Poll: What issues should the new DOT Secretary make his highest priority?

| July 01, 2013

  • Doug

    abolish eobr s,

  • No Reform

    deport illegal aliens.

  • Road runner

    Stop the Barney Fife Mentality at weigh stations, these guys at weigh stations do not need guns, they think they are gods.

  • Bob_Hearns

    Need to educate 4-wheelers about trucks. They are the cause of 70 – 80% of car/truck accidents.

  • Bob_Hearns

    Properly maintain the roads and bridges. The interstate system is in an appalling condition in many states.

  • Rockwell

    Speak up here, cause sad to say, this is the only place Truckers are gonna have a voice on this LOL.

  • Concerned

    Start by representing the small business owners i.e. the backbone of our economy, seems I keep hearing that catch phrase from a certain someone? Then addressing the real issues behind hours of service, shipper and receivers (the one percent non-tax paying corporations.)

  • Big Don from Texas

    Regulations are made by people who sit behind a desk and have never been in a truck let alone have enough real experience and understanding to be making laws to regulate the industry. There should not be a single person on a board that makes rules for the industry who is not licensed by that industry and has a bare minimum of one year working hands on in it. In short, we have a bunch of doctors and lawyers making rules for truck drivers and then taking our hard earned money when we slip up on anything. Truckers are not making the rules for doctors, lawyers or politicians, why is it right for them to be making rules for us? What are we, a bunch of ignorant children running around out here clueless to our trade? Were not going to walk into a hospital and try to tell a doctor how to do his job or a post office and tell them how to do their job. Why? Because we are truckers, we don’t regulate anyone elses business. Why do we keep letting them regulate ours? The only people that should be regulating this industry is us, the American Truckers themselves.

  • Nevada Kid

    1 Fix the hours of service so we can regulate our own weeks.

    2stop finding ways to steal our money (example ) the change of shouffers license to a CDL the excuse was to make all States communicate as to who had multiple license’s. (To date they still can’t do that) Where did the MONEY GO? Fleecing of the TRUCKER’S . NAFTA another joke! The save the (Highways bill) to repair highways and bridges , I don’t think so they built (jails and prisons) Highway beautification in Las Vegas NV Thank you (Oscar Goodwin) $ 2 Million turtles a piece to set at on ramps. Fuel sure charges driving O/O out of business. CA laws have driven thousands out of State , refusing to go there . The idle law , APU laws , now the computer enforcement of updated trucks we can’t afford $15,000 a year for upgrades just to run there. Fuel Tax went up 39.5 cents a gallon this week , how long can we keep this up ?

  • Kevin m

    Why is the trucking industry getting so much attention these days? And with all the changes in regulations, I haven’t seen anything positive in our favor come along. From this drivers view, this industry is screwed. If drug dealers got as much attention from law enforcement on a daily basis, there wouldn’t be a drug problem in this country.

  • freightshaker

    All of the above and leave us ALONE, so we can make a living.

  • TCollins

    The domestic enemies of this country have destroyed our manufacturing base and sent millions of high paying jobs overseas. They have destroyed the steel industry and now have set their sights on the coal and transportation industries. The ultimate goal of the FMCSA is to reduce the number of loads each American truck driver can carry in a weeks time, thereby creating a shortage of carriers, and then allowing Mexican trucking companies to enter into this country to compete directly with American trucking companies for the freight. As Overdrive Magazine recently reported, five Mexican trucking companies now have full operating authority in the United States. Therefore, the highest priority for Anthony Foxx should be to ABOLISH THE FMCSA, ROLL BACK THE RECENT HOS RULES, AND OUTLAW MEXICAN TRUCKING COMPANIES DOING BUSINESS IN THE U.S. But of course, none of that will ever happen because Anthony Foxx is nothing more than another Obama Administration lap dog. WAKE UP TRUCKERS AND TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK.

  • j d express

    take your poll and wipe ur ass with it ! To what end does it have? Every truck driver knows what needs to change, and co. like yours that have the power to help fix it, do nothing but conduct….polls !

  • holysmoke

    AMEN,AMEN brother Trucker Big Dan

  • Jon McLaughlin

    T Collins, you have part of it right. It was not the Mexicans that LaHood was thinking about, it was his pockets and the stock he holds in BNSF railroad, where the created overflow of loads is going in sea containers.

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