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Report: Medical regs shore up weaknesses

| December 13, 2012

The investigative arm of Congress — the Government Accountability Office — said in a Nov. 30 report that new medical regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration should help keep impaired drivers and those deemed medically unfit — because of epilepsy or substance abuse issues — from operating commercial vehicles.

The GAO had previously concluded that FMCSA policy had weak areas that would allow drivers with disqualifying impairments to drive.

Overdrive sister site CCJ has the full report — click here to see it.


  • ELW

    But I guess it is okay for anyone else, other than a truck driver, to drive impaired?

    What about all of the other drivers?

    What about the government trying to determine IF our doctors are qualified or not?

    What about the DOT Officers becoming the ones to give us physicals? Is that part of their new job descriptions? Pray not!

    I certainly believe my doctor is qualified to merely give me a physical, especially since he performed my surgery.

  • Marty Marsh

    More garbage from the producers of garbage. If Washington wants to regulate why don’t they regulate frieght rates,no, but the are experts at finding ways to take it from you.
    While I’m here, let me also say again, you can’t regulate rest.

  • Don Lanier

    SIMPLE ITS ABOUT THE $$$$$$ When the Medical lobbyies can spend millions donating to the congressmen and women and get new MEDICAL CONDITIONS added and then FORCE Truckers, to abide and be the USER AND BUYER of this equipment know you know why the 5 BILLIONS DOLLARS they are going to earn off US…TRUCKERS….If Truckers snore, dont the drivers of Automobiles…If Truckers have to buy and pay to use these devices then why not all…BECAUSE were SHEEPLE…and we dont stand up and fight these regulations….continue to be the SHEEPLES and they will continue to FORCE YOU to endure the costs….$$$$$

  • gunslinger

    What i dont understand its ok to half a CDL in FLA INTRASTATE but i have to get a waver to drive INTERSTATE now the best part is i have been driving 39 years Now i got got pulled over in PA and got a ticket for no drivers liecence because i didnt get the waver dont mater all those years of driving in no i should have but it was a trail when first came out they should grandfather in drivers like they with CDL strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.