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Readers: More gun restriction won’t help

| January 16, 2013

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut late last year, ending a particularly gruesome year for mass murder in the United States, Overdrive readers delivered a message counter to general-public polling data in answer to our own question on gun ownership and official restrictions. With President Obama’s announced priorities on tightening restrictions and media outlets reporting poll results showing a fairly even split on most questions about the need for more or less controls on ownership, nine out of 10 Overdrive readers say they either favor fewer restrictions or stand in support of the regulatory status quo.

“If the government enforced the current regulations prohibiting violent criminals and the psychologically impaired from obtaining guns, these atrocities would be far less,” wrote Lou Segarra of Elmont, N.Y. His home state’s government, as of this writing, had just made a move ahead of the federal government to write new restrictions on magazine capacity to no more than 7 rounds into its existing laws, among other changes. “Instead,” Segarra added, “the government simply uses these horrific acts to grandstand and make new laws … in an effort to justify their salaries.”

Reader Craig Hansen told the story of the two times he’d had to “present” his weapon in 32 years of ownership. “Both times it did save my life,” he said, “thereby saving my family too.” While he says he’s grateful “for the security our police and armed forces afford us to enjoy in the peace and sanctity of everyday life … sometimes you’re on your own.”

Such as the time he backed up a local deputy during a break-in at a neighbor’s house. “Our deputies are really spread thin here and could use a break,” said Hansen. The deputy “was glad for the help. I respect you if don’t like or want a gun, but I do … and I want the same respect given to me.”

Find other responses below:
Russell Steen: Where does it end? The government has no plan, no budget, no morals – now they want our rights as well.

Charlie Baker: The only reason for government to enact gun control is to keep the people from resisting the government. The Second Amendment was written to allow the people the means to resist tyrants, whether they be domestic or foreign.

Chris Nixon: Gun control does not mean gun confiscation — that’s a ridiculous fear instilled in gullible minds by a gun industry driven by profits over humanity. I’m a gun owner, and a Second Amendment advocate, but I have no use for an assault rifle designed to kill humans in mass numbers on the battlefield.

Shawn L. Hubbard: With all due respect, civilian assault rifles fire one bullet with every trigger pull, just like any other gun. Assault rifles are no more dangerous than any other gun. The difference is that the gun has a cosmetic aesthetic that appeals to people. If you believe these guns should be banned, then you believe in banning guns, period.

Gordon Alkire: Guns do not walk into a place and pull their own triggers. Same with automobile accidents where people are killed — the car did not get into the accident on its own.

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  • jescott418

    When you look at the recent mass shootings. At Sandy Hook and Aurora Colorado. You had mentally unstable individuals that planned out a attack. These are rare but if either one of these individuals ran over and killed these people. We would not be talking about banning cars. We would be talking about mental illness and what we can do to prevent these people from hurting others. That’s just what we should be doing. Not blaming a gun or the type of gun.

  • godfearingrebel

    Its interesting, is it not? Amazing how these ‘mentally unstable’ idiots happen to plan EVERY ONE of their attacts in place where americans are not allowed to carry guns. What a coincedent

  • Jimmy

    I’ll feel so much better once only the criminals have guns.

  • Josef

    Gun control in idiotic. Why don’t we ban spoons too. They make people fat. More people are killed every year by obesity then by guns.

  • Trucker Troy

    More People were killed with hammers last year than rifles.
    So i say we immediatly ban high capacity tool boxes and require permits and background checks to buy hammers. back ground checks to be done by all hardware stores. I havent found the statistics on screwdrivers yet. but as soon as i do i will move for an immidiate ban on all packages of screw drivers containing more than six! Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it?

  • Hwy Star

    bull crap, it is illegal to hunt deer in most states with 223 cal {AR-15 assault rifle} because they don’t have the power to kill deer with out a well placed shot.. The only way to stop a crazy man with a gun is a (hopefully more than one) sane man with a gun

  • JeffHollifield

    We don’t need any new gun restrictions, the justice system just needs to enforce the laws and restrictions that we’ve already got. Besides, it don’t matter how many gun restriction, bans, etc. that we may have if the justice system won’t enforce the laws then what good are they and criminals will honor and/or obey any new laws that is passed cause they’re not going to automatically start following laws just cause somebody tells them to.

  • JeffHollifield

    Also, the thing that I don’t understand is this: before guns came along, knives, wood, tools, rocks, bare hands, etc. but yet they don’t want to try and ban, restrict the ability to kill with anything but guns. Is it just me or does others think that the gun bans, restrictions makes no sense whatsoever, especially common sense?

  • M

    We don’t only need just so called assault weapons. We need real assault weapons which are fully automatic machine guns. It is clear observing what this minority elected traitor of a president has done AND is doing, we need RPG’s as well. Just like Muslims have used against our troops. Just like Afghanistan’s used on the USSR. Just like the Syrian rebels are using on the Syrian government. We need weapons for the reason the 2nd Amendment was put in place for. To protect us against a government gone bad.

  • Stretch

    I agree with Mr. Alkire…guns don’t kill people, people kill people and Mr. Baker is exactly right, the second amendment was written in order to give the people the right to take up arms against tyranny wether it be foreign or domestic, up to and including our own government. A former president once said ” To disarm the people is to enslave the people”. Lets face it, the crimminals will always have access to guns iregardless of what ever restrictions are passed. Finally Mr.Nixon, you must have bumped your freaking head.gun control its’ self doesn’t take our guns,it allows the government to track those who have them. The patriot act allows the government to take guns away from those they fear will stand up against them. The American people need to WAKE THE HELL UP.

  • Wotallday

    People are saying that the massacres are perputrated by mentally ill persons……………………. – Well, with the for profit style Healthcare that the US insist on, there is no room for adequate Healthcare as there is no PROFIT or MONEY to be made, except maybe in drug sales, in treatment or therapy of people in need. – And as a sidenote; – If guns make us all safer, how come that you are not allowed to carry a loaded Gun at a Gunshow?!?????

  • Wotallday

    People killed by obesity did it themselves, – What does it take for ignorant guys like you to wake up?, – Having your own seven year old being killed by a “responsible gunenthusiast”?

  • M

    Emotion was never suppose to be a component of law: creating law, carrying out law, administering law. This emotion has been injected into our system of law since females have been allowed to work & become public Representatives. It is just another obvious failure in our country.

  • Don Lanier

    Im afraid if I listened to Alex Jones and these fear mongers who believe OUR government is going to take our guns and then put us all in Fema camps and feed us flu vaccines, WHEW…The NRA only wants to insure that GUN SALES dont stop, right now there making more money then ever before because of FEAR…The Parents of those innocent children killed want something done, The General Public only cares that they can still buy .22 shells or shotguns, Ive never hunted with a Machine gun but I can only assume those that do are just plain stupid as it ruins the Kill for consumption, or there blind and they need to spray 300 bullets to kill a jack rabbit….Its Poitics as usual with both sides dividing the people and dividing the country and the Washington shuffle goes on, The Lobbys give money, The Politician votes and tells the People hes doing whats best for them $$$$ and the Corporations building and selling the Faux Military guns that arent very good and sells them for huge profits, Alex Jones tells us we should secede and Impeach the president, Alex I guess you can do a better job with your ranting and Paranoid Ideas which sell survivalists food and guns and LED TINFOIL HATS…..ROFL It would be funny except for the 20 FIRST GRADERS WHO DIED….

  • CFreeman

    Since when should some gov’t employee determine what I need or don’t need in guns, food, healthcare, or anything? Since when does the fed gov’t determine the needs of state gov’t schools? This is the same fed gov’t that sells guns to drug cartels and tries to blame Arizona, the same that can’t do anything as well as private people.

  • Andrea Sitler

    This is a very divided issue. When I lived in the city, I saw no reason to own a gun. Police response was prompt and the main people with guns were criminals. Living the county, police response, if you even get any can be over 2 hours. With the coyotes, vagrants and other “wild life”; yes a gun is helpful and even needed. Do we need automatic weapons with 30 mag clips? Maybe for show or a gun range competition. Those are the weapons that should be registered and regulated. My real question is – guns don’t kill. It is the ammunition and owner that does the killing. Why not regulate the ammo sales and distribution? Track it and not the gun itself. Guns are resold, gifted and stolen. Ammo can be too, but more times than not, the ammo is self packed or purchased for the guns in question. Put the restriction there and not on the gun itself. No one needs armor piercing rounds. Let’s get real!

  • ldmff

    The 2nd Amendment was established to form and arm militias against foreign powers, to protect ourselves from our OWN government and to defend our families, friends and property. Why is it our government can’t learn from history, they tried prohibition and that resulted in the biggest crime wave in our history. Look at what has happened in Chicago?, NYC?, England?, China?, Mexico? Australia? with a gun ban, how’s that working out? Dial 911? They’ll be prying your cold dead fingers from your cell phone NOT YOUR GUN. By the time you ring up 911 it will be all over except for the shouting. A piece of paper banning guns won’t accomplish a damn thing while you have wacky sickos like Lanza and jackbooted thugs that will always find a gun, knife or a ball bat. Look at all the innocent little babies that are aborted every year and not ONE shot fired!

  • Todd Modderman

    We lose 5000 people a year from driving and using cell phone and 450,000 people are injured, when are we going to ban these dangerous weapons, and people BUY them for their kids. STOP THE MADNESS. BTW, baseball bats kill more than guns do, and we allow parents to buy these for their kids also and they are allowed to take them to school.. (FBI statistic).

  • M

    Listen to the House democratic steering and policy committee members 2013 Rayburn building, on C-Span 2. The dems, mostly women & negros and others are screaming about gun crime & working to attack the 2nd. What they should be doing is pointing at the Mexicans and negros who are out of control KILLING over 500 in 2012 in Chicago ALONE. (There is a long list of negro and Mexican cities in our country, since government has given them free birthing and welfare, not only Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington DC, AND ON AND ON). If this be the case, which it is, then all Mexicans & negros, and all foreigners included, must NOT be aloud to have or buy guns. WOMEN AND MINORITIES MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO DICTATE law to the very people who made this country from sea to shining sea. This said, looking at these dem scum, and the cities mentioned, and crimes against whites, in our own country, along with the inundation of our country by Mexicans and their breeding program in our country, at our expense. There was recently a negro male on TV that was bragging about having 11 kids by 10 different females. These are the problems in America which the DEMS UTTERLY FAIL TO POINT AT. What we are facing is a new form of Genocide at the hands of our own government.

  • mousekiller

    Lets say that the Government bans guns,.ALL guns. People will still be killed with guns by people. Are anti gun people so stupid that they don’t know about the old time street gang favorite called the ZIP gun.. Easy to make, easy to shoot and it does use ammo that is easy to acquire and untraceable. The government and the anti gun nuts don’t have a clue. And yes it is easy to make your own projectiles too. ZIP gun. Take the fear out and call it a ZIP tool.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    These types of individuals plan their attacks. They are rarely spontaneous. If they don’t have guns at their disposal, the evil or mentally deranged individuals that do these types of crimes will take the time to come up with other plans to kill numerous people at one time. Bombs for example, which we have seen in basement garages in the past, planes (even if private) flown into buildings, arson, poisonings (e.g. Tylenol in the past). These people are ingeneous at their evil plans, and not having guns will likely not stop them. It will just slow them down for a time, until they can regroup and use a different method. By the way I think some of them may very well mow people down with a driven vehicle sometime in the future. So taking away guns from law abiding people does nothing, but give the government more power. They took the guns away from the Jewish citizens in Nazi Germany, and then look what happened to the Jewish people. To say our government could never do such a thing is being naive.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    I agree more than a coincidence indeed. They want to go where people or children can’t fight back before they can accomplish their goals. Many of them don’t care if they die in the end and even end up usually committing suicide. They however, don’t want to die until their evil goal is completed.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Read some statistics than more kids ages 16-22 I believe die by knife wounds than gunshot wounds. I wish I would have kept the link, but alas I didn’t. I just wish people had good old common sense. We are not babies that need to be babysat by our government. I also hear PETA is trying to get Obama to outlaw all game hunting too. Even the is it Mennonites or is it the Amish have guns to hunt game. They don’t serve in the military because they don’t kill people, yet they know guns are useful in killing game for their families to eat.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Obama said it’s worth it if even one person’s life is saved right? Well then he’ll have to shut down all the breweries, so not even one life will be killed by a drunk driver. I mean his logic is not logical. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people using various means. Sometimes it’s not intended and sometimes it is intended, but all adults know that we have no guarantee on the number of days we will live. You shouldn’t become a parent if you don’t realize that there is the possibility that a child of yours could not make it to adulthood because of a variety of reasons, e.g. birth complications, genetics, viruses, bacteria’s, accidental injuries, car accidents, and yes even a crazy person. My sister died at age five in a car accident when cattle got onto a road my parents were driving on. Both my parents were injured, and me and my younger sister were injured. My older sis and brother weren’t hurt were they needed to stay in the hospital. Life has no guarantees. I guess you could home school and home church to decrease the possibilities of a crazy getting you, but that is still no absolute guarantee, home break ins also happen. So I agree with you, it is idiotic, but some people don’t have common sense, and others do have sense and they are doing this to undermine the constitution and what our founding fathers were trying to prevent, a government that would become tyrannical.

  • M

    “If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
    ― James Madison

  • Ronn

    Guns are land mines. Perhaps you are a “safe” gun owner, but where will your gun be in a year, 5 years or 10 years. Lost, stolen, forgotten about, sold or given to whom ever?? And then somebody comes across it who makes a bad decision. We have 275 million of these land mines lying around America. And we need more guns to protect us from the guns we already have? Think again.

  • M

    The only land mines are people like you spreading your anti-American, anti-Constitutional nonsense.

  • Ronn

    Are you sure your gun will be in safe hands 5 years from now??? Thats not anti anything, thats common sense.

  • M

    I guess you would have AMERICANS spend money on guns, and then in case there guns in concrete. That would make them safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronn

    you do not answer my question. Are you sure your gun will always remain in safe hands?? Will it never be in a place where a child can find it?/ Never get lost or stolen?? Sold by your family when you die to just anybody?? It your responsiblity when you purchase a gun to think of this stuff.

  • M

    I answered your question. I don’t mean to be rude but your question is absurd. I can’t be sure of anything, neither can you. Are you sure you will always be a safe person? No, you can not. You could snap for a number of reasons. Maybe someone could penetrate your wife or daughter, or your son. Should we put you in a “straight jacket” starting right now because you might “snap”. Based on your thoughts we should!

  • mousekiller

    One thing most are overlooking. In light of our political environment this is nothing more than a manufactured excuse to ban guns. Yes! Sandy Hook and Colorado did happen and it happened because the individual wanted his 15 minutes of fame. Every shooting no matter how trivial or deadly gets far too much coverage in the biased media and that is what the shooters want. Their 15 minutes of fame . . It matters not how or why they copy each other. Our government and liberal fanatics are using it to help them take away your freedoms one right at a time.

    In all of our mechanized history the first thing a potential dictator or King does is to ban every means of defense from it citizens. That included every gun and shot gun every means of defense ..

    The rights of the citizens were limited . Look around you and ask your self how did this dictator get elected and what is he doing to our constitution especially the 2nd amendment?.

    This recent shootings are nothing more than a way to keep those bad evil guns on topic so that the malleable congressmen and senators will be afraid to not allow it to happen. We are becoming a 3rd world country because we will not stand up for our rights. This has been in the works for over 25 years and we have been so intent on government handouts we refused to see it happening for fear that our welfare subjects will revolt if their freebies are reduced or stopped.. .
    Only those that demand freedom can reverse this trend. The CDC will not tell you but there is an epidemic spreading across this land.

    It is called rectal cranial inversion.

    There is a simple cure but the government doesn’t want you to know how. It is really simple and anyone can do it at home, open your eyes and see what is going on around you.

  • mousekiller

    Ronn! Lets take your thinking one step further. Can you guarantee that you won’t be in an accident in your car that kills or maims someone next week? NO you can’t . It sounds as if your afraid of guns. I don’t understand how simple explanations are not understood. Guns don’t kill. I want to let you in on a little known secret. guns are tools. Shh don’t tell any one it may educate a liberal. People kill people.

    Here ya go now for the simple truth . Guns do not walk around on their own and go to the show buy a ticket then pull their own triggers and begin to kill people. Now I will let you guess how the guns did that. Only liberals know that answer and they aren’t sharing it.

  • mousekiller


    Your right on. Our political environment is heading for a 3rd world classification in the near future. Dictators don’t care about the future nor it subjects. It is control . It is power. Little difference between a king and a dictator.One wears a crown the other wears a bullet proof vest.

  • Ronn

    I have to drive. I need tools to repair things. I don’t need to own a gun. Gun ownership is a choice. What fear drives you to own a gun?

  • mousekiller

    Fear does not drive me to own or buy guns. The FREE choice to do so is why and I like to shoot them, I get a very nice safe feeling that if my home is broken into or my self and family is accosted on the street I can defend myself, my bride and kids from the ones intent on doing them harm. 911 is not an option when seconds count. It is the choice a free person can make. To own or not to own. Only a liberal and a person that has been brainwashed by socialism or is so under the thumb of welfare thinks otherwise. Many people that do not know how to make a choice on their own are the ones in FEAR.

  • M

    Our government has violated our rights in many ways, and is failing in it’s DUTIES to U.S. Citizens, as listed below. Our government has failed in it’s responsibilities according to the Constitution. The government has failed to protect our borders. Our government has failed to protect us, the Citizens of the United States. Government has allowed 10’s of millions of Mexican’s into our country. Government has allowed them to live and work in our country with little concern of being caught, jailed, and removed. Government has allowed them to birth 6 kids, free to them, and at great cost to us, $580 Billion a YEAR, then the cry about the debt, and demand more taxes. We where attacked by Muslims, and to stop the Muslims from coming into our country with bombs the government put in place the TSA, which violates OUR RIGHTS to free movement, freedom from search, violating the 4th Amendment, and allows Muslims to come into our country, RATHER THAN STOP THE MUSLIMS FROM COMING INTO OUR COUNTRY. Again the government fails to protect our border by allowing Muslims who attacked us into our country. The TSA is COSTING US again, $1 Trillion A YEAR. And our debt increase ea year. Now $16 TRILLION. And yet the government allows the Mexicans in our country to cost us $580 Billion a YEAR, and the TSA to cost us $1 Trillion a year. THE ABOVE MAKE NO SENSE, and have got to be playing on the minds of AMERICAN CITIZENS. Now the government wants to diminish our 2nd AMENDMENT to make it useless. Why? Because of all the damage they have done to us CITIZENS.

  • Alvin Lee Catron

    When it comes to an assult weapon such as AKA or UZI then time to BAN them for they have no use on our streets.. I had a recent burglary and stuck a 40 Smith & Wesson to a mans face then in his mouth and he showed no fear over the weapon but took the clip out thinking it would save his life but got beaten after I laid the gun down and picked up a crescent wrench and made massive breaks in his right arm for he just cost me $45,000 over several recent burglaries and nobody could catch him.. I finally did and learned that the heck with a gun for they make alot of noise in my house, make a mess from the person the bullet enters and worste of all then I have to live with the fact that I shot someone.. Plus not to mention what damage the bullet would do after exiting the body.. So to rememdy that and calm my nerves, I recently bought a TAZER which is nice and quiet, makes no mess, and no bullets to worry about.. Then to make it where I did not have to do physical control, I bought a STUNGUN for close up work.. The burglar goes to court tomorrow and I am going to be there to watch him plea and get sentenced.. The way I caught him was he made a call to my home and ask for help and I told him I was 80 miles away and in matter of only a few minutes he was in my back yard and entered thru a window to meet up with me and a handgun.. I could have legally shot him but that would have been the easy way out.

  • grainbuggy

    I agree with most of what you say. I totally agree with the Constitution. But I do think that I, as a foreigner, also have the right to bear arms, as written in the 2nd amendm

  • Liz Larson

    You are absolutely right.Guns do’nt kill people.People kill people.After the bombing of the OK City SSI building did you here people crying out to ban fertilizer and rental trucks?Taking the guns away from responsible gun owners is not going to stop crazy mentally unstable people from taking innocent lives.They will find another means.We need to focus on what is wrong with our society that We can recognize and prevent the mental Sickness that allows this to happen.We need to focus on keeping our people safe and mentally happy.If that can not be achieved.We need to recognize and stop potential lethal threats with out witch hunts!It’s a fine line,but do not take the guns away that protect me and my family from crazy’s.That is my right to protect my own.

  • Liz Larson

    And vote !Make our Government accountable.And make them work at least a 40 HR. work week.Which most of them do not.

  • Liz Larson

    You are so right.Our guns should not just be to hunt game.They should also be protection.So people that say only ban assault rifles??Think again.I was raised in a family where fire arms are respected and not feared,I say put more resources into identifiying potential mentally unstable people and intervene.

  • Liz Larson

    piece of cold rolled steel,pull her of the lathe so you have rifle spirals.drill a hole in the base for a wick.gun powder and pack your amo.Light her and watch out for recoil.You have a cannon.Glass jar,go to swamp,poke bottom with stick and collect swamp gas,a little dry grass,light on fire.Molatov Cocktail

  • Liz Larson

    A marine flare gun burns a nice hole also.They are for summoning help.LOL

  • Liz Larson

    I dont know about you and your family,but in mine they are handed down after the owner has passed.They are respected and valued.Kind of like Grandma’s fine china.Grandpa’s 270 Browning.We need to raise our young to respect and rasponsibly care for fire arms the way my family raised Me.

  • Liz Larson

    Of course I am sure.Most people other than criminals value there firearms so of course they are not going to just leave them laying around.If they do just leave them lieing around it is obvious that the fault is ignorance and that they were not brought up in a household where they were taught to value and respect firearms.This is are right to protect our own!!If they take that away from us It is time to stand up and demand our rights.This is one principle our country was founded on.

  • Liz Larson

    Gun ownership is not a choice!It is a right in this supposed Land of the Free.The fear that drives people and our forefathers to have the right to bear arms is simply that history does repeat itself.Need We go any further??Common sense

  • Liz Larson

    Well said.How ever the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.Is not a choice it is a RIGHT just like th name says.

  • Liz Larson

    If you own guns responsibly and educate your children to respect???Do you not teach your children anything about real life because it’s to dangerous.Just keep them hidden from all things risky??What kind of adults are they going to become if they have been sheltered and hidden from any real life?

  • Liz Larson

    You are absolutely right.To many people dictating and jumping to conclusions and worried about this could happen,or that could happen.Just deal with it when and IF it happens.Punish severely. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.