Product Showcase

Truckers News Staff | May 01, 2011

Everything but the Hammer

For demanding hobbies and everyday tasks, Hobart Welding Products offers a new 15-in-one Multi-Function Tool, featuring all the gadgets required to saw, cut, screw and pry on just about anything. A heavy-duty 420 stainless steel body outfitted with an anti-slip grip gives the multi-tool great durability. It also features a LED light (CR1220 batteries included) and a nylon belt pouch for easy carrying.

Tool Highlights

• Scissors

• LED Light

• Can Opener

• Bottle Opener

• Long Nose Pliers

• Philips Screwdriver

• Flat-Head Screwdriver

• Awl

• File

• Saw

• Knife Blade

• Hook Remover

• Mini Knife Blade

• Large Screwdriver

• Small Screwdriver

Chat and Log CB Radio

Cobra’s 29 LX LCD CB Radio features a clock/timer that enables drivers to track their on-time driving hours and functions as an alarm clock, a weather alert scan that advances to the clearest NOAA weather channel and a Radio Check Diagnostic to allow drivers to continuously monitor their radio’s RF power output, antenna system and battery voltage. The 29 LX includes 4 Watts AM RF power input, Delta Tune to clarify incoming signals and adjustable Dynamike boost to increase the microphone’s sensitivity for increased voice clarity.


A Work Glove to Love

Avid do-it-yourselfers can get a better grip on all their projects with new SuperGrip gloves from Snap-on. The long-wearing gloves feature silicone-fused palm and finger traction patterns for maximum tactile feel and dexterity when handling fasteners and small parts. These specialized work gloves have low-profile Airprene knuckle protection, which helps safeguard knuckles when wrenching or working in tight spaces. Rugged Duraclad reinforcement areas have recessed, double-stitched seams for extra strength and durability at stress points. The gloves’ one-piece, seamless palms are constructed of microfiber suede. Their breathable, moisture-wicking construction keeps hands cool and dry.


Sitting Pretty … and Comfy

BackJoy’s Orthotic Cradling System is a portable sitting device designed to “float” the user’s spinal system over the sitting surface like a natural shock absorber for comfort and injury prevention. It automatically corrects sitting posture and relieves pain for those who have back discomfort from sitting upright while driving.


Lighting Up the Work Area

Grote’s Trilliant Cube Led WhiteLight Work Lamp is a 4- by 4-inch LED thermal lamp that is as powerful as the halogen, with just one third the power consumption. The lamp has an illumination rating of 1,000 lumens, a service rating in the range of 50,000 hours and features two beam patterns with a wide flood pattern to produce a more penetrating and farther reach.


Getting Your Illumination Fix

The CSA Roadside Lighting Repair Kit by Grote contains 23 of the most commonly used lighting-related parts. It includes 12 lamps, four styles of pigtails, three grommets, two brackets, conspicuity tape, a selection of 14-gauge butt connector and zip-tie fasteners to help stabilize any field repair. The kit measures 11-by-8-by-7 inches, and gives drivers the ability to make a first-class field repair and make it back to the hub or to the nearest service center without roadside service. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.