Prime boosts pay

| August 29, 2013

Prime Inc. increased pay for its OTR company drivers, independent contractors and associates. OTR company drivers (paid on the per-mile basis) started receiving a one cent per mile increase for any loads dispatched after August 3, 2013. Line haul revenue for independent contractors increased four cents per mile during the last year. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were an estimated 793,470 truck drivers employed at the end of 2012. Median pay for these drivers is reported at $37,770 per year or $18.16 per hour.

  • martymarsh

    The last paragraph is nothing more than a big fat lie, it may average out to the 37 grand but if you divide that by at least 70 hours a week it’s not going to look as pretty as 18 bucks an hour. Do they think we are stupid?
    At 70 hours a week it comes out to 10.37 an hour, and if you knock it down to 50 hours a week you make 14.52 an hour, now jack it up to 80 or a 100 where it should be and see what you have.

  • Guest

    Yep…Pay is not even CLOSE to these Inflated bogus numbers…they dont MENTION what the Pay is at Prime..maybe .26 Cents per Mile?? They ALL hire Students today at the Cheapest possible rate….No 37K you can BET on that….all LIES.

  • Guest

    Regional drivers in fleets average 2k miles per week today..gone are MOST of the Long Haul runs… the norm is 600miles..if that……they drool at the idea of hiring the STUDENT at .26 CPM AND getting the $10K Subsidy from Government……no 37k is going to be found in MOST instances today….CHEAP LABOR is what they want.

  • guest

    starting pay is .37cpm +.04 cpm for a lightweight + .04 cpm for NE + up to .04 cpm for fuel bonus.

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