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Company to offer CSA 2010 driver scorecards

Vigillo will offer all drivers in their system access to their own scorecard free of charge.


A federal panel recommends an increase in the fuel tax, the FMCSA adjusts CSA cargo scoring, a lawsuit aims to block CSA 2010 disclosure, a private firm plans to offer ...

Smart Driving

Disconnecting a trailer and connecting to a load safely are considered routine tasks, but problems can arise if you don’t pay attention.

Save $10 on CSA 2010

How to request your Pre-Employment Screening Program data from FMCSA without paying the PSP contractor. Visit Make your request in writing and include your name, address, and a telephone number via ...

CSA 2010 Driver’s Handbook now live

You may have seen it out at the truckstops already, but if not, I thought I'd take a moment today to alert you to our CSA 2010 Driver's Handbook, now ...

CSA 2010 to bring increase in driver pay?

The news over at the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday included a release from editors at J.J. Keller, emphasizing the reach of CSA 2010 beyond just for-hire truck carriers. "When the term 'motor carrier' is used," says Transportation Management Editor Robert ...

Editor's Journal

Whether you’re ready or not, CSA 2010 goes live at the end of the month.

Complimentary advertisement… and: PSP unlikely to be the new DAC

Driver with a lens-load of cool It's been a few months since we checked in with on-road crooner Howard Salmon, so he checked in with us, sending along this picture ...

Editor to discuss pre-employment program

Todd Dills will discuss the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Pre-Employment Screening Program Oct. 6.

Pre-employment screening in the CSA 2010 era

It's not all about DAC anymore. With CSA 2010 carrier scores in six of the seven violation categories in CSA 2010 set to go public beginning in December, carrier attention ...

For the Record

Misclassification of owner-operators, an assessment of the trucking industry, freight tonnage, fuel savings and much more industry news items are featured.


A new program sheds intense light on driver crash and inspection records. For good drivers, safety equals bargaining power for pay.

Carrier describes driver screening tool usage

The PSP report can help a carrier better identify an otherwise great driver’s problem areas and to focus initial training in particular areas.


Truckers cope with flooding crisis, the FMCSA begins its Pre-Employment Screening Program, a cross-border trucking program with Mexico will be announced soon, steps toward sleep disorder screening are taken and ...

Exit Only: Fringe benefits

Transported by bike, owner-operator finds fitness, fun and food on the road.

FMCSA starts driver pre-employment program

The program allows carriers the option of accessing driver inspection and crash records before hiring.

FMCSA starts driver pre-employment program

The program allows carriers the option of accessing driver inspection and crash records before hiring.

Feature Article: Safety's new teeth

Carriers in pilot test states reveal what’s coming under the far-reaching CSA 2010 safety crackdown.

Trucking through hours-of-service flexibility and EOBRs

With a new rule mandating electronic on-board recorders for a boosted number of hours-of-service (HOS) noncompliant carriers, the ongoing HOS listening sessions and FMCSA review of the current hours rule and ...


The cross-border trucking program with Mexico, a driver screening Web site, the Illiana Expressway, IdleAire and truck-only toll lanes in Florida are among the issues featured.