Pilot CEO says he did not know about scheme, all rebates will be repaid

| May 16, 2013
Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam talks with fleet representatives in Indianapolis at the Scopelitis Transportation Seminar May 16.

Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam talks with fleet representatives in Indianapolis at the Scopelitis Transportation Seminar May 16.

Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam said he “was absolutely unaware” of the fraudulent fuel rebate withholding scheme his company and its salespeople allegedly participated in in recent years. He also said that all of the rebates owed to customers will be repaid with interest by the middle of July.

Haslam offered a short address and then answered questions from American Trucking Associations President Bill Graves at the 2013 Scopelitis Transportation Seminar in Indianapolis.

Graves asked Haslam whether he knew about the rebate withholding, as a federal affidavit released April 22 seems to indicate. Haslam said until the unsealing of the affidavit he “absolutely did not” know about it.

He also urged carriers not to sue for repayment of rebates, if they feel they’re owed, but instead work directly with Pilot, as the company is auditing all accounts and working with all customers with questions to return any payment owed, he said.

Owner-operators who may have lost out on rebate checks should work with their carriers, Haslam said, because Pilot only works directly with carriers on the rebates, and carriers are then responsible for doling out rebates to owner-operators.

Haslam said that roughly 250 customers out of the company’s 5,000 had a potential problem stemming from manual rebate calculation adjustment. The company has “zeroed in” on those accounts, but will audit all 5,000 contracts by summer, Haslam said.

A full story on Haslam’s address has been posted on Overdrive sister site CCJ — Click here to see the report.


  • http://www.facebook.com/crazywhiteboyintennessee81 Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    I guess ”accountability” isn’t part of Pilot Flying J’s business model, eh? If Mr. Haslam likes to use that word ”integrity” to describe his company, then don’t do shit like this:



    Owner-operators who may have lost out on rebate checks should work with their carriers, Haslam said, because Pilot only works directly with carriers on the rebates, and carriers are then responsible for doling out rebates to owner-operators.

  • http://twitter.com/OTRDriver Patrick

    Can ya hear the “GENERAL QUARTERS” alarm going off..??? Seems someone testified that the CEO (captain of the ship) knew full well based on phone conversations.. Hmmmmm ….

  • No Reform

    Like Obama…they know nothing……..LOL.

  • No Reform

    What a Comedian…..He knew…he designed the FRAUD
    and he knows it.

  • jesse wood

    he is a crook and everone knows it

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.gully.14 Michael Gully

    Really. I am readying his statements. But not buying it at all. The Haslam’s were too involved and hands on in the business for anyone to believe he was unaware of it. This is far beyond a few salesmen coming up with this scheme to increase their individual bonus’s. And further more this ordeal brought out that Pilot lied to Gully Transportation years ago about its direct billing and discount program. As a result Gully has changed its program and put PILOT and FLYING J to be avoided for fueling if possible. Drivers are still given the latitude to use the stop for other services of their choice if desired. But as far as fueling Gully has instructed its drivers to avoid Pilot / Flying J. I think greed took over the priority of thinking on the top floor down. This was a top floor decision down thru the ranks. Not a scheme from the bottom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.leidal Dan Leidal

    I think its the way this CEO, and company never misses out on making absolutely every buck possible, the way they manage every part of the company’s activities, and the way this company strives to automate everything possible to save on labor; makes it hard to believe anyone on top including Mr Haslam could possibly be unaware… Why would this be done manually, considering all the manhours involved to calculate these discounts when a program could automate the process??? I think Mr Haslam is full of it!!! A true captain of his ship would have taken responsibility immediately, not weeks later when it is obvious there is no escape!!! Mr Haslam now realizes that he needs to do some serious PR, and damage control just to save his butt and the Pilot empire he has built… As far as I am concerned, this action is “too little, too late”…

  • Eddy Lucast

    I’m curious just how big these discounts are? I live in Connecticut and I can go down into town to a local station and diesel is 30 cents a gallon cheaper than the truckstops! Why such a difference, a place to park can’t cost that much.

  • jet1968

    What a crock! “I am making millions of dollars a year but I don’t know where it’s coming from”

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.koller.5074 Thomas Koller

    I quit buying fuel from Flying J when Pilot took them over. I’ve found that at Pilot Flying J “You can’t pay more”.

  • No Reform

    The guys is hilarious…oh gee!! Criminal Activity?? I dont know nothin…..what a complete Anus this guy is..and a Coward…trying to throw others under the bus.

  • No Reform

    he’s gay….shaking in his boots…afraid he will be raped in Prison…..how funny that wood be!!

  • No Reform

    He is a LIAR and a CROOK like so MANY “businessmen”…..the bidness of stealing and hoarding….their GREED is an Addiction.

  • No Reform

    Ya cant begin to Count all the Lying thieving crooks in the trucking industry…what a Giant Rip Off Industy.

  • No Reform

    A trucker is like a Pin Cushion….Oww..gouged at the shop, OOH..stuck by the Broker, ugg rammed by the cops…ahgg
    stung by Pilot….it is endless…..

  • Paul Haysmer

    Mistakes were made and should be remedied….but sueing instead of trying to work through the process does nothing but make our fuel/shopping prices go up….I think what Pilot needs to do is close its doors and block off all acess to its parking lot. Then maybe all you sue-happy fools will be screwed when comes to the end of your 11hr drive time

  • Paul Haysmer

    Sounds like Obama doesn’t it

  • No Reform


  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.cookiii James Leftlane Cook III

    how could jimmie not know?????for god sake he’s the owner get real u piece of trash.im glad my company pulled there 5600 truck out of the dirty disgusting pilot an flying j truck stops for fuel 80% of them are full of hookers and drugs not to say smell like urine.

  • No Reform

    That Puke would fit in well in Washington with all those LYING Bastards….what a sickening Anus the guy is.

  • No Reform

    The Anus Brothers….proud owners of dirt pit Pilota!

  • No Reform

    Those dicks helped to Downsize truckstops into Convenience stores with Pumps and Sardine Can Size parking lots….trying to make truckers accept a cheap and chinzy 3rd world lifestyle of crap.

  • No Reform

    I hope they hang that dirtbag Haslam…what a scumbag.

  • No Reform

    what a Disgrace he is….belly crawling penny pincher..

  • Bob K.

    The buck stops with the CEO. and his not wanting to deal with lawyers…thats your call…they will take $$ from both sides(depending). Bottom line, scam/caught/get in cell with Bernie Madoff..lol

  • robert jones

    just like Jodi arias and casey Anthony. Plead innocent jimmy ! what would the Cleveland browns do without you ?

  • Diesel Junkie

    Jimmy Ha-slam is a freackn’ croock, a scum bag like all these corporate BS-men in the last 20-30 years!

  • Cliff Downing

    I will agree that PFJ will only restore rebates to the carriers. Then the fun begins. If the carriers do not pass on those rebates, including full disclosure as to what PFJ gave them, then you can bet the law firms of Do We Cheat ‘Em and How, and Burn ‘Em and Run will be warming up their finest in the bull pen for filing litigation against those carriers. I have already put my attorney on notice regarding this. If the carrier I am with does not fully disclose, or they shortchange in any way, then I will have the Caldwell Brothers start the proceedings. Carriers be forewarned.

  • Steve Volkle

    It sounds like the crap coming out of washinton from obama and his gang of CROOKS and LIERS I feel like I am watching reruns of Hogans Hero’s. Sgt Shultz said it first and best “I know nothing I see Nothing” They all think the American people are stupid. Then again these days with obama I say they are BRAIN WASHED. It’s time for the revolt on Washinton and big businesss

  • Irvin J

    Sure! Captain of a ship & you know nothing of what is going on under your command!? I believe Ken Lay said the samething.

  • Jackie

    Is he related to Obama? He has no idea of anything going on either.

  • g

    Get some FILM of that and post it on a Screen where we could WATCH Haslam being Sodomized while we pump fuel at the Pilota??? It would sure attract business!

  • g

    “I did Not have Sex with that Woman”??? The lies in AMERICA are even at the Presidency…all these “presidents” are CROOKS…….lying thieving rip off artists.

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