POLL: Should military-style equipment be used by local law enforcement?

| August 19, 2014

  • Robert Smith

    Absolutely NOT !!!!!!! We are not supposed to be treated as an enemy of the country,and that is now becoming the mindset of law enforcement.We have a well trained military already in place and don’t need another to fight its own citizens.Everyone needs to put aside their prejudices, and see the implications of this before it is too late. We deserve better in this country than to be treated by police like those in a communist dictatorship were treated.Remember,we fought wars to help other countries citizens be protected from that.And now we are getting increasingly more of the same treatment from our own.

  • sthomas1957

    The stuff isn’t free; taxpayers have to pay for it. Most situations aren’t extreme enough to warrant this kind of equipment. The National Guard can pick up whenever the police can’t handle it themselves, and the Guard is trained to use such equipment. It’s just encouraging more dependency for those who profit from the manufacture of such items as they are always looking for more customers and police departments around the country are certainly willing clients if it means they’re getting it for free subsidized by the taxpayers. Small towns in Hickville, U.S.A. stocking armored vehicles is just absurd.

  • guest

    A San Bernadino Calif Sheriff tried to question 4 “latinos” just a few days ago and they SHOT the cop with an AK-47….dozens of rounds were fired by the “latino”…..the Cop is in a COMA right now…and was shot in the head……It seems maybe these cops DO need some more defense as they are encountering More and More radical criminals…Assaults on Police today is at an all time high….Calif especially is seeing lots of trouble…..

  • John Raymond Pomerville

    Uh, no. Unless you yearn for those great police states in various parts of the world.

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