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FMCSA sends CSA warning letters to carriers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently sent warning letters to 23,000 carriers that need to address areas of compliance.

Congressman criticizes cross-border trucking plan

Peter DeFazio questioned how the cross-border plans will comply with federal pilot program rules and cross-border trucking appropriations provisions.

EOBR comment period extended to May 23

At the request of outside groups, the FMCSA has extended the comment period by 45 days to May 23.

Inbound/outbound: Trucking news Monday

Strange days on the road A New Jersey-based driver last Thursday jackknifed his rig under murky circumstances on I-805 during rush hour in San Diego, Calif. He then exited the ...


Overdrive’s reporting has shown EOBRs aren’t as bad as many truckers feared.


A capacity shortage, a fatigue inspection, a new tax requirement and highway heroes are among the featured news items.


Truckers weigh in on the hours-of-service rule, job hoppers, penmanship, cross border trucking and other current industry issues.

For the Record

Required EOBRs, cross-border talks, increased UCR enforcement and other industry news items are discussed.

Fast Forward

FMCSA, after requiring onboard recorders for violation-prone carriers, now seeks a mandate for all OTR operations.

Editor's Journal

We feel EOBRs are only as good as the rule they support, and the proposed hours rule has too many problems that hamper the flexibility trucking needs.

Speakers support hours status quo

In an FMCSA session, representatives from carriers and trucking groups and owner-operators said proposed changes wouldn’t lead to improvements


Tweaks to an already complex hours rule show just how unattainable is the regulatory hours quest.

Paper Cut

Many electronic log users say the devices are making life easier, but others anticipate the annoying sting of Big Brother.

FMCSA proposes to mandate onboard recorders

All interstate commercial truck and bus carriers that use logbooks would have to use electronic onboard recorders under a proposed regulation.

Curtain falls on new scale house inspection technology, opens on EOBRs

I just finished a visit with Lieutenant James A. McKenzie and troopers at the Greene County, Tenn., scales on I-81, where  among other events I had the perhaps unfortunate occasion ...


Truckers weigh in on CSA 2010, HOS compliance, the trucking industry outlook for 2011, pet peeves and more.

Skydiving to the ark: A Channel 19 2010 ‘Year in Review’

It's been a banner year for dramatic, contentious, weird and/or humorous trucking news here on the Channel 19 blog. I can't possibly predict how 2010 will be remembered years down ...


A federal panel recommends an increase in the fuel tax, the FMCSA adjusts CSA cargo scoring, a lawsuit aims to block CSA 2010 disclosure, a private firm plans to offer ...

Editor's Journal

After a decade of uncertainty, some stability would be a nice change.

For the Record

Feds eye improved heavy-truck fuel targets, CSA 2010 test results reported, White House extends HOS review, national texting ban now in place and many more industry news items are featured.