Reasons for the rise in truck-occupant crash deaths

| December 18, 2012
  • localnet

    The 14 hour rule is the obvious problem. As others had said, there is no way to stop and take a break or nap using YOUR bodies clock. this one size fits all mentality coming out of Washington DC is the problem with their unending need to control our every waking moment.

    And then we have the wages, the reason why many of us old timers have left the industry… I made more twenty some years ago, and my expenses were allot less. Free coffee and free showers (fuel or no fuel) used to be the norm out here to get our business. Now a cup of joe is upwards of $2 and showers up to $20 in some locals. Then we have the cost of a meal, figure $20 for something other than a hotdog.

    I honestly do not know how, or why these guys even do this work. I could not afford to do this job as a newbie, unless I was single with no financial responsibilities and did not mind living in a truck and living on junk food.

  • localnet

    That is one of the most ignorant statements I have read in quite awhile. Enough said.

  • localnet

    Agree, me and a buddy of mine are in the process of starting a trucking company, my third, his second. We are in the oil and gas industry now, and have found a carrier that fits our needs. It has been a nightmare with all of the new regulations and our screwed up taxing policies to get this off the ground. We have many questions and no answers, as the rules are in continual flux. Very frustrating.

  • Mike Jones

    Oh yea…drivers are “expendible”…..crash expenses are a “cost of doing business”..the execs could care less I believe they have a good laugh when a driver is killed or crippled…..many dispatchers actually despise drivers.

  • mousekiller

    good answer R Aldrich

  • odiillc

    ken nilsen! you clearly have no clue. go back to sleep

  • Mike Jones

    They are crashing and dying because they are Rookies…replacing old experienced drivers..who got OLD by driving sensibly…Thousands of drivers are quitting and these Newbies are “Trying it Out”…..good luck……you will certainly need it…….Fatalities should continue Skyward and remain steady for the forseeable future…it stands to reason.

  • Mike Jones

    AGREED….more and mor drivers are PISSED OFF today..and leaving this industry……it keeps getting more and more intolerable….any other line of work has GOT to be better than this industry…which at ONE TIME was kind of fun and interesting….NOT TODAY with satelite monitoring and some High School grad horsewhipping old grandad down the highway..making SURE he is On Time so the Millionaire Boss can pocket plenty of cash! How funny when ya look at THEN and Now…..used to be kind of cool…sure isnt cool today……Its Pathetic.

  • Mike Jones

    Agreed…leaving this crap behind is sensible..anything is better than all this GRIEF and LOW pay……

  • Mike Jones

    Funny…I saw a female driver at T/A Ontario east side..she was at the fuel island and actually had a Television Set bungy chorded up on the Dash..and watching soapoperas I guess..she was solo…She drove off and I could see the screen was ON!! Too funny……

  • Jammer

    I totally agree with you too Mike. I have been at this for more then 27yrs and it is getting to be a bunch of BS. We don ‘t even get the credit of honing our skills as a driver, our job is NOT concidered a skill trade……REALLY!!!  I would love to see Ann Ferro or that BONE HEAD Ray LaHood try backing this truck into a dock between two trucks with a wall directly across from the docks, without tearing the truck up or somebody elses truck.

  • James M.Stepp

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