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Rates skyrocket in March as flatbed, van set records

| April 01, 2014

Per-mile spot market rates in all three segments — flatbed, reefer, van — soared upward in March, according to data released April 1 by loadboard Internet Truckstop. Flatbed and dry van rates hit all-time highs in the time Internet Truckstop has been keeping records, since 2005. 

This is the second straight month rates in all three segments surged, coming on the heels of February’s rebounds in rates after each segment saw a small fall in January, likely due to severity of the year’s winter. 


Pay by performance, rate trends

Was 2013 the year that changed driver pay forever? Gordon Klemp seems to think so. Catch a vid with him here from the TCA meeting ...

 Dry van rates in the month hit $2.19, besting July 2013’s previous record of $2.09 a mile and rising 11 cents from the month prior. Dry van first hit the $2 mark in July 2012 and were only above that threshold twice in all of 2013, but March was the fourth consecutive month van rates were higher than $2. 

Van rates in March were 37 cents higher than in March 2013. 

Reefer rates posted a near all-time high, too, surging 12 cents to $2.41 a mile, the highest since June 2013. Reefer rates in the month were 36 cents higher than the same month in the previous year. 

Flatbed rates, usually less volatile than van and reefer, jumped 9 cents to $2.20 — also an Internet Truckstop record. Flatbed rates usually move by only a few pennies each month and have been between $1.94 and $2.14 since March 2011. As weather warmed in the month, flatbed load demand in construction and other weather-sensitive sectors likely contributed to the increase.

Economists and researchers have been predicting rate increases for the year based on tightening capacity caused by restrictive regulations and improving freight market. 

  • Big Boss

    I don’t know how ITS determines the rates most of the freight listed doesn’t have a rate listed? Very poor choice of research :(

  • g

    Shippers were counting on stupid lowpaid mexicans to haul freight but most are in Jail for hauling dope and stealing.

  • g

    If the cops get all these illegal aliens OUT of trucking..their MIGHT be drivers INTERESTED in working… it stands TODAY there will be a Capacity Shortage because it has become an UNDESIREABLE MISERABLE foreigner infested Dump of an Industry…..and that does NOT even ADDRESS the intolerable Barrage of new stultifying, crippling, stifling regulations, rules, Compliance Orders, Cop Mandates…….good luck finding suckers and chumps to Waste their time living in a tin box for the crap pay of minimum wage. The industry has Fast painted themselves into a corner…….Accident Rates and fatalities are rising quickly too. best wishes finding chumps to drive.

  • DonM

    I’ll never get back into the trucking business again, unless the driver pay is over 120K per year and I can carry a gun to protect myself.

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  • localnet

    Been doing very good so far…

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Yes, rateS take a modest increase while tolls SOAR what is wrong with this picture. When will rates SOAR!

  • mike

    There are no illegal aliens in trucking. You can’t get a cdl without being documented. You just have a problem with foreigners. Why don’t you harness your powers of hate to try and change the industry? Instead of using your hate to go against foreigners who want to make a living like everyone else.

  • guest

    Yep….alot of truckers are robbed these days..and worse! We should ALL bear arms. We are invaded by foreigners today here illegally committing any CRIME they damn well please. Defend Yourself for sure if you are going to be living in a Tin Box on the open road…you are for SURE a target! Dont be a Victim. Our “gov” does NOTHING to keep these Invaders OUT of here and the Cops will be of NO help until AFTER the CRIME against you…….you are On Your Own Today…against organized invading criminal aliens…30%of our prison population is illegal aliens……Gov could care LESS!

  • guest

    its funny….the News channels reported the mexican caught hauling 45 MILLION DOLLARS of Narcotics in San Bernadino was an illegal alien?? YOU are right? and THE MEDIA is wrong?? no illegal aliens according to YOU??? you are probably an illegal alien yourself.

  • bossman

    If chumps like you wouldn’t hate everyone else you could use that energy and make trucking better.

  • pops

    on board recorders made mandatory for owner operators will be the death of all owner operators. It simply means us owner operators won’t be able to hustle anymore…

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Pops, what !? Del Ray is so fed up with this nonsense it took everything in me not to respond to g all this blame it on, Obama the illegal aliens which we all already discussed !@##$% did they get a license if no hablo ingles and soon as they leave California like I said game over. ALSO, AGAIN, BEFORE ANYTHING rates will be 125% of DOE published fuel cost, which is appx $5CPM and based on this article the $2.14 Del Ray has doubled your income. Now on board recorders (so what first of all again I have never had the desire to run 3500 miles in 2 days on paper) what this means what the industry is telling you DECREASE miles and INCREASE the rates. Now Del Rays needs to stop repeating himself and say something new I hope all you people realize that WE ARE UNDERWRITING the U.S. economy raising the rates will adversely effect the entire country but while we keep it afloat we also get treated like dirt. It is commonsense also we are further allowing the shipper, broker, and trucking company to remain rich more in their pockets less in yours off of us to which blaming it on the Mexicans does not follow! Be Safe . . . . **Offline**

  • guest

    No doubt you wont “bend the rules” or make up for lost time using a ComicBook….E Logs is very margin for fudging.

  • guest

    There are NO illegal aliens driving 18 wheelers?? What planet do YOU live on?

  • Yard dog

    I agree with you been out here as an owner operator for 35 yrs I guess our government is really confused as I’m reading this I’m watching the news on the latest fort hood shooting the top dog stated something is terribly wrong , Daaa two shootings guess who is doing them, not Americans is it we probably will have all Iranian army before long!!!

  • gw

    really there are so many illeagals it aint funny and when you wake up and figure out this country is shot to hell and the only ones making money and that will continue to make money is the trucking companies and the companies big enough to donate millions of dollars to goverment

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Don, I am curious and fully agree with you $120K net and not gross. Question how would you go about raising rates across the board?

  • $2.20 +


  • $2.20 +

    If the guys taking the $1.20-$1-80 per mile loads would stop.! Maybe we could get the rates up.And if most of the brokers wouldn’t be so greedy. Just Saying .I think Its looking up though.I see the rates easing up. Its our time to make some serious coin.

  • cdk

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