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Reader: Parking enforcement in La Porte, Texas, gets tough

| January 28, 2014

No Trucks signPolice in the town, situated between Barbours Cut and Bayport Container terminals near Houston, have taken a turn in willingness to issue citations to drivers parking within city limits. La Porte was recently in the trucking news following a public meeting over a proposed new truck stop in the town (Pilot subsequently withdrew its plans to build) and what Land Line called a “‘get in and get out’ approach when it comes to truck drivers stopping in their community.”

The city has an ordinance against truck/trailer parking, too.

Jeffery A. Tippit, Safety Director with Clark Freight Lines, headquartered in nearby Pasadena, Texas, wrote in to warn any drivers thinking of parking in La Porte anywhere except the two existing truck stops to think again. Tippit, also an officer with the city of La Porte’s Police Department, says traffic enforcement officers were ordered by the City Council to take a hard line on parking. “The city has taken the approach that any truck parking in a parking lot of a business, other than a truck stop or terminal,” Tippit wrote, “or the destination of the truck, is off the truck route and subject to a citation for such. Before this, there was an understanding that as long as the trucks were bobtailed, there would be no issues raised.”

Trucks have been cited at Kroger, Burger King, Whataburger and even at the “hotel/motel parking lots when [the drivers] are staying at such places,” Tippit added. Some of his own drivers at Clark have received warnings for such activity there, too.


Tragedy in Nashville after low-speed tip-over

The above looks due west/northwest on Glenrose Avenue in Nashville, Tenn., just up the road from the site of a tragedy a few nights back ...

“There has since been a directive from the Chief that any truck seen parking at any business other than the truck stops,” Tippit wrote, “will be advised to leave the area and cited for such violations. The PD officers do not agree, however they have followed the order of the Chief as he was directed by City Council to enforce the City Ordinance as written.”


‘Parking firestorm’ cools into substantive, driver-led effort

Independent owner-operator Jason Haggard is urging able drivers to join him at a June 18 council meeting in Coon Rapids, Minn., to begin the process ...

A subsequent phone conversation with Tippit revealed that a City Council meeting held following his note to Overdrive saw police representatives saying citations would be the officer’s discretion, but that drivers seen parking would be asked to leave. 

In any case, thanks to Tippit for the FYI. “I wanted to let your journal know so that other drivers can be made aware of this situation and not have to suffer the issuance of a citation as some of my drivers have,” he says.

Anybody have issues in the city in the recent past? 

  • Jason Haggard

    These cities around the country are going overboard with this, if they don’t want trucks then all they have to do is get in their cars and drive the few hundred miles to a distribution center…………oh wait that would inconvenience them.

  • laurahix

    Grand Saline, TX is the exact same way, there is a Morton Salt there, and you don’t park ANYWHERE in the city. We LIVE here and have to pay to park because we can’t park at our home. Driver’s can’t park to go to restaurants or anything. It’s one of those get in get out, unless you pay. There are no truck stops

  • Steve

    Just another reason not to take loads to La Porte, TX. I impose a surcharge to go down there anyway, do to the excessive truck harassment. Now I just won’t go at all. Taking a load down there, one needs to plan on arriving about an hour and a half early. They usually sit under the bridge on 225 and pull trucks over for a one hour inspection on the side of the highway. So one needs to plan for that, although I’ve never gotten a ticket there, I have spent uncompensated time on the side of the road there, only because I was driving a truck in Texas.

  • Fred Emini

    Fred Emini
    RFL delivery service in streamwood IL.
    As en owner of a company. I’m not taking orders at all they can go to hell and I think we all should boycott la Porte let them drive 100 to go shopping. What they don’t know that every think comes in truck.

  • James Deboard

    They dont want us in there city unless we are hauling something they need !!!! Simple,dont take anything going to laporte,Texas!!!

  • hk

    Those Laport DOT is nothing but hungry bastards , i myself haul containers from bayport area and they got a DOT station under the bridge on 225 and do nothing but harass trucks all day. One day someone broke into my truck and i called the police and they showed up after 3 hours being the station being on the opposite street . They said they were not available. But they harass trucks all day.

  • Herpa Derp

    Let them fuckers go hungry and cold no food or anything for them

  • Jimmy the Greek

    The state of texas has become real chickinshit ! I had a level two insp . by DPS two times in 150 miles FYI I live in Texas .

  • Dave Nichols

    here is the solution. make this well known in the undustry and BOYCOTT this city. no deliveries, no purchases, nothing!!



  • brad

    Make the deliveries but double the rate.Make them pay just to see a truck drive by.

  • Athar Ali

    Double the rate going there to make up the harassment in LaPorte area. Sickening!

  • ted wysocki

    I agree. Just stop taking loads in, but of course the companies wont do that they want to haul any load they can get. And this will spread across the nation eventually.

  • Life With No Fixed Address

    This trend is very troubling. The citizens don’t want the trucks on the street and they don’t want a truck stop that keeps them off the street, Yet they won’t take the next step, and pressure shippers and receivers in their community to come to the table and provide parking and facilities.

  • Brian

    How are truckers even supposed to know about these laws? They can’t know the rules for every city they pass through!

  • Larry Cook

    Okay, so they do not want trucks parked on private property etc. Fine. Then let em wish they had delivery of neccessary items like toilet paper. When the population cannot wipe their azzs, see how loudly they can gripe.
    The average Joes do not have a clue as to just how those products get to their stores. They just want to complain about how bad the heros of the road have become.
    To all the Knights of the Road, a great big thanks. You travel so many more miles than the average drivers do, and do it in a mostly safe manner.
    It is the occasional oops, that gets all the media attention. How about it, what is the true ratio of miles to accidents? And for the most part, who is the root cause of many of those accidents?

  • Larry Cook

    Amen, just look at the “left coast” other wise known as California, with their no idle laws etc. You are forced to park truck, and pay for a motel, when you have a perfectly good bunk and truck more secure with you in it.
    And do not even think of busting the mandated hours of service DOT has now put into law.
    So what to do? Used to be contract drivers opted out of New York City, but for me, would be no California. Especially with load of toilet paper or any other neccessary item…. and just wait to hear the population gripe. Would serve em right.
    Truckers rule. And are taxed to death too.

  • gholfdude

    I guess the Chief won’t stand up to the misguided city council? Do they have hiring authority over his position? Even if they do, this is idiotic. If I was an officer I simply wouldn’t “see” any trucks.

  • gholfdude

    How about the trucking companies just start dropping their loads at the city limits – let the businesses come pick up their stuff – see how long that lasts. Yeah, I suppose that’s not really realistic but maybe an additional fee tacked on for delivery in a “hostile-work zone”. Start charging a few of the local businesses and let them make a few calls to the Mayor and Council. These local cities and their revenue generation schemes – or even just simple hatred of trucks in general – morons!

  • RichieC

    WOW….i think this back water berg needs to have its buisness owners all get in their suv’s and pick up what ever is needed to live their . I cant realy see why i would take a load or a stop there. Milk trucks……delivery…even the scabs at fed ex……should all simply erase that town from their destination list / service area until that town GETS IN LINE.

  • Tipster

    I would bet that truckers would be interested to know that mr Jeffery A. Tippit WAS a DOT officer with the city of La Porte. Due to conflict of interest, one might guess that the reassignment from the chief of Police could be due to him possibly issuing tickets to Clark Freight lines competitors???? Would would wonder if any on you had direct contact with mr Tippit in the years past??? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.