POLL: Would an hours of service revamp change your view of e-logs?

| April 03, 2014

  • John Ryan

    get off your duff and let your Gvo leaders know how you feel. wright letters, many, call, send e-mails. Bug the crap out of them and don’t ever stop.

  • John Ryan

    That would be wonderful ……. buuuuut you can’t get two drivers to do anything other than talk. The more co. drivers their are the more control big brother has. ……. anyway lots of luck.

  • Panama Jack

    Obama and legilators are jeaslous of Putin and cronies

  • Jim

    But with the new standards you will get a speeding ticket via your ELD device.

  • norman ott

    look at the unkept drivers that come out of those Columbias and Centurys. Why keep your truck clean when you cant keep your self clean.

  • don

    Not unless you take out these rediculess way the day judt stops we need the flexabilty of the split sleeper like we used to have we need 77 hours in 7 days not 8 we need only driving time taken away from our driving time

  • Finnspocket

    No, companies with ELB’s have encouraged drivers to falsify duty status to extend driving time and on duty status. Also it’s an additional cost to carriers who are already over burdened by endless fees and taxes that can’t be recouped from shippers or brokers who rip us off daily with their fees to cut checks or use comchecks, non payment of detention and layover as well as an endless parade of other cuts to our livelihood. Carriers are being driven into the ground with an imbalance of cost vs income. Someone needs to take a realistic look at the broker/shipper/carrier cost breakdown..

  • David Jesse

    So the driver who’s been a truck since he was 14 , why didn’t your fellow drivers stop deregulation? Why didn’t they stop steer axle brakes,drug screening etc. if you were so together back then what happened ? Truth is you still had the same problems we have today ? Would I like my family to be next to a Montfort driver , high on drugs and no sleep? We’ve all caused this problem , I say let the government screw it up because in the end when they go to market and nothing is there they will go back ? Why is everybody upset with e logs? Why are we letting the shippers and receivers dictate your schedule? If you call a plumber he tells you when he’s going to there and you either take it or leave it. With e logs they can’t bully us ! You only have 11 hrs to drive, you 3 hours in which to take a nap, if your at a shipper that delays you spilt the log I’m on e logs ran 12,500 hub mikes last month with at least 4 days off due to a pm . How much to you want to run ? Let’s think and drive smart !

  • Ralph

    My son’s company recently went to e-logs. His receiver at one stop was a real pain. He was on time, untarped and ready at his appointment time. The receiving manager claimed he was late, not ready, and in general just causing problems. She called the company’s corporate office complaining.When Corporate called, the trucking company pulled up his location and time, verified that he was in fact on time, and would be happy to send the info to prove it. The manager got wrote up, was going to have to take anger management classes and not allowed back to work until completed. The incident was being put in her file, so if she quit then any company seeking references would be notified as to the cause. How do I know this? Because the corporate office called my son and told him. Why would they go to the trouble of calling a driver when they don’t have to if they are just going to lie to the driver?

  • rc1234

    Depends on what the hos changes are… How can we decide without knowing what the changes are ? Duh!

  • Raveman

    I thought racketeering was illegal in this country. Well, perhaps it is, unless it’s the government. All this amounts to is legalized racketeering by the government

  • diesel Mike

    Well put, iv seen this implemented in a few states, but id like to see much more

  • Rex

    did not need for the last 45 years why do I need it now

  • Tom

    I would like someone to explain to me how elog is going to be safer? The 14hr. Rule messed it all up when we are forced to run during rush hour or bad weather or even when we might tired because we’re not allowed to take time to rest when we know we are tired That’s right I said when WE know when we are tired not the government. How about 650 miles every 24 hrs. And let us do it at our own pace???

  • jeff

    As a driver and an transportation safety and training manager. My concern is more with the rules not being flexible enough. Not all companies or all driver’s are the same. From my perspective the current 14 hour rules force drivers to drive tired. Some drivers now prefer to drive at night while others prefer to drive during day light hours, the 14 hour rule forces you to drive regardless. Under the current 14 hour rule and the most recent 34 hour restart rules drivers and companies are loosing money.

  • pinkfloyd

    As usual, the government thinks they are doing the right thing. I am sure they never even consider the unintended consequences. I am always amazed that they come up with ideas they think are so great that they have to make them mandatory. I can’t wait to see whats next.

  • safetygirl

    Electronic monitoring mandates are like the federal law that was enacted restricting guns from schools because some kid brought a gun to school and shot his schoolmates. (It is patently illegal to shoot at people and all schools already had rules disallowing guns). How did this federal law do anything to promote compliance among the juvenile lawless? It made for a feel good news announcement.
    Electronic monitoring will just give us that many more violations to earn regarding the installation, implementation, upkeep and mode of use. Those who duck the law will not install them just as they currently get around using paper logs and qualified drivers.

  • safetygirl

    If anyone should think installation and set up will be the end of costs for a company complying with ELD mandates, just look at what we spend to keep the computer systems and office technical gadgets in operational repair. Magnify that normal maintenance cost by bouncing down the road, damp, dusty, hot and cold environments and rotating users. Not to mention that tecno-software goes out of date every year and hardware that runs it every two to four. I think the e-log folks probably have a lot of money wrapped up in persuading law enforcement and federal law makers that we need ELD just like the pharmaceutical companies pay envoys to live at the FDA and run it.

  • Keith

    I 100% agree. I went as far as speaking to the superintendant of the school district where I live and offered my time (for free) to speak to the students in driver education, about the abilities and disabilities of tractor-trailers. While he agreed with what I was proposing, he said it would have to be approved through the state. I never recieved a call back, go figure. Perhaps I (and other drivers) need to write a letter to our state representatives.

    ELDs does not make the roads any safer, period. The gov’t needs to take Circadian rhythm into account when changing HOS laws. Perhaps if it was considered the 2 hour break from spiltting our 10 break wouldn’t count against the 14-hour rule.

  • Wagon Burner

    If I make a mistake & it costs me a violation , my bad .
    There’s no way I want to depend on an electronic device to not glitch out , & hope it doesn’t flush my score down the FMSCA rabbit hole .
    They already try to set us up for failure , I don’t need to be LoJacked too .
    I would bet serious money , they can’t wait to do an NSA on drivers & carriers . You don’t have to say anything, we will be using the ELD against you .Does the IRS get access too?

  • Maurice Heskett

    And the rest of the story is that the big money that is pulling the strings is foreign! If you want to figure out the motives behind something follow the money.

  • ken

    Talk, that’s what we are doing. A successful protest always begins with one. One voice, one man. Count me in, I need more time with my family!

  • William Kirch

    The ELD would be fine if they did away with 14 continuous hour rule the rest is workable. they need a reality check they really don’t need the ELD if a person wants to cheat they are going to cheat it doesn’t matter if it is a paper log or a ELD.

  • safetygirl

    Amen and well said.
    Look at the Canadians hours of service rules. They are strict about limiting drive hours as the US is but have written their regulations in such a way as to allow a driver to decide where and when to rest.

  • jojo

    Then set an example.

    Teach the new guys the real deal as you know it to be.

    Let others know What you are going to do about IT!

    Inform Drivers who are in the Dark about these things. Not all of Us have computers or listen to satellite radio.

    Help your Family understand these issues and ask them for support.

    Agree to Disagree and zero in on a point that can be understood and compromised on.

    We all have something at stake with the ways things are going!

  • jojo

    Thats possible without ELD’s

  • jojo

    Valid Points!
    As long as the corporate companies are allowed to Dictate the Co OTR Drivers wages Based on the Milage System, freight rates will remain low and OUR roadways WILL be Unsafe.
    Maybe it’s time for US to Step Up.

    Pat Hockaday

  • jojo

    Maybe there is a way to incorporate minimum wage standards therefore eliminating many if not most of the problems We face.

  • safetygirl

    Kudos to you for trying to be involved.
    It would be great if we could trade in the required spare tire change skills test for a ride in an 18 wheeler… or as you say, at least a speaker who knows the industry. My Dad told us about trucks stop distance and sight limits as we were growing up, before we ever got old enough to drive. He never said much so I remembered what he did say. I really would not have thought of those things myself, as obvious as they should be. I tell my kids when they ride with me, even the grown ones. (I have to talk more to get heard because I’m a mom:-)

  • shadow hauling

    yup squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • shadow hauling

    that’s a whole lot better idea than they have or did.

  • ec4u2see

    I don’t see why big government has to tell us what when and how we do things, we are professionals and know better than some pencil pusher how to do our job, when to get our rest and don’t need a babysitter to take care of us…its is amazing how we let this people dictate on what we can and cannot do. It is sad that we as coworkers and brothers on the road have to take all this crap and cannot join or agree on how to stop them, it would simply take one week or even one day to unite and not work….think about it just one day united and we would show them how much power we have as one….I guess im just a dreamer.

  • Richard

    HOS rules are constantly being changed. I’ve been out here for 44 years and in the time frame have only two (2) log book violations. That takes in 7 millions miles of safe driving. I am personally against ELOGS. What good will they do? Invade my privacy as a driver and a US citizen. I don’t pay taxes to have some bureaucratic jacka** tell me how to operate my truck safely. I would like to take one of the people with me for a week just to show them what we face on a daily basis. Traffic, good and bad weather. Road checks by police that have no idea of what to look for, bad roads. Long delays at shippers and receivers. Then just try to find the time to get a meal or hot shower. All this just because we are truck drivers and we move AMERICA. Does the Rail Road have to face ELOG mandate? I seriously doubt that. We ar the constant target of all types of rules. Texting, cell phone use, Hazmat rules, the list is endless. When the government wants to get a law invoked they target the AMERICAN Truck Driver. Split speed limits. Does congress or anyone in the federal government LOG when they take a rest room break or stop business for lunch? We do!!

  • Madcracka

    Not all unions are created equal, when I look at UPS every single truck has air conditioning, p/s, you get ot after 8 hours, not 40 or 50.
    Verizon is the same way, there are union dues yes, but the pay makes up for it.
    Unions are not right for every situation, when there is competitive wages. Unions over the years have to take advantage of companies, as companies are fully take advantage of the driver without pay being raised.
    It is very convenient to not pay a minimum salary because we are interstate.
    I can leave if I am NOT happy, to go where, the pay is roughly the same.
    There needs to be checks and balances
    in this world so that one entity doesn’t overpower the other.
    I enjoy the regional position that I have now, but the rules and regulations are making me less money, I will be forced to do local PD, to come out ahead.

  • Billy Queen Jr III

    1st of all, ELIMINATE the 14 and 70 hrs rule! also it is UNCONSTUTIONAL to be forced to do anything from the federal government, learn your constitutional rights drivers! I have been out here for 25 yrs and it is nothing but a revenue generating ponzi scheme for the defacto government.

  • Baltimorefatts

    Your right. There is always a person out here who can find a way to cheat. But the catch is. They now can prove some one has cheated and nail them to the cross for financial responsibility if the hurt some one or damage some property

  • Baltimorefatts

    Problem is the way things are going revenue for drivers are dropping and the gov’t is constantly thinking of ways to take more of it. This is one of the strongest financial earning professions. We withstand recessions and freight moves 24/7 365 Do there is money being made no matter what. Uncle Sam wants a bigger slice of pie.

  • Tommy

    Electronic logs will save lives. 3,900 lives were lost in trucking accidnets last year.

  • Tommy

    Trucking is the most dangerous form of freight transportation, a recent FMCSA study shows that about half the fatalilities are the fault of the truck driver.

  • jojo

    Lets use Tolls as an example. The government will charge commercial vehicles at a higher rate as it is reasonable to expect the trucks to pass this fee on to the consumers, Autos.
    The public, Autos, feel this is fair because of our size. They also don’t realize that they would be the ones paying the truckers higher toll expenses (in a perfect world).
    The gov has the publics blessing in raising our toll rates and don’t have to battle the multitudes.

    Our gov is trying to serve those who let their voices be heard.

    I suggest that it’s long past time for us Drivers to let OUR Voices be heard.

    As long as we have budgetary needs the void must be filled.

    Pat Hockaday

  • cannonball

    Well said, only we know when we are tired, but usually can`t stop for a nap, break etc, because the 14 hr clock won`t stop with us

  • Stephen Baetz

    Personally in my local business of Aggregate hauling, E logs would benefit me greatly as I often load in under 15 minutes and when I drop off the load, I am in motion doing so, so E Logs would make me more productive and I would in turn make more money, the recorder just needs to be an affordable unit with a GPS unit in the programming

  • Big R Phillips

    I’m for the total shut down. Because they wont stop until we stop! Get it organized major city by major city. State by state. Port by port. Truck stop to truck stop. All it takes is a good three to four days of that freight sitting on docks and the ports with containers that are not moving in and out. And those ships that get charged hourly for being delayed and no other ships can get in to be loaded or unloaded. Ohhh boy what a major cluster F! And for one thing i know is JB Hunt, Swift,Werner cant pull all that damn freight sitting on the ground thats for sure! Just think of all the flatbed, drop deck, over sized, oh i forgot the refer loads that will be sitting too! Now i know that letting perishable foods sit is a whole different situation but dammit if we dont stop…they wont stop!
    I know most of us are check to check living but i know if we stop for three or four days at least? We will get some “act right” outta these turds making all these fk’d up rules and regs trying to push out the small fleet and independents and the power only lease drivers outta business. When ever yall are ready…i’m ready. Shucks i can use a few days to watch my shows on my DVR anyway!

  • Jack Simon

    Which leaves the other half the 4 wheelers. If looked at in an objective way, the 4 wheelers probably caused another 25% of the ones that they attribute to truck drivers because the trucker had to do something stupid to avoid hitting the 4 wheeler.

  • Jack Simon

    How will elogs save lives. Are you one of the dreamy 4 wheelers that have your own idea of a Utopia where all the things that you think of come true?

  • Jack Simon

    If the ELD malfunctions and not working properly then the driver is on paper logs anyway. they have another new rule that you have to carry a paper log book in your truck if you are using ELD. If you don’t have a blank log book, you get a ticket.

    there are ways around the rules, all you have to do is understand them.

  • Jack Simon

    Who do you think convinced the Gov’t to adopt the E-logs? Qualcomm.

  • Jack Simon

    that would cause everyone to be on elogs, not stop them from using them.

  • jojo

    An OO or Lease Driver is a self employed contractor. Their method of payment depends on their contract.
    An Independent is a carrier. Payment pending on contracts with customers or brokers.
    A Co OTR Driver is an employee. Most employees punch a time clock or have a supervisor that monitors their time.
    If a co wants to install ELD’s in their trucks to monitor their employees then I believe that they have at the same time installed a devise that allows the employee Driver to prove and verify that they are indeed AT work doing as instructed.
    The fact that the Co OTR Driver has an ELD that is tracking them the entire time that they are stationed to the co truck is reason enough for me to say they are at work. I could list more.
    Those of us who are self employed do not require an ELD to monitor ourselves.
    In todays trucking world, I would hope that these self employed Drivers would Know the the consequences of running illegally. I have to much to lose to gamble away what I have worked hard to earn.
    Cheap freight relies on cheap labor. Drivers earning .25cpm hold us all back.
    Compare these numbers;
    .25cpm X 10,000 mi = $2,500.00 for a 27 day month.
    $7.25hr X 24hrs X 27 days = $4,698.00
    These boxes do nothing for safety. To the contrary, they promote unsafe and dangerous driving behavior such as racing the clock.
    A Driver being paid by the hour would be fairly compensated for their Time spent AT work. They would have no need to haul ass everywhere trying to make a paycheck because their time had been wasted by their employer.

    Pat Hockaday

  • Judy Buckner

    For those of us that will probably be out here the rest of our lives thanks to the new ways of living in the good ole USA, what about our off duty time when we don’t want to lay in a pissy truck stop parking lot all weekend. Some of us might like to go shopping or have something other than subway to eat. I guess everyone has forgotten that when we are off duty this truck becomes my personal vehicle. I will not tolerate being told what I have to do when I am off work!!!!!!! No one else in the USA has to tell the government what and where they go when they are OFF DUTY!!!!!

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