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Max Kvidera | June 01, 2010

STD also has facilities in Dallas, West Memphis, Ark., and Jackson, Miss. Glavin says locations in Fontana, Calif.; Pennsauken, N.J.; Chicago; and Atlanta are planned for this year.

Where to report a heist

If you become a cargo theft victim, call 911 for help immediately. Local or state police can rapidly report the incident to area law enforcement.

Those who subscribe to a cargo theft reporting service should call it next.


TRACER:  Alert to report stolen rigs

When Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association members discover their tractor-trailer or cargo is missing, many report their loss to OOIDA’s TRACER Alert, which goes out to members who’ve signed up for the service – as well as other truckers – and is posted on the association’s TRACER website There is no cost for the service other than the organization’s regular annual membership fee of $45.

In place since early 2009, the system had sent out 152 alerts as of late April. This has resulted in a 38 percent recovery rate for equipment within 10 days, though no cargo has been recovered from the TRACER alerts, says OOIDA’s Doug Morris.

CargoNet: Crime reporting and victim assistance

CargoNet is a new way to report cargo thefts and to be protected from them, says the service’s managing director, Maurizio Scrofani.

The network makes use of databases from the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Insurance Services Office, among others. This adds a more intense level of secure reporting and analysis for sharing information among victims, their insurers and law enforcement, thereby improving chances for solving the crimes, Scrofani says.

If an owner-operator reports a theft, money for food, shelter and a ride home will be wired to him. Owner-operators with one truck can pay $50 to $100 for annual service. – Lucinda Coulter


Here are some groups that specialize in cargo theft:

• Auto Theft Unit, Special Investigations Division, Dallas, Texas. (214) 671-3522

• Marion County Sheriff, Ocala, Fla. (352) 732-8181

• Major Theft Unit, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Atlanta, Ga. (800) 282-8746

• Midwest Cargo Theft Initiative, Joliet, Ill. (815) 726-6377

• Cargo Theft Unit, Edison, N.J. (732) 548-7153

• Miami-Dade TOMCATS, Doral, Fla. (305) 471-3400

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