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Extending Oil-Drain Intervals To Reduce Total Cost Of Operation With Cummins OilGuard.™

February 27, 2017

Extending Oil-Drain Intervals To Reduce Total Cost Of Operation With Cummins OilGuard.™

For years, owner-operators have questioned whether “one size fits all” oil-change intervals really made sense, especially when one operation might be expediting a full load across the mountains while another would be running a partial load across the plains at 55 mph. Now, with Cummins OilGuard program, we are using engine-oil analysis and engine performance data to pinpoint mileage markers, safely optimize oil-change intervals, minimize vehicle downtime, reduce maintenance costs and maximize residual value. In other words, Cummins OilGuard is lowering the total cost of ownership for trucking operations of all sizes.

Cummins OilGuard program is available for free to customers with 2017 X15™ Efficiency Series or X15 Performance Series engines. You must use Cummins approved CK-4 (CES20086) or FA-4 (CES20087) engine oil as part of the program.

Here’s how the OilGuard program works: There’s an initial assessment of maintenance practices and a site audit. Then, using INSITE™ or Electronic Control Module (ECM) data, Cummins will look at engine performance statistics, and develop a duty-cycle performance profile.

Regular monitoring of performance data and oil samples will be required moving forward. How frequently oil samples are pulled varies by the desired oil-drain interval. Customers seeking to extend drain intervals to 30,000 miles will need to pull samples every 5,000 miles, and customers seeking to go 80,000 miles between changes will need to send in samples every 10,000 miles.   

Regular collection of oil samples will take place over two complete drain cycles, which provides sufficient time to cover seasonal changes and any adjustments in routes that the trucking operation makes.

Your Cummins OilGuard engineer will supply all of the oil supply kits you need, including:

  • Oil sample valve
  • Oil sample bottles
  • Prepaid mailers
  • Instructions for installing the valve and taking the oil samples

Once initial testing is complete and oil-quality measures assessed, Cummins will approve an extended drain interval for the trucking operation as part of the required maintenance for warranty coverage. Periodically, customers will be asked to perform the assessment again to ensure that no changes in operation have taken place that might impact the approved oil-drain interval and jeopardize engine reliability or durability.

For more information about OilGuard, contact your local Cummins distributor.