Redmon discusses ‘Ice Road Truckers’

| June 03, 2011

OD: You were no longer a rookie TV star on this show – how did they change your experience?

Redmon: My time in India went by pretty fast. I was totally caught off guard with the way everything was done. There are massive amounts of people trying to put this show together, and you’re just one small part.

When I went to Alaska I had a little bit better grasp of what was going on. The second show was just a lot easier to do than the first one. I knew exactly what to expect and what they were looking for. On the first show I was just really stupid.

I didn’t know what they wanted to get out of me and why the producer kept asking me the same question over and over. This time I knew why. It was a good experience. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.