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POLL: What should the govt. do about the VA?

| May 27, 2014

  • Kurt Keilhofer

    If all politicians were required to use the VA system for their healthcare, it would be world class in no time!

  • Rey Moreno

    Im a disables vet on 40%disability with the VA. I did experience a lond wait time once when I had a visit to the emergency room. I think it is because of red tape. however i was treated well there after, and I have NEVER had any problems before or after that incidence. I personally am very thankful for the VA. It does make me sad that other vets have suffered. But, it is hard form to believe because the VA people in my area are ALWAYS polite, curtious, fast and efficient! I hardly have a complaint. Thank you VA!

  • James

    You’re evidence that it’s the individual Hospitals that make up most of the problem. As with other facilities (Restaurants,Garages,Truck Stops,etc.) some are efficient,well run and user-friendly,while others are just intolerable wastes of time to deal with. I think it’d help to work to drum out the corruption that stangles good care out of some of these Hospitals,replace the Management,and have them spend some time at the GOOD Hospitals,learning how to make THEIR Hospitals work that way.

  • Irvin J

    I am X-Military. Revamp the VA from the ground up. Majority of VA facilities are butcher shops. But then politics being what they are it will continue with business as usual. Anyway you cut it, the secretary of VA; Shinseki appears to have spent to much golf time away from his job or just plain asleep at the wheel. For a gen, adm or capt to make statements, “I didn’t or do not know” is just passing the buck.

  • grandpa5x

    Obama needs to resign then Biden then Beonher. Then we can find someone who can turn the country around and get back where we need to be. Then starting at the top lop heads off until they get down to someone whos willing to do the job theyre paid to do.

  • jan johnson

    I know how about they do there job! At the time It’s needed not next month.

  • jan johnson

    Someday it will happen to them 10X fold.

  • jan johnson

    Each VA has different staffs good n bad beleive me if it bad you’ll be lucky to live throw it. Thinks to a neglectful VA Dr my husband is in wheelchair for life. They don’t pay for extra mistakes. They hide it.

  • David S. McQueen

    Good medical care, long wait to get it.

  • Dave Nichols

    the problem with VA and many other government agencis is that employees cannot be fired. They are protected by union contracts. even va boss shensiki cant fire the guy under him. it’s all a big money laundering scheme so the unions will pay big bucks to demosum azzhats for elections and r elections! It will never change !

  • Patricia

    Why is it, that things that have been going on for longer than Obama has been in office, are still his fault. Don’t have to ask if you are a republican… Never went through you mind to critisize the BUSH administration… ?

  • Thomas Duncan

    What should the Government do? The VA is the Gov.Get them out of it all together.NO GOV. UNION should ever exist.They are suppose to work for The people as servants not masters.

  • U. S. VET

    all the rednecks need to learn about the problems before pointing fingers. This all started long before Obama/Biden. What about bush/chenney. You dumb _ucks.

  • unclejoe

    fire the top brass and all union employees the union is the problem and the top brass aren’t getting rid of them

  • Viki

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