POLL: Would rolling back 2013 restart changes affect highway safety?

| June 17, 2014

  • frank kuc

    regulations are out of hand.its a 24 hr business that needs 24 hr flexibility

  • jim stewart

    Anyone consider this…? Just think of all the wasted fuel each day .. Now I find that I’m currently required by our short sighted government leadership to increase my speed to make that critical new HOS time deadline work for me each day. However that’s if you are to run under what they consider legal! I used to safely run my truck between 60-64 to conserve fuel.. NO MORE! Now I find after these new HOS regulations came about I have to take advantage of every extra mile per hour possible. No I don’t exactly break the speed limit but I push my truck five more miles per hour faster to increase my average mileage. That’s counter productive to my past fuel mileage advantage before the new regulations. OK-now because of being forced to run in heavy morning rush hour traffic (thanks to those no work between 1AM to 5AM days) instead of being able to haul early to the very same customers each day I now find myself burning a tremendous amount of extra diesel fuel while being exposed to unacceptable morning risk stop-n-go traffic. So here we have it, wasted fuel, extra wear-n-tear on my truck (such as break wear), more damage to the environment because of extra emissions created, and we are all being exposed to a much greater chance of early morning accidents (not counting high blood pressure) as well as the extreme risk to the general public by funneling most commercial traffic now during peak travel hours. Absolute stupidity on the part of our federal lawmakers. They must be allowing their back packing-bicycle-riding DC staff researchers to conjure up these ridicules statistics for their back seat rule making process in Washington. Maybe those folk who thought this was such a great idea need to belong to a drug consortium? Thanks FMCSA leadership for creating another cluster ^%$*.

  • Thomas duncan

    If there were a way to inform the traveling public how these regs and rules are forcing people to work unsafely and forcing very successful high safe driving miles drivers out of the game they would be shocked! Enjoy logs my ass! I will never obey any unsafe law.The driver needs flexibility and they are the only ones who know when they feel like working.

  • Mark French

    There seems to be more truck accidents in the past year!

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    You are correct Mark, truck accidents have been on the rise the last two years under the new,
    ‘safer’ rules.

    Imagine that.

  • J. Edgar Murdoch

    Common sense & attitude before rules & regulations!!!

  • Just Me

    How in the world could getting more than one 34 hour rest period a week not be better than just one??????????????

    You cant teach common sense…

  • Semper Fi

    I would like to see a breakdown of accidents by driver years on the road. A lot of these newer “drivers” cant seem to handle the truck. Yesterday I had to back a (big blue) rig into a dock because the driver was holding up the line and I needed to get out. I gave him 15 minutes, and tried to help him, before I did it. Could not take simple instructions on which way to turn the wheel. He should not be out here. Raising my insurance to cover their tax incentive clueless drivers is wrong. No amount of rest will help this young man.

  • Justin Nixon

    The new rules are unsafe. I would have a good few days have a lull in work and just take a 34hr. Now if there’s a lull I’m screaming to find some work cause it’s just wasted time if I dont. It’s ridiculous

  • James Sutton

    Pushing drivers against that 14 hour rule have no flexible time

  • Lonnie Liston

    It’s a well known FACT that no matter how many electronic safety devices there are in a truck and forcing regulations that constrain the need for flexibility to get the rest needed when the person doing the driving knows when they need the rest is what I consider a recipe for disaster. The 14 hour rule along with the 1 to 5 am restriction only puts Truck Drivers in more danger because of the morning rush with the commuting public.

  • Reform The Industry

    Rolling back the restart is not the problem the nature of the trucking business Pay structure is. Mileage base pay and percentage base pay incentives rule breaking the more loads or more miles run determines whether the driver can put food on the table or not. The other problem is the CSA harsh rules eliminating a large group of experienced drivers over minor offenses.

  • McMillen

    The biggest safety regulation gone wrong of all time is the 14 hour day. Period!1

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