Readers largely cynical on ‘nuclear’ filibuster move

| December 29, 2013

Filibuster hot buttons pollDemocrats in the Senate exercised the so-called “nuclear option” on filibuster rules, effectively eliminating their use to prevent a simple-majority vote on executive appointments (the rule change does not apply to filibusters of legislation). The “nuclear option” term was, somewhat ironically, coined a decade ago by a member of the Republican Party facing growing use of the filibuster by the then-Democratic minority in the Senate. Readers looked on skeptically over November and December on the issue. Nearly 80 percent took a negative view of the Democrats’ move.

“The real mark of a leader is the ability to bring parties together and reach a compromise,” remarked Tom T., commenting at, suggesting the president and Democratic colleagues in the Senate just didn’t have the necessary skill to do what it takes.

“Typical childish play,” echoed Timothy H. Martin, writing on Overdrive’s Facebook page. Members of both parties, he added, “should be put in a sandbox somewhere and not let out until they get along.”

There was, however, a measure of support for the move among commenters. “Republicans have blocked 67 nominees” to federal agencies and the courts “that the Obama administration has presented,” wrote M. Rick Richards, presenting the crux of the problem. “The total number of blocked nominees combined for all presidents is 62.”

  • James

    It’s true that the Republicans blocked a large number of nominations,Mr. Richards. But did you look at the “qualifications” of these nominees? Did you consider the characteristics of the people the alleged president has placed in his cabinet and other positions of power? Just THESE show a tendency to place people who have very UN-American leanings. Convicted Criminals,people with ties to Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida,card carrying Socialists,etc.,NOT to mention people who are very openly racist. I don’t know about you,but I’d rather not have people like that in key positions in control of segments of OUR Government,and ESPECIALLY not in the Supreme Court! The alleged president already did a pretty good job of “stacking the deck” during the LAST term,the reality of “Justice” is already a coin-toss. THIS go-round has been his attempt to finish the job.

  • DoRightBilly

    Just to say you are out of touch would be paying you a compliment. Don’t know you James, but when one bury ones head in the sand you shut out the rest of the world.

  • James

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