Rates continue to skyrocket, all three segments set record highs

| July 01, 2014

Per-mile rates on the spot market in June continued the major upward swing seen throughout most of 2014, and all three segments — flatbed, reefer and dry van — set record highs, according to July 1 data from Internet Truckstop.

Dry van led the month-to-month increases with a 15-cent jump from May, bumping it to an all-time high of $2.30 a mile and besting the previous all-time high ($2.19) set in March 2014.

That rate also bests last June’s by 21 cents. June 2013 set an all-time high last year for van rates, which stood until March 2014.

Flatbed rates rose 8 cents in the month to $2.39 a mile — the segment’s second consecutive all-time high. Flatbed rates have soared in recent months, climbing 31 cents a mile since January. Flatbed rates are usually non-volatile, holding between $1.90 and $2.14 between February 2011 and March 2014.

Rates in the segment are up 25 cents from the same month last year.

Reefer rates rose four cents in the month to $2.63, following a huge jump from April to May (19 cents). The segment also for the second straight month set a record high. It’s up 13 cents from last June.

Rate increases have been predicted for this year due to an uptick in freight and tightened capacity caused by the regulatory environment.

  • Trucking Company Owner

    About god damn time!

  • Mind Games

    Yes but you won’t be around to enjoy them for much longer because many of you are not important enough for the future of transportation.
    And so use the extra to dump your debt Obama and the corporate elite have other plans….
    You’ve been warned…

  • Coffeeclue

    Bitch when rates are down, then bitch when rates are up. All Obama’s fault. Typical trucking republicans.

  • Jack Simon

    Spoken like a 4 wheeler.

  • Jack Simon

    Fuel prices are up and rates are up. The increase in rates will not translate to raises for company drivers and the reason that will be used is fuel prices. When the fuel goes down again, they will find some other excuse to keep the pay down.

  • Coffeeclue

    Hardly. My own truck and authority since 2004.

  • Blu

    Right! I keep to my rates. If they don’t want to pay it, we won’t load it.

  • blu

    Cheap freight is still out there, and you can bet some idiot is taking it. I don’t take anything less than two dollars a mile. Getting mad and pointing fingers is not helping. We did this to ourselves by not being able to work together.

  • Jack Simon

    I didn’t doubt that you own your own truck and authority.
    It sounds like a 4 wheeler just the same.

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