POLL: What will you do when/if an electronic log mandate arrives?

| March 06, 2014

  • joe

    i am not hving any fun in this industry anymore so it is time i just retire and let the young folks deal with the govt. rules and regs.
    let them pay the fines and loose the time on the road and away from family

  • Tedd

    As a single truck owner operator, the “powers to be” that make these rules need to understand we need some flexibility. If I can do a run pick to delivery in 12 hours under normal circumstances, stop restricting us so hard on the 14 hour rule. What if the loading/unloading takes 4 hours instead of 1 or 2? How about traffic? Weather? Another example people don’t see is: Lets say, for some reason I’m real tired one time on this run…I would love to take a 4 hour nap, but I can’t because I’ll go over my 14 hours, So I have no other option than to drive tired…Too long to fully explain on here but other truckers know what I’m talking about

  • jesse wood

    sell my company

  • haller

    First of all, who are you ? Second, who do you think you are ? Third, it’s none of your business what I do with my trucking company. So,, sit back and watch how the FMCSA is changing trucking and America…

  • http://randystowingaugustaga.com RandyR

    I own a tow company with two trucks that are above cdl. 90% percent of the time I run on the100 mile local delivery rules where no logbook is required. The other 10 percent are a headache with paper logs. I can’t imagine the extra cost and problems I will have with e-logs. The brakedown driver or owner does not want to hear I’ll have to stop and take a 10 hour break when they are 2 hours away from home.

  • Steve

    I bet they will pull off another ALL-NIGHTER to pass rules on the masses.

  • Steve

    Hey wait, Better yet, maybe i’ll go haul 50,000 lbs. of Propane, NO LOG BOOK REQUIRED don’t worry its safe. FMCSA says so

  • eatme-fmsca

    I vote for the French Solution of 1789-93 to the problem.
    Off with their heads. I’m sick of the useless fmsca and their fixing of non existent problems.

  • haller

    none of your business what I’m doing!!

  • Coffeeclue

    I bet someone can make a lot of money by making a device that looks like an EOBR and even plugs into the truck, but allows access to the database in the background.

  • Ted

    It depends on how costly they are, I’ll buy one or go bankrupt.

  • Einstyne

    I’ll use 2 of em……….like the old days

  • John Scott

    When or if eLogs come to be mandatory. My truck goes up for sale. If your going to eLog me, your going to have to pay me for all that time that is logged. I doubt that will happen. Micro managing time in trucking is ridiculous.

  • Don Dawson Sr

    Looks like there is going to be a shortage of drivers and I will be one of them. I also agree with Tedd’s comment.

  • bob

    I REALLY WONDER HOW MUCH FMCSA – ANNE FERRO MAKES FROM THE LOBYISTS? because the girl really works very hard to ruin this small business owners,at our expense..

  • Michael Gaudreault

    My company uses paper except me. I use Big Road electronic log app on my smart phone. It’s free for the individual user. I email my logs into my company. Have never had an issue with it. Even California thought it was great. I also put a printer in my truck that connects wirelessly to my phone to print logs if needed & to print my load info my company emails me as well as Transflo cover sheets by which I also Transflo my paperwork in using the Transflo app on my phone.

  • Maverick

    Will NOT use elogs. We can stop this if we ALL stick together.

  • Cumminsapart

    I may just go run one of them little pickemups, retire and deliver rv’s. All these regs are getting plain ignorant. But don’t worry, Oboma will fix everything.

  • bob

    when e-logs by any chance becomes a law,as a one truck owner ,I’ll have not too many options left…sue everyone I can who made this happen..let the product spoil in my reefer trailer ,cause I can’t get to the shop,sorry need to take 10 hours break…or just dump my family and surrender myself to the alligators…
    doe’s anyone really think this possible?oh yes…because putting EOBR for experienced and safest independent drivers ,it’s a declaration of war and lifelong sentence ….
    all I want is flexibility ..I don’t want to drive more, I barely drive 8 hours a day anyways…but all I want and every driver wants to rest when we feel we need to and drive when we are safe to do so … not to work for the stupid computer and ruining our safety and health…
    come on drivers ..show our will and rise up against this tyranny of fmsca if we still respect ourselves and everyone around us.. GOD BLESS EVERYONE WHO RISKS THEIR LIVES AND GETS JAIL IN RETURN…

  • bob

    whatever it is to stop ..I am with you…

  • bigred

    I think the ones of us that actually do this job for a living instead of a hobby will find something else. It`s a shame they are even talking about forcing us to do this in the name of SAFETY knowing full well it`s totally unsafe. No flexibility to rest, wait out a storm, snow, ice, rush hour traffic, ETC> is dangerous and even most people that don`t drive a truck know this. Someone on the E-LOG train wants BIG money for sure. Why not ask the People that work every day if they want us in their RUSH HOUR traffic???

  • Ron

    Tedd, Great comments…everything you stated is true. There are dozens of circumstances that need addressed, but can’t without some sort of flexibility. The “powers that be” don’t have a clue what we have to deal with that affects each of us differently, each and every day. The “one size fits all” approach is a huge mistake.

  • mousekiller

    If it is more than a year down the road I will retire. Put a RV tag on the
    old Freightliner and drive the scales cops crazy blowing right on by.
    They give me a hard time, file a suit, retire rich and get even at the
    same time. Got to do something to stay young.

  • Larry Anderson

    You can take my paper log book from my cold dead fingers

  • Todd Modderman

    Mine will be broke all the time so I’ll have to use paper logs till it gets fixed.

  • jim stewart

    I will convert my exhd hood tractor to one fancy damn single axle dump truck and go to hauling topsoil for ca$h. Screw both the IRS and the FMCSA. Sorry,, but I’ve had enough of big brothers BS in my personal life and in my business. Maybe it is time to retire. At least look at other options. I’m starting to believe most anything has got to be more enjoyable than constantly being micromanaged by folk who have never driven anything larger that a King Ranch.. Our legislators should be more concerned with wasting our tax dollars. If anyone runs elogs it should be those same lawmakers while in Washington so the public can keep track where they are 24/7 when they’re supposed to be taking care of the peoples interest!

  • mousekiller

    Actually this EOBR “ankle bracelet” is for only one thing. CONTROL.
    You cannot show a dictator or their minions the truth. They do not want to see it. It will if made public show them to be fallible. As long as drivers complain over coffee and social networking and not be involved this will swallow us whole. ideas are good but action is better.

  • Avtar

    I am with you too to stop this

  • PattyCakes

    I’ll hire a muslim to drive my truck, because we all know, NO RULES apply to them and if you do find the one hard-nose, CAIR will make him wish he hadn’t come to work that day !

    Treat me like a Second Class Citizen and I’ll react as I’m treated.

    Anyone recall that old story of 3 of Willie Shaw’s drivers and the scale cop … I do

    Hi guys …. how’s the weather in Utah.

  • PattyCakes

    …. and that Sir, deserves a HUGE BINGO !

  • Sportsbozo1

    I quit! This country doesn’t need OTR drivers any longer!! Just give the freight to the Train companies and you all can go back to eating month old food! Then you can wait the extra week or so to get whatever other products you are waiting for, I really hope DOT and their partners the Hwy patrol officers writing tickets all starve to death. They took the fun out of Driving 15 years ago!

  • PattyCakes

    Just wonderin’ why you’d let some college-boy push you around ?

    Think I’m going to buy a SmartPhone just because you thin it’s a good idea ?

    Ever get the inclination that no matter what you do, the following week the Truck Nazi’s will fabricate a New Rule to ensure you are in Violation and that you will Pay the Tax-Collector-with-a-gun ?

    ……… gimmee a second, I’m lookin’ for a wall to beat my head against …. okay, I’m back.

  • MarsRiver

    Rather than make a clear and concise statement on what I will do, like others, I’ll state what I’ve done. 2.5 million safe miles. While with a large carrier the last several years were not so safe after implementing e-logs. I was frustrated, felt under constant pressure of varied kinds, and honestly I became an angry driver that left a company I’d served for 18 years. I couldn’t stop for a break or the computer would start talking to me toward the end of my run letting me know, and often, I’m running out of time. I no longer feel that stress. I’m still doing a great job, under the circumstances, and proud to be in the field with all of you. Truth is I can’t say what I’ll do. I’ve been at this for 23 years and I’ll soon be 54 years old. If the rules don’t kill my business, and the government doesn’t kill my business, the physical will and I hear Walmart isn’t hiring greeters anymore!

  • Stormy

    With all the increased expenses, taxes and equipment I will be lucky to be able to afford paper logs.

  • Spence

    When I went to school I had to think. 2+2 equaled 4 , not 5, there were 24 hours in a day, not 26 or 27, there was 7 days in a week, not 8 or 9, and there were 50 states, there still are 50 states, not 57 like Obama said !!! As far as I’m concerned e-logs are for stupid idiotic morons who can’t add or subtract without a calculator and can’t tell time on a regular clock. I am not a criminal and I’m sick and tired of being treated like one !!!

  • Tom AndSheila Hurd

    I used to have 4 trucks now I have 2 and Elogs will move me further in the direction of 0 trucks, freight is going to get hard to move

  • Dean

    How about having to stop and take your 10 hours off when your fifteen minutes from home. That is how ridicules the rules are and we all know that we will all drive the extra 15 minuted over our 14 hours so we can be home with your family. But with e logs you will be ticketed for doing something so illegal as trying to make it home to be with your family because a traffic jam held you up just long enough so you go over your 14 hours trying to get home to your family. There are plenty of cops and dot officers that will gladly write that ticket even though they most likely had no problem going home to there family after there work shift was over. Bottom line these people do not need a minute by minute account of what you did during your work shift.

  • Thomas Duncan

    This is forcing people to drive unsafe for no one but an experienced driver knows what condition they are in!The public needs to know the truth about these controls that narrow a persons working window to the point of not being safe.Anyone who tries to tell you different is full of it!Drivers can not manage their time safely with this crap!

  • Thomas Duncan

    True! look at how many true truckers have already left,no one wants to discuss the danger these rules are causing,from a 3.5 million mile trucker

  • Bump123trucker

    I drive local (100 mile radius) an owner operator and in 15 years with the same truck (1998 – 2013) just put a little over 525,000 miles on my truck. Why in the hell would I need to put in a system like this ? Our country was formed to get away from government control, so what happened. I just won’t do it period !

  • Chuck

    If or when this happens everyone needs to file for a exemption and flood the fmsca with tons of paperwork. This would spend there budget and keep them tied up for any other stupid rules.

  • Bobby

    All the large companies such as JB, Schneider etc are all for this. why first of all they are being subsidized by the government when you and I are struggling second they know that this will push the small guy out, thus opening the door wider for themselves. giving them more bargaining power for freight rates etc. Call your elected officials, tell them what you think. I know that most of us just want to say screw them. I know I do but that is really the best course of action.

  • shay

    Truckers need to stick together to stop this. But how??

  • shay

    u mean O DUMMA

  • Sasha Renfrow


  • David S. McQueen

    “subsidized by the government”? Do you actually have proof that the large for-hire carriers are receiving tax breaks?

  • David S. McQueen

    Lord Obama notwithstanding, MAP-21 mandates all commercial motor vehicle to have ELDs installed. That includes “pickemups” over 10,000 GVWR.

  • David S. McQueen

    Tedd: yes, the rules do require tired driving but “safety” takes a back seat to “control”. Federal hegemonic control over transportation (as it is over health insurance) is of vital importance to the Socialist-Democrat Party. Sure, it’s failed everywhere it’s been tried, but the mind set of liberals is that THEY are smarter than anyone else. When it fails, they’ll be coming after you because you didn’t toe the party line.

  • David S. McQueen

    Vote. Obama got into power because too many conservatives stayed home, thinking that no one as dumb as Obama could win an election.

  • bruno

    When is OOIDA going to finally say…OK boys and girls, it’s time to stand up and say NO MORE!!!!!

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