Rates soar in May as flatbed, reefer set records

| June 02, 2014

Rates in all three segments boomed in May, continuing to build on recent per-mile upticks, according to data released June 2 by Internet Truckstop. 

Reefer rates on the spot market led the month-over-month increases with a 19-cent jump from April. Reefer is also up 18 cents from May 2013. 

Its $2.59 a mile is the highest recorded since Internet Truckstop began tracking rates in 2005. 

Flatbed likewise set a record, jumping another 6 cents from April to $2.31 a mile — its second straight record high. 

Flatbed rates are 23 cents higher than the same month last year and have climbed 24 cents since the beginning of the year. They’re up 25 cents from the same month in 2012. 

Rates in dry van also followed suit, rising 7 cents to $2.15 — the second all-time highest per-mile rate on record, according to Internet Truckstop, coming up just shy of March 2014’s record of $2.19. 

Van rates are 17 cents higher than the same month last year. This is also the sixth consecutive month rates in the segment were above the $2 mark — a threshold it only bested for the first time in June 2012 and only topped three months in 2013, with one of them being December.

Rate increases are expected this year due to an uptick in freight and tightened capacity caused by the regulatory environment. 

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  • Foster

    Someone forgot to tell the brokers about higher rates! I sure haven’t had better rates, completely opposite.

  • Melly

    Well then the brokers should be told to pump up the rates on loads because I havent seen any changes yet !!!

  • jim stewart

    I’m seeing truckers making $4 + per mile to move sheet rock. We don’t fool with sheet rock but all building material hauling rates are up. We move mostly lumber products for a few specific customers who are buried in freight right now. Very few are grumbling anymore about rates. Most are happy at this point just to obtain a minimal amount of trucks to move their loads. I haven’t had much of an argument at all on our pricing. The issue right now is squarely where it should be plain and simple *service*. They’re also looking for loyalty (in other words will you return to move more of our loads?), and how fast can you cover these loads. Several I see are paying more than adequate to simply return back empty for another load. How long will this last? Who knows-but hopefully this is a sign of more good to come especially after four years of this transportation roller coaster ride…

  • jim stewart

    There’s an abundance of brokers and carriers out here that are so damn used to screwing the majority of truckers it’s very hard to break old habits although there’s a real shortage of trucks right now. Of course we still have certain load-board idiots who continue discounting freight rates while at the same time they can’t cover these loads. I think a lot of those folk sit behind a monitor hundreds or thousands of miles a way disconnected to reality on the ground!..

  • guest

    Lots of skilled Flatbedders and Reefer Drivers have LEFT trucking…for good reason…there will continue to be a shortage in these 2 segements….One driver was Killed today on I-5 Encinitas cal…attemptting to haul Produce(June 3)…one guy was from TIJUANA and the guy killed had smashed into the back of him…seems odd…at 1AM as usual..the all night runs require SKILL. This will be the NORM for years to come as REAL TRUCKERS leave this CHARADE, HOAX, and load of Bullcrap being heaped on our Industry…expectmore and more wrecks as Good Jourmen leave for industries that are MORE SANE?????

  • guest

    Oh no…it doesnt work that way….Brokers take MOST of the revenue…they will only shell out the little TINY amount to MOST truckers…sure there is an INCREASE in Pay from Shippers…aBonanza for Wealthy Brokers…they KEEP all that increase and give the pverty stricken trucker the usual amount…close to DOG POOP…..they cal that “MarketMaking”….making sure the TINY amount the Trucker gets remains the SAME…constant…No INCREASE to the TRUCKER….the BROKER will quietly keep all increases….Like Vegas…they dont get RICH by giving chumps an even break…..ahahahaah again another JOKE on the trucker….get it??

  • guest

    Absolutely…the broker will fight this Tranparency stuff too….they prefer MORE money for them….the rate to the truck will NOT increase unless you put the brokers gonads in a Vice…even then its questionable.

  • guest

    ‘broker” is just a polite word for Lying Thieving Crooked Rip Off Artist…the Shipper will be Paying MORE as skilled Truckers quit the industry…the broker will GET RICH in this process……Truckers will be LIED to as usual by the broker…..as he pockets all increases.

  • Mark Platt

    Some of you act like the brokers hold a gun to your heads and force you to haul cheap freight. I have averaged over $2.00 a mile on all miles this year with a dry van, I do it by telling the brokers what I want to haul a load for them, not asking them what they will give me. If my rate is not met I call the next one. I may sit a day every once in a while, but I just refuse to haul anything below my profitable rate.

  • Tom

    Your absolutely right. We have averaged $2.67 a mile with a van. If I call and get a bad rate I pretty hang up on them. I would rather sit a day with no load than to get taken advantage of while the broker is going to eat his steak and we get mcdonalds. Best thing that has happened to us is find a good broker and then do a high volume with them…….

  • Deez Nuts

    I have a customer who was pays me to deadhead back every single load and makes no complaints about my rate.

  • Deez Nuts

    Just say no to cheap freight. The prices are not set in stone they are a starting point for negotiations.

  • Kendall Oakleaf

    I sure do see a lot of people on these forms saying that if they don’t get 2.00a mile they wont haul it like 2.00a mile is good money it used to be y’all better start realizing that you and you truck and all of your expenses are worth a lot more than 2.00 a mile I’m usually happy around 3.50 and up. I flatbed in FLORIDA ONLY the money is out there go get it and quit accepting less than you should to run freight.

  • Gary

    As it says, there is an abundance of freight to be hauled/brokered. That is an opportunity for someone to make money. ie carrier/broker. So if a broker gives a customer a price that is too high, they typically wont win the bid to move said freight. Think about it, not all these customers can afford to pay these rates. This leads them to shop bids from brokers, driving the price down, and bobby brokerage still wants to make money, driving the offered price even lower. Its a vicious cycle, especially with how much available freight is out there.

  • Arturi

    Same here before our family bought our own trucks we were brokers and know how they work. Key to this is patience. I never load my drivers the same say they get empty. By doing that they catch up in their hours and when I start looking for loads my truck is empty. No waiting around trying to guess if the receiver will just take 2 hours. As for finding a load just wait it out until the desperate brokers call that about 1-3pm. Never negotiate a load early morning unless they have a good rate. Remember we jave the trucks we have to set the rates not the brokers.

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