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Cummins Launches Connected Software Updates For Over-The-Air Engine Programming

March 28, 2017

Cummins Connected Software Updates makes it possible to perform engine software updates on a single vehicle or multiple vehicles at once – while they are on the road – with as little as five minutes of equipment downtime.

Connected Software Updates eliminates the need for customers to visit the shop for engine calibration updates, which can routinely take three days or more to schedule and over an hour to perform, costing in excess of $100 per vehicle. Over-the-air programming allows users to save thousands of dollars by eliminating downtime while improving reliability and engine performance when new software becomes available.

Here’s how it works: users are automatically notified whenever a software update is available for a specific engine operated by their trucking operation through the Connected Solutions™ portal. From there, they can choose individual engines or select all eligible engines to receive the update. Updates can even be pre-approved automatically, and customers can trust that each software update delivered is customized for the specific engine and includes all the customer-specified parameters.

Once a calibration update is approved via the portal, the Cummins software is sent securely through the cloud to the truck’s onboard telematics system and buffered into the Engine Control Module (ECM). After this is complete, the driver receives an alert on the telematics display that a new software update is ready to be installed. The next time the driver has a break, it’s as easy as turning the engine off, turning the key on and hitting the “install” button. The installation takes place automatically in as few as five minutes. Once the software is installed and verified, the customer will receive confirmation, and the vehicle can return to normal operations. Users can check the status of ongoing updates for all vehicles at any time using the Cummins Connected Solutions portal.

As a safeguard, Cummins maintains the original software in the ECM throughout the updating process. Should a problem occur, the previous version is automatically restored in the ECM, minimizing any risk of interruption to the customer’s delivery schedule.

To learn more about how Connected Software Updates can eliminate downtime, improve performance and save thousands of dollars for your business, check out the Connected Software Updates video below. Additional information is available from your local Cummins representative or by calling Cummins Care at       1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-286-6467).