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Protect yourself

Max Kvidera | June 01, 2010
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    Great advice since we are IMPORTING so many criminals and Gang Members today. We can expect MORE of these crimes to occur…not less. Obama says we have 11 Million criminal Invaders here..just from the Mexican border…we also have plenty coming from Russia, Pakisatn etc that settle into Chicago..before branching out. Anything of VALUE is going to be a TARGET for these foreigners…not to mention the Home Grown criminals we ALREADY have.

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    Alot of times we pull into a shipper and the “security guard” is an ex convict(job of choice for criminals). We are FORCED to hand this CON our Identification. IF he does not STEAL your Identity..he will notify his criminal pals about your LOAD and destination and time of departure. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.