measurement System went live in December, I reported on a driver-focused CSA scoring service upcoming from the folks at CSA data mining firm Vigillo, which has been working with carriers for a long ...


ATA asks for CSA changes, trailer orders surge, court rules against ATA in port case, the FMCSA is changing CSA cargo scoring and many more industry news items are featured.

Does less equal more?

Specter of CSA-led driver shortage holds reward potential for truly safe drivers.

Skydiving to the ark: A Channel 19 2010 ‘Year in Review’

It's been a banner year for dramatic, contentious, weird and/or humorous trucking news here on the Channel 19 blog. I can't possibly predict how 2010 will be remembered years down ...

Three weeks: FOIA turnaround for PSP information

On November 23, I made note of an avenue toward gaining access to crash and inspection information contained on drivers' Pre-Employment Screening Program reports. Working through the official FMCSA contractor, the fee to obtain a copy of the report to ...