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Todd Dills

Poetry of the road

| January 27, 2009

The Huffington Post has this story about the Australian Red Room Company poetry group’s search for three Australian haulers to collaborate with three mainstream poets on poems about life on the road. Red Room’s “Dust Poems” project hinges on a live event at the Overflow in Olympic Park in Sydney March 21 and, according to the organizers, is aimed at capturing the reality of “>often ignored, repudiated and misunderstood truckies,” in Aussie parlance, who “see more sides to this country and its people than just about anyone else.”

Sound familliar? I guess the wider culture in Australia has misconceptions about haulers similar to those in the U.S. In the Huffington Post story, Red Room artistic director Johanna Featherstone put it more bluntly: “>amphetamine-taking, abusive types who drive at speed and cause a lot of road accidents and kill animals,” she said, paraphrasing the nation’s view of truckers.

Now where’s the New York City creative outfit hosting three owner-operator poets in Battery Park?

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