Pay-for-answer scheme in CDL tests busted in New York, 21 indicted

| April 09, 2014

New York has indicted twenty-one more people for involvement in a fraudulent Commercial Driver’s License test-taking scheme.

Defendants were indicted on multiple counts of offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree and false statements, alterations or records or substitution in connection with an examination, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office April 2.


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Between April and August 2013, defendants paid as much as $4,000 to receive test answers. Test takers would take exam materials from the department of motor vehicle testing area, leave the building and hand the tests to conspirators who filled in the answers. The registered test takers would then return to the DMV and submitted the exams for grading, according to documents filed with the state supreme court.

Further information was not immediately available.

This month’s indictments are a result of New York’s investigation into CDL test fraud, which resulted in 19 indictments last September, when eight ringleaders, eight test takers and three security guards were charged.

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  • localnet

    FOUR THOUSAND $$$$$! Speechless.

  • whyismycachealwaysclearing

    Because they were too busy to study for a 2 hour test. Laughable. Too bad you can’t buy skill.

  • localnet

    I think that is about all of the time I spent studying, including the HazMat. The test took me maybe 30 or 40 minutes, including HazMat. I have been driving for 24 years, and had to take the entire CDL test for some reason here in MI over again. And that was for all endorsements except for the passenger bus. I got three or four wrong, which was fine with me. It was not that difficult a test, even the HazMat. But I damn sure cannot see paying four grand for the answers!

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