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Re-use, re-purpose, ridicule, repeat

It’s a good thing I’m opposed to clutter, otherwise, I’d surely be a hoarder. Everyone’s seen a road hoarder – it’s the car you look down into and see mountains of paper and trash and clothes, with a tiny cockpit area carved out for the driver – who is usually an itty old woman. We’ve all seen the trucks with four feet of debris on the dash, that just thinking about the condition of the bunk and sheets makes you feel like taking a shower. These are the trucks we avoid, because these are the people who wouldn’t think twice about leaving the scene after taking part of your bumper off in a parking lot. They’ve strayed far from the notion of “re-use and re-purpose” and right on into the realm of just plain no-pride nasty.

We try to do our part when it comes to recycling. Our group of family and friends may have teased George once or twice about his container habit – he has been known to save anything with a lid, and has an extensive collection of coffee cans filled with various pieces of this and that to prove it. I too have a hard time throwing things away – especially things that haven’t been used to their full extent. We’re huge fans of Goodwill, and keep a revolving bag of items slated for donation by the closet door. I’m fairly certain I’ve donated and bought the same shirt three times, but it all goes to charity, right?

Keeping the number close, in case I need a ride home. (It's still a neat bracelet.)

Keeping the number close, in case I need a ride home. (It’s still a neat bracelet.)

So sometimes I may go a little overboard with my re-purposing efforts. It’s for the planet, so back off, yo!

We’re riding down the road, happy as clams (why are clams so happy, anyway?) when he notices my recent recycling efforts.

“Uh, babe, correct me if I’m wrong, but is that a cat collar you have on your wrist?”

“Yes! Isn’t it neat? It glows in the dark.”

“Meow. Really? Meow.”

“Why are you meowing at me? It was too small for our fathead cat, and I had already thrown the tags away, so I took the bell off and used it as a bracelet. Isn’t it neat? It has little skulls on it and they glow in the dark and stuff.”


Sleepy McSleep and the howling Wonders

“Somehow, I don't think we'll need the dog for infamy -- your solo act is fine for that.”

“And stuff? What stuff? Do they have flea repellent embedded in them? Are you chipped, too? Meow. I guess I don’t have to worry about you wandering off at a truck stop anymore.”

“Stop meowing at me. It’s a neat bracelet.”

“If you’re a cat. Meow.”

“It matches my necklace.”

“Oh Lord, where’d you get the necklace? Pet Smart?”

“Laugh, funny man, laugh. You bought it for me, turd burglar.”


Operation Roger, Susanne Spirit get some national ink

Growing for a long moment, the Operation Roger network of volunteer haulers making themselves available to connect adopted pets with new caretakers -- or to ...

“I bought it from a turd burglar? What? Meow.”

“Shut up and leave me alone.

“Meow kay.”

“I hate you.”

This is where I flounce to the back and slam the curtains (which is really not as much of a statement as I’d like it to be) and rethink my recycling efforts. Sometimes, being kind to the planet is hard. Meow.

  • Clyde

    Just a FYI Wendy. Goodwill is a private owned company. The do hire those with “issues”. But pay them very very little The Salvation Army is a better choice.
    Keep up the GREAT work!!

  • grandpa5x

    Amen. Salvation Army is the only organization that shows up at disasters ONLY LOOKING TO HELP! The rest show up with their wares for sale.

  • Spaztazz

    Not so goodwill is a non profit and wages are better then some think. Been a driver for goodwill denver for 4 years and wages aren’t bad. Yes the parent company is goodwill international in Chicago but is a non profit as well with a board of directors with people from all walks of life and companies as well

  • Wendy

    Goodwill creates jobs for people who wouldn’t have them otherwise. Those people can work, instead of being dependent upon tax dollars that come directly from my pocket, so I’m happy to support the effort. We also donate a lot to local thrift stores, ones run by churches, because any time you can keep your charitable monies close to home, it benefits you and yours. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.