POLL: What will you do when/if an electronic log mandate arrives?

| March 06, 2014

  • gregbo

    The poll specifies elogs but it’s my understanding the rule is for EOBRs. These could be 2 very different things. In my experience with quallcom the device automatically logs line 3 when the truck moves, line 4 when it stops etc. unless you manually change it. An electronic onboard recorder could simply record location and movement of the truck as a means of verifying paper log entries kinda like a black box on an airplane. If I go home on the weekend and log line 1 I can drive my truck as a personal conveyance any time I want (not that I do very often). An elog that puts me on line 3 and screws up my reset is going to be a big problem considering the fact that driving unloaded or bobtail on line 1 is entirely legal as far as I know.
    I know there are carriers with quallcoms on their trucks that are used only for dispatch, drivers logs are still paper. If anybody knows what FMSCA is actually considering I’d like to know.

  • Gearjamn

    They are trying to take away our life by taking away our ability to earn a living which is guaranteed YOU and I in the Constitution of These united Sates of America by the use of undue burdens and hardships. I have no use for the Communist Bastards that are running the USA into the ground. If we do not stand up to them it will not be long and we will all become SLAVES and it will be do or die then wait and see. We will be driving trucks for food then ,one meal a day all the gruel you can eat. And then they will want us to run 24/7 because this is NOT about safety but about CONTROL over YOU and I and every part of our lives as well as everyone in the US . It is about the rich getting richer and weeding out the middle class to the haves and have not’s. We refuse we will be expendable because that is what slaves are EXPENDABLE they will fly a drone down to take you out. Not everyone may see it this way but it is close and it will happen in time if nothing is done. Wise up guys we need to Stand United against these harassments take back control of our lives and our jobs. Make America , America again where we can earn a living free from Tyranny and Undue taxations. That’s our Constitutional RIGHT . Our Forefathers that founded this country are rolling over in their graves now as are the people that gave their lives to make America great with what is happening now and the lack of brotherhood to stand up and do something about it.

  • Tomcat

    I am a single truck owner and I believe the government is just trying to weed us out. They just keep adding more expense to the little man to force us to either go under or join a larger company. Either way we lose….

  • Dustin

    I drive a Cement truck within 100 miles of my base on a daily basis, but do have to hop over a border from time to time. However my company is huge and has trucks in numerous states so I’m sure they will have some kind of elog put in my 22 year old truck, which for a mixer is ancient. I do know that in the bigger cities that they are in they already have a gps and some kind of setup that monitors what your doing, when and how..but I’m out in the sticks so it hasn’t gotten to my plant yet. On the personal side will make it interesting for the Pete 359 I’m converting to a dump truck, might just have to make it into a motorhome instead.

  • Tedd

    Agreed…If I’m close to home but I will go over hours getting home, YOU CAN BET YOUR A$$ I’m going home

  • Cumminsapart

    So much for my random thought, sometimes brainfarts just plain stink.

  • Steve P

    I’m Going Home I have done my time.

  • James Altman

    This is BS………..I will not use E-logs…. They can kiss where the sun don’t shine.. Get a life already and leave us alone………

  • Gary Johns

    Ill buy my e log machine and personally drive to miss Ann Ferro and shove it up her azz !!!

  • tm

    the big companies are pushing the fmca for this law cause they gotta have elec logs to keep track of all their thousands of drivers. fmca wants to”level the playing field”. the big companies are paying them off, not about safety at all, only money

  • jojo

    I’ll be shutting down for about a week come election day so I can vote. How bout ya’ll joining me?

  • jojo

    They have stopped using the term ‘EOBR” and are now calling them ELD’s. This only adds to the confusion, purposely done I believe.
    These things are the nuclear version of the old tack-o-graphs. Black Box says it all.

  • bintruckingtolong

    ted said it good

  • James Cox

    I refuse to put an electronic log in my truck, and the FMCSA can kiss my ass!!!

  • James Cox

    That’s why the Hot Shot with trucks at 9,900 gvwr are the way to go. I’m netting $2,500+ a week, and don’t have to scale in most states.

  • David Bryan

    Well i think you are one of those stupid idiotic morons who can’t add or subtract without a calculator and can’t tell time on a regular clock.
    because pretty soon you will have one too Lol

  • David Bryan

    all i can say is that the truck drivers in Europe have more backbone than us every time they shut the country down they get what they wants
    the truth is we don’t need a voice we need action it speaks louder than words

  • David Bryan

    You can blame this on Socialism all you want, have you ever heard of the word Capitalism, some one is about to capitalize on making those E-log system that will be in your truck they are the ones who lobby your senators and your congress to get them to pass these rules so that they can capitalize and make a ton of money think about it there are millions of truck that will be require to have this system in it,

    so at the end of the day all that Socialist-Democrat Party. you are injecting in this is just a diversion from the real issue that is at hand and that is how do we stop these greedy capitalist who wants to sell some Elog system to make millions if not billions of dollar while truck drivers suffers

    so lets quit the politics crap and stick to the real issue
    European truck driver took a socialistic approach and stop the capitalist from raising fuel tax and other taxes. we can do the same by shutting down every high way, by way, walk way, as the old saying goes truck moves America, then i say trucks can stop America dead in it’s track then you will see Businesses call their leaders in Washington to get rid of that bill because it is hurting Business then you will see change, I Promise you will. Hit them where it hurts, in their financial ASS. and they will back off

  • Stringbean

    I don’t have a smart phone or printer and barely know how to use flip phone.I will be out of business.

  • jojo

    The ATA, you know, the corporate trucking co’s, are pushing hard for ELD’s and speed limiters. I find it hard to believe that these business people are backing the liberals.
    Wisconsin was upping the speed limit for all vehicles and at the last minute, 3 conservatives got the split limit put in place. I wonder what orange co made that happen?
    Yes, manufacturers wil profit from the production of these units but even more so, it is corporate trucking co’s that will make out like bandits!
    Among other things, they will be able to micro manage any OO leased to them just as if they were co trucks. Is it possible that they will push even more Co Drivers into leases? Once the OO’s are under their control why would they even want Co Drivers?

  • jojo

    We OOIDA members through our membership and contributions have fought for ALL Drivers Rights and we will continue to do so.
    With approximately 250,000 members I marvel at how much OOIDA has accomplished. After all consider the money and power their adversaries can devote to having things done their way.
    Would it be wise for OOIDA to jeopardize their credibility by calling for a strike?

  • jojo

    I stepped out in 89. The seasoned Drivers of that time would speak of how deregulation took money out of their pockets.
    Today the seasoned Drivers understand how all of this regulation is taking money out of our pockets.
    Are we going to do nothing? Are we going to pass these injustices on to the next generation as they were passed on to us?
    We Drivers seem to be the only ones paying for all of these safety backed regulations in Reduced Wages.
    The new Drivers of today are only making a few cents more than I made years ago as a beginner.
    Todays ELD’s are not programmed letter of the law. They are being phased in slowly so that they have a better chance of acceptance. When these things become law most Drivers will have a rude awakening as they will be held to The Letter of The Law!
    My truck made about $550.00 a day last year. I think that I could live with this ELD crap as long as my truck could continue making $550.00 or more a day with promise of increased earning potential. As it stands, this is not the case!
    I consider every day that I claim for per diem as a 24hr workday, after all, I’m not at home I’m AT Work.
    As I understand it, the average pay for a Driver is $37,000.00 a year. $7.25hr X 24hrs = $174.00 a day X 300 days = $52,200.00.
    I made/profited about $46,000.00 in 330 days. Thats $5.80 an hour!
    Tie the Co OTR Drivers wages to the minimum wage with an upward scale based on experience and pay them for all hours spent AT Work and Freight rates will have to go UP even if production goes DOWN because of ELD’s, Speed Limiters or any other regulations they Throw At Us!
    Co OTR Drivers will no longer be racing the clock to make a living and I will have less concern that the nose of my truck has been wiped out while I was paying for fuel.

  • Mark Ford

    just start looking for another profession to make a living,, and let the politicians who think “they know how” to run the business do it themselves.

  • DE_from_NC

    Everybody who commented under Ted is dead on !! My plan is to try the “supposed to be DOT legal” add on box for the Rand McNally 720 GPS. I have already tried an “experiment” using the Big Road phone app all the while running on paper, and since I do mostly 2-3 loads a day short haul, the Big Road app showed me it would cost me about $300 a day if only ONE STOP hung me up for whatever reason. Now calculating 2 weeks a year for any type of vacation, that leaves 50 working 5 day weeks X 5 work days most weeks (excluding middle of the week holidays) X $300 per day lost. That’s $1500 a week X 50 weeks- If these Fourth Reich Nazi “controllers” think I’m gonna sacrifice around 50-60k LOSS every year to participate in their “we gotchya HAHAHA” program, then I’ll just be another almost 36 year SAFE trucker that will say “F” YOU and leave the industry !! But if you step backl and LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE, IT IS EXACTLY WHAT RON PAUL SAID IT WAS- BANKSTER CENTRAL BANK (the OWNERS of the FED) CONTROL to get the store shelves empty and EVERYBODY depending on their bankster puppet government FOR EVERYTHING INCLUDING FOOD & CLOTHES and THEY’RE USING OUR INDUSTRY AND THIS b***S***T E-log “control program to “back door get” their results !! It’s MUCH larger than just “trucker control” !! MUCH LARGER !! But if you want to argue “it’s the Demopublican’s fault”, or it’s “the Republicrat’s fault” YOU ARE PLAYING RIGHT INTO THEIR HANDS as they sit around their big cherry table drinking $200 a bottle Scotch and smoking Cuban cigars laughing their ass off at you because you can’t get out of the “2 party (as ONE BIG TEAM !) paradigm” !! And you’ll go vote for just about ANYBODY with an (R) by their name this time when THEY ARE NO DIFFERENT. Remember the FIRST bankster bailouts started with Bush !! So did the endless “wars of profit” for the banksters !! LOSS OF LIFE MEANS NOTHING TO THIS CABAL !! LOSS OF YOUR WAGES OR SMALL BUSINESS DOESN’T EITHER !! Those of you old enough to remember Vietnam, what started it ? A DAMN LIE !! A BIG ONE !! The Gulf of Tonkin Incident that NEVER HAPPENED !! That led to 20 years and countless lives OVER NOTHING BUT BANKSTER PROFITS !! I’m sure you’ve heard of the $300 hammers and $400 toilet seats !! What’s the difference today ? Today’s Gulf of Tonkin Incident was 9/11 where a rich businessman collected BILLIONS OF $$$ in “terrorism” insurance claims oh his ASBESTOS LADEN BUILDINGS NEEDING 100’s OF MILLIONS OF $$$ IN REHAB WORK HE HAD JUST ADDED TO HIS INSURANCE POLICY JUST MONTHS BEFORE IT HAPPENED !! Now we’ve been in “Sandiet Nam” (aka the middle east) since 2001, that’s 13 more years of profits for the banksters “wars of profits” with NO END IN SIGHT !! Again, countless lies lost ON A DAMN ‘NOTHER LIE !! And the E logs are there for nothing but to get the public ENTIRELY DEPENDENT ON The Fourth Reich by choking supplies to the stores AND CREATING THE HYPERINFLATION RON PAUL ALSO SPOKE ABOUT BECAUSE RATES WILL INCREASE WHICH WILL DRIVE SHELF PRICES UP !! And if you don’t like it, they got plenty of “other country refugees/rescuees” that can barely meet the U.S. CDL requirements as far as driving ability and reading/speaking English that will gladly jump right into your fully automated shifting/braking (VORAD) truck and hit the highway for 12 cents a mile SMILING THEIR ASS OFF !! So the next time you’re in the drivers/break room ARGUING OVER WHICH “PARTY” of the totally Diebold voting “rigged” “puppet system” is at fault, go to the bathroom, look in the mirror AND BLAME WHO’S REALLY AT FAULT ! Because THAT’S WHO IT IS !! I guess we have forgotten all about The Boston Tea Party haven’t we ?

  • DE_from_NC

    Sorry David, you’ve got to get rid of the TOTALLY RIGGED Diebold computerized voting system the banksters implemented decades ago to facilitate their “appointment of their next agenda pushing puppet” before your vote counts for anything other than the $3.25 gas you burnt to go do it. Listen to the man WHO WROTE THE SOFTWARE testify in front of a grand jury- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eER3oha8q2U

  • DE_from_NC

    You can’t because as soon as the truck gets above 10 mph or so BOTH will kick to the driving line. Despite that, how would you explain “2 handhelds” or “2 screens” at a roadside check ?

  • Ken

    I run E-log on my lap top now and I like it better than paper logs but if E.O.B.R.’s are mandated I will sell my truck and trailer and find another way to make a pay check.

  • Moonpie

    This is the only answer but it won’t work. Not enough drivers have the backbone or self respect needed to do anything that might take a little sacrifice.

  • Sasha Renfrow


  • Sasha Renfrow


  • jojo

    Drivers, here are four words that you Need to know the definitions of;
    1. Communism
    2. Socialism
    3. Plutocracy
    4. Oligarchies
    The BIG Picture is beyond our understanding as we are confronted with small, single battles to keep us occupied. Yesterday-34hr break rules, Today-ELD’s, Tomorrow-Speed Limiters.
    The real issue is our fading incomes and I can think of only one solution that eliminates the need to worry about the many skirmishes that they keep throwing at US.
    By using the existing Minimum Wage Law and Public Backing connect the Co OTR Drivers wages to the minimum wage and force freight rates up. Hopefully then we will be able to conform with anything they throw at US.
    $7.25 X 24hrs = $174.00 a day. A New OTR Co Driver with Zero Experience should be making no less than this!

  • Spence

    Yes I can add and subtract without a calculator and I can tell time on a regular clock too. When I went to school back in the 1980’s they had hand held pocket calculators that worked well but we weren’t allowed to use them. They had digital watches too, my first wrist watch was a digital watch that I got when I was ten but I already knew how to tell time on a regular clock probably two years before then and when I graduated high school in 1990 there were kids older than me who couldn’t tell time on a regular clock . I also learned to write cursive in the 2nd grade which you probably don’t know what that is. Like a lot of other people I’m sick and tired of having to give in to more government rules and regulations and losing my freedom in the process. It’s one thing to have to deal with the bullies at school when your a kid but this is the real world. Government is like a big bully. You give in to them and make compromises but pretty soon it’s not enough and then they want you to do more. You sound like a big liberal government ass kisser that is part of the problem so go FUCK YOURSELF David !!!!!!

  • David S. McQueen

    Grand jury testimony is secret. Some courts allow cameras during the trial, but never in the grand jury proceedings.

  • Kendall Oakleaf

    Commercial Carrier in Tampa,FL is a company that is subsidized by the government thee was a write up about it in the Tampa Tribune

  • David Bryan

    Is very obvious you went to school back in the 80’s I think you need to go back for a refresher course you sound like someone who is a trash if you notice everything that comes out your mouth is nothing but trash you obviously is trash out of the abundance of your heart your mouth your mouth shot speak you are defiled by the very garbage that comes out your mouth if that’s how you speak seems like you didn’t learn much in the 80’s two types of people who goes to school one who learns something and speaks intelligent, and one who learns nothing and speaks like a trash maybe your teacher forget to tell you that you are defined by the very things that comes out your mouth last but not least go love your self. Have a good day my friend as they say in the South God bless you.

  • Spence

    And most of all, God help you, your going to need it.

  • David Bryan

    You are absolutely right there is something that we can agree on actually I need his help every single day God is ever present always helping those who call upon his name

  • Spence

    Like I said before, may God help you and good luck to you. Your going to need all the help and good luck you can possibly get. Just hope your e-log device doesn’t quit and the government doesn’t come and take everything you have. You must be from the south because the way you typed your words you sound like Bobby Boucher and Ricky Bobby. Yes I did talk trash for sure but after reading your comments it’s easy to see why one would become irate and pissed off. I have to remind myself that arguing with a socialist liberal like yourself is a waste of time. Forgive me for being so blind and stupid. I rest my case. Good day

  • Joseph J Greco

    We have had them in our trucks for almost 5 years and once you get used to them they’re not all that bad.

  • sideshow

    I’m running on e-logs for the first time im leasing a truck. with that said I’m more tired then I have ever been and I’ve my share of 1000 mile days I sure don’t feel any safer. if anything I feel more unsafe. I get so much rest im tired of resting…..I think some coffee is gonna spill on mine when I hit a bump.

  • Timothy L Barrett

    At that Time I Will Become an Outlaw, As an O/O With My Own Authority, No Accidents in 35 Yrs and No Tickets in 25 Yrs I Will Become an OUTLAW, They Will Have to Revoke My Authority to Put a Stop to Me, and If They Do, They Will Have Lost a Damn Good Driver, Guess then it will be time to do something else and They can Go To Hell !!!

  • David Bryan

    why curse the dark when you can light a candle. It’s very clear to me that you never read the scripture in the bible that said the liberal soul shall be made fat. done take my word for it read

    Proverbs 11:25
    2 Corinthians 9:13
    the word Liberal is a biblical word in the original Hebrew it is b’rakah it is used in conjunction with the verb barak (“to bles”) this word appears 71 times in the Old Testament, the first occurrence is found Genesis 12:2 God said to Abram I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing [berakah]” berakah is where we get the English word “Liberal”
    Oh also the other word that you used is Socialist if you really study the New Testament and the life of Christ you will see that every thing He did was related to the “Social” and economical condition of that day and time.
    Jesus actions were both Liberal and Social those two words was used by Christ to Bless us and to Unite us, but politicians used them to divide us for their own gain. when they retire they will still have the best of every thing you and i will still be working hard to take care of our Families. it does not matter who you put in office, elog will be sign into Law by greedy politicians who are influence by greedy Capitalist, who invent this system just to make money think about it how many millions of truck that will be require to install it in their truck Capitalist will make millions if not billions this is what you and i should get angry at not against each other,
    God Bless you my fellow worker

  • David Bryan

    hey don’t sell your truck get a second one, now you have one with eLog, and one without it, use the one without the elog when they pull you over hey, the elog truck is down i’m using paper log

  • http://www.jffalaska.com William Johnson

    I will just keep holding the steering wheel like I am told, just like the last 30 years.
    The transportation industry is big money, the only people who benefit from all the BS from OVER REGULATION is the politicians as they line their pockets. I am just as safe of a driver today as I was in the 1980’s when there was a lot less crap to deal with….If the DOT and States were serious about public safety they would increase the penalties and punish those who are unsafe and leave those with a safe history the hell alone.

  • http://www.jffalaska.com William Johnson

    and truckers wont even get a pay raise…go figure

  • http://www.jffalaska.com William Johnson

    10-4! <>

  • http://www.jffalaska.com William Johnson

    funny how that works huh? all about “safety” until big oil starts to lose a dime, then it’s ok….

  • Spence


  • MrTommy

    Thank God I just retired. I was fearing these eLogs for years. I’m with you guys in spirit though. I’ll always be truckin’ in my mind . .

  • Ralph

    I’m already running intrastate as I never leave my state, but because of my loads I have to be classified as interstate. As a short hauler I am concerned about this. I hate the idea of this law, but I can name drivers that run 7 days for weeks at a time. I’ve told them that they and others like them are the reason this is happening. They just shrug their shoulders. I fully expect when the law is revealed that ALL 80,000 lb. commercial trucks, irregardless of whether they are straight (think dump trucks here), intrastate, or otr will be required to go electronic. I’m currently using a phone app to replace my paper and I really like it. In 4 years and several inspections I have yet to be requested to show my log. I am fully aware that no phone app will be compliant because the phone doesn’t plug into the truck’s computer. I’m running a mechanical engine, so I expect my costs to install a device will be higher than most.

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