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Todd Dills

PBS redux

| October 24, 2008

All week long, the folks at the News Hour With Jim Lehrer have been airing their “America in Gridlock” series on infrastructure issues in America, offering a good look at what your elected officials see as the road toward renewal of battered blogged about the Rendell administration’s ongoing efforts to toll I-80 and/or lease the Pennsylvania Turnpike to a private, for-profit operator in this hall a few weeks back, when the I-80 tolling application was denied by the Feds. And Pennsylvania, of course, has been a longtime leader in Overdrive’s Worst Roads poll of owner-operators — “>first worst” for years, and second the last two years only to hurricane-battered Louisiana. The 2008 report is upcoming (results are coming in as we speak), but for the 2007 report, “Keystone Drama,” follow this link.