Q&A: Heart patient, trucker Arthur Wayland

| March 02, 2010

TN: Do you have to have more frequent medical exams?

AW: Yes, the D.O.T. requires that I have an exam every year now rather than every two years. They also require a stress test or an echocardiogram every two years, and the results must meet certain standards. The company to which we are leased is very strict about getting these tests done and having the results on file in their records office.

TN: Any last words of advice for your fellow truck drivers out there?

AW: You should know that no matter how scary, no matter how fearful you are of a poor or bad diagnosis, you must not let fear control your actions. You must make a decision, on your own, to get healthy. As we age, as we drive for more years, as we allow ourselves to not get the exercise we need, not eat the foods we know we should eat, and not see the doctor as regularly as we know we need to see him, it gets harder and harder to face the growing reality. The longer it is between doctor’s visits, the easier it is to continue not going. A quick and accurate diagnosis is the best path to a quick and complete recovery. Please see a doctor today!


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