POLL: How has Obamacare impacted your health insurance?

| February 25, 2014

  • localnet

    We kept our insurance through my wife’s employer, but the rates went up over $100 a month, or $1200+ a year. I lost my doctor too, I now have a PA vs an MD. Not happy.

  • Chuck-in-the-truck

    I am 58 yrs old, with 40 yrs experience in trucking. I also have pre-existing medical conditions. I was not in favor of Obamacare or any form of socialized programs. That being said, my old plan thru OOIDA was non-compliant, and I was able to sign up thru Highmark for less money for better coverage. I only hope the honeymoon lasts more than 1 year!

  • Steve

    If the new Cost don’t bankrupt you the Co Pay will.

  • localnet

    The big question is… Will anyone accept your new insurance? There are stories in the news, almost daily now, of people trying to use these new policies, only to find that they are worthless… As no one will honor these policies as the reimbursement will not even cover the doctor’s costs, or time. Some of these policies reimburse at less than $7 an hour. Good luck.

  • bigkahuna

    you’re FULL OF IT dude. quit listening to the GARBAGE you hear on CONservaTARD news sites.. my plan is much better than my previous plan, & at a much lower cost. and it is INSURANCE just like YOUR INSURANCE. it doesn’t make any difference whether you buy it through the exchanges or not. I can choose any doctor, like before, if it’s in my ‘network’, it costs less, If outside the ‘network’, it costs more. JUST LIKE BEFORE. quit up-chucking lies chuck

  • BIGkahuna

    then how come my new policy is cheaper & better than my old one ?? my co-pay is less, my deductible is less, & my out-of-pocket is less. and I was able to keep my Health-Savings-Account, JUST LIKE BEFORE..

  • omillbro

    This is a rigged poll? Asked the 30.77% if their Pre-ACA premiums would went regardless and they think the increase would have been even higher pre-aca? Another question would be can they articulate what the GOP and/or critics better healthcare plan is/was?

  • omillbro

    I agree

  • omillbro

    Amen brother trucker! Another question would be can they articulate what the GOP
    and/or critics better healthcare plan is/was?

  • omillbro

    Can you please post a few links to the stories you are speaking of?

  • omillbro

    Is there more to this story that you can share?

  • omillbro

    Good to see other who concerned about the spread of misinformation.

  • localnet

    Well, we now have maternity care and all the other stuff Obamacare forces one to “purchase”… We have grandchildren. As far as my doctor of 18 years, he retired suddenly last year. My nurse is still there, and I like my new PA, but he is still not an MD. I have confidence in him, but it helps that I used to work in surgery as a scrub nurse… I know a bit about medicine, not everything, but enough to ask the right questions and to know which tests are necessary if need be. And yes, I am relatively healthy, despite my profession.

    As of now, we have no idea if we will have insurance come next year, that is up to Obama and his continual unconstitutional changes to the law. But, I have priced Obamacare, and we make to much, and beyond affordable, so we will look for a cash only practice and hope for the best.

  • localnet

    Not information, the bulk of these news stories are from the likes of ABC, NBC, CBS, LA Times, NYT, Washington Post, etc. you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be informed. Relying on one source for news is foolish… As is being ignorant.

  • localnet

    Hit a nerve, so what is your agenda? The facts are out there, Google is your friend… But, we all know you cannot fix stupid, right?

  • localnet

    Try using it and get back with us.

  • localnet

    Today from CBS Pittsburg… Beginning January 1, UPMC facilities will be open at lower network rates to those insured by Aetna, Cigna, Health America, United Healthcare, and UPMC Health Plan — but not Highmark customers.

  • James Cox

    My family of 5, pre Obama care disaster, was paying $410 per month, and my coverage included chiropractic visits at my $20 co pay, alternative medicine, at my $20 co pay, and my prescriptions were a flat $4. Also, my coverage was in effect in any state I traveled in. My plan was cancelled, and was replaced with a new rate of over $1,300 per month, a $40 co pay, a $10 prescription co pay, and NO chiropractic, alternative health or wellness. Add in the FACT that this new plan is financially unsustainable, and it will totally bankrupt this country, and set back health care by 50 years. And, the GOP DOES have a plan to reduce costs, by opening up the insurance boundaries to be competitive across state lines. Competition ALWAYS drives down costs, period. I REFUSE to pay anything into this farce, and can’t wait to see the imperial grand wizard of the muslim brotherhood carted off to jail. I hate obi’s guts with a passion.

  • Rhonda Wilkinson

    Im with you….it makes me physically ill to think about or see him.

  • Wahoomagoo

    Did not have insurance before and certainly will not be buying insurance through the exchange. The premium is cost prohibitive and the deductible is to high. Will wait for them to repeal or change the law. Until then I will just pay the fine.

  • omillbro

    The scenario as you framed it sounds awful. Can you please give us the link to where the GOP/critics’ comprehensive plan to “reduce healthcare cost” is outlined? Or are you saying “opening up the insurance boundaries to be competitive across state lines” will do the job by itself? If this “opening up the insurance boundaries to be competitive across state lines” is the magic we need why hasn’t our party(GOP) accomplished this magic in all the years prior to the president coming to power? Can you please tell us where we can find actual data, that the president is the cause of such a great plan like your former plan cancellation? Please tell us where we can access the secret data that you seem to have that the president is the “imperial grand wizard of the Muslim brotherhood”? Lastly, if you can provide access to the answers (hard data), not emotional rants it would be greatly appreciated, because I am someone who believes in life long learning especially for myself.

  • omillbro

    Have figured out why he has that effect on you? Would you care to publicly share the real reasons behind your feelings?

  • omillbro

    Next time you see a couple of stories like you are talking about post the link right then and lets have adult discuss regarding your interpretation of the message in the story(s). Any problem with that?

  • omillbro

    Are you saying the president was responsible for your MD’s retirement? Why would the Supreme Court support “continual unconstitutional changes to the law”? Thank GOD, you have the cash, believe it or not there many people in the USA who can not afford a “cash only practice”. What do advocate should done about these folks?


    My wife has chronic leukemia which she got last April. We could not be happier to find out that she could live out a normal life with just a pill. Problem is that pill for a one month supply costs $9000.00. Our preACA insurance HSA covered that 100%. It worked great for us and at 41 we didn’t need a gold plan even with cancer. So now the “so called” substandard plan we had was cancelled for a plan that doesn’t cover the pills and is $7,300.00 a year more out of pocket. I’ve have never heard a more arrogant statement from a politician to say that a product we liked and chose and was perfect for us was substandard and needed to be eliminated! It’s time for this country to stand up and say; a free lunch, a free bed, a free “you name it” is not free! Nor ever will be! Opportunity is everything that comes from hard work! There are no easy roads and only your responsible self controls your security. In the end all you really own is your body and your response to your ability.

    God bless and prayers to all those who are suffering right now from illness, stress and uncertainty. May we all rise up on the wings of eagles with faith and grace.

  • kentray

    until you get sick and the tax payers paid for you

  • kentray

    you guys are telling these stories yourselfs that’s why they are in the news everyday you are reporting each other lies

  • kentray

    go to healthcare exchange not to your insurance for the better rate and all meds and health services are covered

  • kentray

    go to healthcare exchange not your insurance company

  • Beth

    We had a BCBS grandfathered policy pre-ACA. It was cancelled and we were forced to find another plan. I contacted BCBS and received info on their plans and also checked The Marketplace (we were very worried about how much more we would have to pay). I also chose to see if we qualified for a subsidy. To our surprise, we did. We own a small trucking business with one truck. As most trucking business owners know, our gross income after depreciation and expenses is low. We were able to get a much better BCBS policy for the same cost and we now have dental and eye coverage, which we haven’t had for years. Our old $5000 deductible is now $300. A policy that compared to our old one, was about 1/3 the cost we were paying. I talked to our physicians and they all accept the new plan. I encourage you to go online and check the marketplace to see if you can qualify for a subsidy or check with your current insurance provider and they can do it for you.

  • http://thedotdoctor.com/ Andrea Sitler PhD DsC

    I still have insurance through my company; however, it is now a new provider. Prices raised. We lost our useful coverages in order to offer the non-useful ones that Nobama Nocare dictates/mandates are offered. My prescriptions are no longer covered. I change meds to those “authorized” or pay in full out of pocket. No co-pay; just deductibles. It cost me $150 out of pocket for a dr office visit. Lord willing I stay healthy this year; I will never reach my deductible so a normal office visit to get my bp meds renewed will continue to run me $150 a quarter instead of the previous $30 or less. No compound meds so my meds cost more since I have to buy each individually. This “free health care” is adding up quickly. Anyone with a brain knew it would. This plan was a sad joke, hoax if you will, from inception.

  • Marie

    My better half fell Saturday , broke his arm , with this new insurance, so far we had to pay ,$ 100.00 at the hospital , they sent us for a MRI
    Insurance pay $ 750.00 we had to pay $1,248.00 day of service,and we have not seen a Dr…..Yet to day is Wednesday

  • gregbo

    I’ve been self employed for most of the last 30 years and have watched the insanity in health care costs unfold. I’m an not a big consumer of health care and figure the premiums I’ve paid over the years are at least a 90% loss to me. I’ve been fortunate the last few years to have coverage provided by my wife’s employer but they’re cutting hours, probably to minimize their exposure to the upcoming Obamacare employer mandate, and I’m back in the individual market. I’ve spent hours struggling with the .gov site, forced to submit extensive personal information, and apply for coverage before I could get any idea what the policy would cost and whether I’d qualify for any subsidy. I finally got a look at prices and found that the cheapest plan would cost about as much as the payment on a pretty nice home in this area.If I were forced to spend the entire out of pocket in addition to premiums it would buy a four bedroom in a great area. I’ve used the chat line and called the 800 number but still don’t know if I qualify for any credits.
    There are posters here who defend obamacare because they’re getting a better deal mostly due to pre-existing conditions. I’m at the other end of the spectrum, subsidizing health care consumers while paying out of pocket for my modest medical needs and finding myself at age 57, when I may begin needing medical care, being bankrupted in the process.
    I don’t have an ideological dog in this fight. I learned long ago that our masters don’t agree with my reading of the constitution or my vision of the American dream. I’ve accepted the fact that the role of the productive middle class is to remain in the harness as long as possible for the benefit of whatever financial or ideological interest is currently favored by the political class. But I’m getting awfully damn tired.

  • Gary Johns

    im deducting the penalty from my taxes and sending a letter that says f obamma and his bullshit I aint taking it any more !!!!!!

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