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Paperless roadside enforcement tech debuts at Intermodal Expo

| November 14, 2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Intermodal Association of North America will demonstrate its paperless Driver Vehicle Examination Report Notification Service Nov. 18 at the Intermodal Expo next week in Houston, Texas.


‘Wireless Roadside Inspection’ inches closer to reality

Mobile communications technology stands to transform the way truck inspections take place, with big implications for the CSA program and owner-operator businesses.

The technology provides intermodal equipment providers and motor carriers with paperless DVER access, retrieval and storage. The association collaborated with agency officials on the program, which it expects to modernize the process of obtaining IEP provider reports.

The new DVER service will notify IEPs and carriers when a DVER has been issued. It also provides a paper copy of the IEP provider report, which concerns intermodal chassis violations, and emails a IEP report copies to the carrier and the IEP. A dedicated web portal manages and stores the reports.

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  • Tom T

    The more pressure put on the chassis owners the more they will follow Sealand`s model of charging carriers for rentals which they have already done in Newark N.J. The bottom line is this, as
    everything else in new laws and regulations gets passed right on down the line till the guy at the bottom winds up paying for it. Lets face it, if the brakes shoes are cracked or some other malfunction occurs en route and the driver is involved in an accident, they simply say well, you should have never taken the
    chassis out in the first place. No one above the driver is ever going to take responsibility for anything that happens. They can afford much better lawyers.

  • Jon McLaughlin

    Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a lazy officer to spot a dirty truck get its MC# and as the driver passes by, start writing a report. Nothing is mentioned about the driver having to signing it. I smell abuse!!! He has the MC# and with that all the necessary information to fill in all the blanks. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.