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Pilot hires ‘special counsel’ to internally investigate fraud allegations

| May 02, 2013

pilot signPilot Flying J announced this week it has hired attorney Reid Weingarten to assume the role of “independent special counsel,” responsible for investigating internal inquiries of Pilot Flying J relating to the federal investigation of the company and the alleged fraud and racketeering allegations against it.

Pilot CEO Jimmy Haslam said in a prepared statement April 22 that hiring someone to “oversee and validate an internal investigation” was part of a preliminary five-step program to begin rectifying accusations that the company withheld millions of dollars in rebate checks from customers in a fraudulent scheme.

Haslam also announced April 22 that diesel salespeople were placed on indefinite administrative leave, the company’s contracts were being audited, the practice of manually calculating rebate checks would end and that the company intends to hire a Chief Compliance Officer.

News also broke this week that Pilot was hit with two more lawsuits regarding the fraud allegations. Click here to see Overdrive‘s coverage.

  • No Reform

    This schmuck Haslam and his brother The Governor of Tennesee are busy RIPPING OFF truck drivers everyday of the week…this is how MUCH they CARE about truckers or anybody else.

  • No Reform

    What a Disgrace….these 2 Haslam Bros should be executed where truckers could watch.

  • No Reform

    Governor Bill Haslam owns 59% of Pilot..funny how he is saying he knows nothing about this Thieving Scheme. The F.B.I has indicted alot of the Sales Force who are going to tell all to save their own skin….should be interesting.
    Jimmy Haslam is already being snitched off…..what a couple of sickening crooks…they are talking Jail Time and confiscation of assets and several Lawsuits….just the beginning! Smiley Face here!!

  • chicken

    well this is not a shock to me I was a lead driver for pilot back in the mid 90’s and during a driver meeting in knoxville we as fuel drivers wre told at that time all pilot wants is for the truck to fuel and leave . thats why they had no drivers rooms they dont want you hanging around , same reason everything they touch they take out any thing that would keep you inside for any lenth of time !

  • localnet

    Well, that makes perfect sense to me, Pilots are not very big places to begin with. Just like say any busy small restaurant, you want the turnover of customers to be quick, the more sales the better. If you have a 30 seat restaurant and over 100 customers an hour, you don’t want people standing around waiting, or backed up down the road in their cars impeding traffic waiting to get into your parking lot. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.