Pennsylvania inspection blitz puts 106 trucks, 71 drivers out of service

| April 17, 2013

A one-day inspection spree — Operation Seatbelt and Fatigue Enforcement — put the skids on 106 trucks and 71 drivers, placing them out of service for violations focused on hours and maintenance, Pennsylvania’s State Police Commissioner Frank Nooran said today.

As part of the operation, 1,502 commercial trucks were inspected statewide, resulting in 703 traffic citations and 1,072 written warnings.

Moreover, says Noonan, roughly 47 percent of the trucks inspected turned up at least one federal violation. Exactly 100 citations were issued to commercial truck drivers not wearing seat belts.

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  • Joe Cortez

    Proof that the cops just can’t leave drivers alone…got to take their hard earned money for a seat belt not on. It should be a personal choice anyway…not a law. You can drive a motorcycle without a helmet, but you are considered a criminal and don’t deserve a warning…for that? SERIOUSLY??

  • disqus_JsMYj3jg5B

    If the DOT do not lighten up the economy will be in a shit hole. Who do they think is going to deliver all this freight when there are not enough trucks and drivers out there. They never think about that and the cost of everything is going to sky rocket when freight rates rise becouse of the cost of all he fines and lack of drivers and trucks.

  • John Scott

    State’s are poor and looking for revenue. But many of these issues are self inflicted. Many of these violations are not uncommon. They are basic rules and laws applied in all states. If you don’t want to pay the fine. Tow the line. That is the quickest way to reduce enforcement. If the law can’t make a dime then they won’t bother with the inspections.

  • Ken Nilsen

    Seatbelt is not a criminal violation, it is civil, and it is the law. They leave a lot of drivers alone, they only inspected 1500 trucks, out of what probably 250,000 that went through the state that day.

  • Ken Nilsen

    The cost of the few citations that were issued will not affect the economy, please, stop your crying.


    A seat belt, tail light , BIG DEAL.

  • martymarsh

    You gotta love that free money, you can pull trucks over all day and find something wrong. PA being a blue state can’t attract any new jobs so they have to steal anywhere they can, but of course they have SAFETY on their side, it would never be about the dollar. PA is so fair and honest that if you register your truck in April and then it is due again in MAY you get to pay more than 3000 bucks in 2 months instead of them prorating it. But then that is exactly what they are about, the Dollar.

  • martymarsh

    Ken, that is a joke, the only reason it is a law was because it is a money maker, as far as them inspecting 250,000 trucks that would be impossible but they get a pat on the back because they didn’t do it? 39 years of driving truck and never needed a seatbelt, you know why? because they are for people that wreck. There are a lot of good hard working people out there just trying to make a living and are not trying to scam anyone, they also don’t have to abuse anyone to justify their job, get my meaning?

  • martymarsh

    Oh yeah we see what side your on Ken, it may not hurt the economy but do you think everyone out there is making big bucks? When it comes out of a drivers pocket it hurts his or her family, but that don’t matter because you are still eating right.

  • martymarsh

    John open your eyes, you really believe that garbage you spewed. I had an inspector tell me one time that he could find things wrong with a brand new truck. My brother is also a truck driver had one tell him, it is amazing the power I have. With that said as long as you are dealing with nothing but garbage in a uniform, how could inspections ever end, not to mention with people like this they are out there to get the dollar and their job is real secure. Until people wise up.

  • godfearingrebel

    Have you ever driven a truck? Just asking. …

  • Joe

    i am a driver, have been and will still be. cant say i always do the legal thing but if a driver cant afford the ticket he/she better do it right. we can all still eat, even if we do it legal…

  • martymarsh

    That is fine when we are all on a level playing field, but when you have people out there writing tickets or just pulling people over to justify their job, you are going to lose. If someone looks hard enough they can always find something wrong, that does not mean I just murdered your mother or even knew about it. But that is the way you get treated as they are handing you a ticket. Nothing like adding insult to injury. But then it is probably me, because I never speak unless I’m spoken to.

  • trucker8

    Totally agree with you. My husband received a letter saying he had gotten 8 points on his license. This left him with only 4 points. This was a total error but he parked his truck til we got it straightened out. If an inspector saw that, they would find ANYTHING to put him over the top. It’s amazing how that uniform transforms someones importance.

  • truck tire 44

    what a great way to generate revenue. No need for the legislature to pass any new laws,just go out on the highway and collect cash from trucks. I was put out of service for brake shoes that were on the truck for six days. does anyone think brake shoes wear out in six days?

  • kiko kika

    i heard mesilla valley transportation got a lot of out of service

  • mikejr

    while most of these violation do not seem to be oos, not using a seat belt is pretty stupid or maybe is should say “just dumb”

  • safety_guy

    I have been on both sides of the CMV steering wheel. Both as a driver for 6 years and a Federal DOT inspector. And I can honestly say that during my tenure, I saw a lot of unfit drivers and/or unsafe vehicles rolling down the road. The regulations, both state and federal, are in place for a reason; to keep the motoring public safe from non-compliant drivers and/or motor carriers. I am glad that these safety blitz’ are done. It allows everyone from law enforcement to “Joe Public” to become aware of the what issues are still out there plaguing the industry.

  • John McNeilly

    Funny, in a non-humorous way, the comments about seat belts. It was just this morning that an Operations person showed me photos of a recent accident that had been sent to him by one of our drivers. The truck and trailer were totally demolished. All I could identify was that it had resembled a flatbed. The next picture was of a body out in a field, perhaps 150 feet from the cab. Folks, that body didn’t crawl there, it was thrown. Bodies sent airborne from vehicles is a violent and bloody affair. Rarely do people survive. Seat belt use helps keep you behind the wheel in control of the vehicle, not in front of the vehicle unconscious or dead from impact. It’s about accident prevention. If you’re serious about your profession, you will not be deterred from using them because yes, some localities often use the issue to generate revenue. You won’t refuse to wear it in protest of the corruption, you chose to wear it because it can save your live and others around you. Think about it.

  • Don Lanier

    UNFIT, What is your definition of unfit, is it a fat driver…or a sloppy dressed or ???? Im a LARGE guy and you might consider me UNFIT, but my safety record is impeccapble, PERFECT, Ive passed 5 DOT Inspections in 3 months before I got a stickwer giving me a three month reprieve, I asked the Inspector to check my record, save some time, he went about his inspection hoping to find something…UNFIT….

  • Don Lanier

    ILLINOIS is doing the same thing so be ready….

  • No Reform

    Si Oficer….mi Chofer….mi drivey Trookay.

  • Mcgyver

    I ran My own rig for a few years, a 95 model and was put out of service in WI when the mech came out and looked at my trlr he said “you were put out of service for that !?” The following year after I signed on with an outfit I was at their safety fair. They had an IL Trooper there to show us what he looks for during an inspection. During the Q&A afterword I told him about my shut down. He looked at me, scratched his head and said he’s never heard of that…

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I feel a lot safer now Knowing that them there big old trucks that are running around with a burnt out back up light or windshild washers with no washer fluid well pay !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I seen a youtube from europe were a rig went left of the center and hit the on comming rig right headlight to right headlight and the driver of the cab over come out the windsheld and landed on his feet and walked away , lol this was from a dash cam of a four wheeler .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Well with all the crap they put on there trucks there is no way to even do a walk around and see anything , they got them full moon wheelcovers crap skirting on the tralers tail fins on the back of the tralers ,they look like a joke going doen the road .

  • Gary

    They cherry pick who they think they can put out of service to get higher percentages to justify their jobs strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.