POLL: Do you support OOIDA’s call for Anne Ferro’s resignation?

| June 06, 2014

  • witchywoman

    put a very experienced person in there who knows the industry

  • Craig

    Now the numbers of this poll don’t lie. Hey since this is trucking related should I be on duty not driving?? haha

  • godfearingrebel

    She needs to go but who would take her place? At least she pretends to reach out to us every once in a while

  • Rick p

    definitly needs to go and put an ex or retired truck driver in there

  • Rick

    How many miles has she logged? She has cost me money and home time. I also had to let two employees go. When does it end I’m a grown man I know when I need to sleep. 30 years trucking and I’m now looking for a job out of trucking ….sad

  • floyd

    Thats right be careful what you wish for the next one might be worsethey all answer to the same boss

  • herb

    she wants us to have bankers hours…and to be stuck in traffic with everybody else.

  • Dannan R. Keays III

    So, what does this retired trucker have to do to run for Admin. for FMCSA?

  • Mark Platt

    I would like to see her go, but the real issue is the adversarial system of regulations. What needs to be developed is a common sense approach to safety and working hours. Right now congress is voting to repeal some of the changes in HOS regulations, but more needs to be done.

    We need to make it illegal for any shipper, receiver, or broker to allow any carrier to move cargo at a loss. One of the biggest issues affecting safety is lack of money to do required and recommended maintenance work, as well as drivers needing to work extreme hours just to pay the bills. If it were illegal to move cargo at a loss, and a minimum rate of at least 1.5 times the national average price for diesel were to be put in place we could afford all of these repairs, modifications to engines, and trailers, and not have to run 100 hours a week to pay the bills.

  • bigred

    This woman is another “Obama yes man/woman….Slow down the industry to create more jobs aka, more trucks on the road and a heck of a lot more accidents..A blind man can see what is going on here.

  • Bennett

    It’s an appointment… The position is NOT elected

  • Harold Mcquait

    need to get rid of anthony fox and obahma

  • BunniRabbyt

    I said it a long time ago to get rid of her, I am glad you all are finally following my advise. Thank You

  • Hugh Jorgan

    She works for Obama . Obama is anti-American business . Actually he’s anti-American…

  • Greg Winter

    She absolutely needs to go. She’s a shill for the BIG trucking companies, as well as the safety advocate groups. I am an owner/operator with my own authority. I LOVE what I do but have not been optimistic about my future since she took over. This is all part of an massive agenda to get all of us “little guys” out of the industry and off the roads so the Werners, Swifts, Schneiders, and JB Hunts can have all the freight and jack the rates. Elogs don’t affect these big companies as they have thousands of trailers dropped at various shippers and receivers around the country. All of the big money from them, AS WELL AS the software companies involved with this Elog stuff, is controlling this thing. She can’t leave soon enough.

  • Marilyn

    She needs to go. Someone with actual experience should be in that position. There are too many regulations that affect mainly the small guy. The big companies can roll with it better than the owner operators who will soon be forced out of business. Enough government overreach!

  • Ai Pba

    The AIPBA Board has voted to issue this response to OOIDA’s letter asking for Anne Ferro to resign: http://aipba.vpweb.com/upload/Defense%20of%20Anne%20Ferro.docx

  • whooops

    Yup. What he said.

  • whooops

    Yup good pt.

  • whooops

    Yup a pre-rules, millions+ accident free veteran trucker. Yup

  • whooops

    Shld be “millions+ miles”

  • doc

    There’s always the option of just dumping the FMCSA. Already too many layers of beurocracy as it is.

  • Devil dog

    This has been going on way before Obama New Driver! Oh but I’m sorry Obama is the reason why it rains, find someone else to hate, dude that song is getting old like Tom Petty.

  • Linda

    It might be old but it’s classic. Anne Ferro is appointed by his administration so yeah, he’s responsible too. I’ll never get tired of disagreeing with him… I love my rights too much to let this go.

  • William McKelvie

    Only the gvt suck ups want her to stay. So they can keep their sponsors, so called friends, and get whatever FREE stuff or their names in lights. Or they are just really and honestly stuck on stupid forever.

  • William McKelvie

    ELD machines do not affect the big companies, correct. But WHY? Because DOT is NOT and I repeat NOT going after the companies that run those ELD machines. They don’t want to be bothered nor reach over a driver. Especially one who might need a shower! Also many companies are altering drivers HOS on those machines, at will. Who is going to stop them? The drivers? HA! They will lose their jobs, miles and or money.

  • Shadow Hauling

    She should go and someone that has actually been trucking over the road as an independent owner operator should be put in the position or at least on a board for input. I say O.O. because a company driver usually doesn’t face what an owner operator does as far as irregular routes, hours driven a day or week, paying own repairs, fuel, insurance, taxes, health insurance, etc. Same trucks but different ball game. They need to trash FMCSA rules and regulations and start over if they want safety and call it PVDST hence: Passenger Vehicle Driver Safety Training and require them to carry a card showing they had this every 3 years along with a medical card. Just saying

  • Kent Wilson

    Some one with experience???. Haven’t you noticed SH?? Now-a-days all you need for these jobs is a piece of paper that says: “Hey, pick me, I have [proof} I know what I am doing. Haven’t you all come to notice that even a PRESIDENT doesn’t have any {Presidential} experience. When I decided to become a driver in 2000 I didn’t only have to go to [school} for six weeks, I also had to ride along with a experienced driver-trainer. That was another six weeks before I got into a truck by myself. I may not have the experience some of you have, but I can say “I drove for 10 years, I started with Swift (DSW) and wound up with Earl Henderson out of Illinois. I left trucking because I couldn’t pass the eye exam any more, but I still wave to a trucker and keep any eye on all the {New Regs}. I will be the first to tell everybody that these new HOS rules will not only hurt the truck driver, but it will skyrocket the prices of EVERYTHING the public buys.
    I’m sorry you all have to go thru this. All I can say is: “Keep the rubber on the pavement, keep the hammer down and God Bless you all for what you do”..

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    Anne Ferro has been administrating the FMCSA since she was appointed by Obama, working under Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who ok’d what Ferro was doing until LaHood retired and was replaced by Foxx.

    Republican Ray LaHood appointed by then-President George W. Bush.

    The start of the big changes in HOS regulations occurred under the last Republican administration.

    There is plenty of blame for both parties to share that are beholden to the money coming from lobbyists like the ATA.

  • Kevin J. Reidy


  • fred

    If it was all random and non targeted any inspection lot would be full of UPS, Walmart, Snyder, J.B. Hunt, ETC. But they are not so it goes to show it is all about the dollar and nothing to do with safety.

  • Linda L. Thompson

    Foxx and her both should go. For that matter the whole FMCSA needs to be cleaned out and only experienced truckers should hold those positions.

  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton


    She never had any business in trucking in the first place.


    Good riddance to that bitch.


    We need a an experienced current driver as administrator


    Obama did appoint her. You are right



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